How to Cut Paneling | Different Methods of Panel Cutting


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Home is a most comfortable zone where you feel comfortable and at ease, no matter what happens. So, a well-decorated interior of your home is what you need to have. Well, there are different ways to go about it. First of all, your preference plays a vital role in the choice of the technique. For example, some people like the portable decoration items, while others opt for Paneling on the walls. Now, I will give you a brief description of how to cut Paneling?

There is no hard and fast rule. After all, these aesthetics make the difference and help you create a complete look for your house. Talking of Paneling, the era of wall paneling is as early as the late 15th century if you google its history.

What is Paneling means, and where can it be used?

  • Paneling is the decorative treatment of walls, doors, ceilings, and furniture, using thin and wide wood sheets, known as panels. They are framed together by thick and narrow strips of wood.
  • Paneling is a subject of architecture and design. In Europe, it was very famous in the Greco-Roman classical architecture and transitional Italian Romanesque interiors and was in great use to decorate doors and walls.
  • In France, people consider that its use is extravagant and decorative, but architects banned its use on the Italian Renaissance ceilings.
  • Similarly, in England, in the 17th century, it was in great use but not for decoration, and in Southern colonies and the United States, it was in trend for decoration.
How to Cut Paneling

Wall Paneling

Wall paneling is available in the painted and earth tones, giving a modern look to the walls. If you use the affordable finished products and sheets, they cover all the walls’ imperfections. Removing wall paneling is not a difficult task if you have proper tools and know their appropriate use. The right tools are a bit expensive and difficult to buy. Alternatively, you can rent them from the hardware stores to get the job done. These tools are dangerous to use but also reduce the labor cost. I mentioned tools with the cutting method to cut the Paneling, but precautions should be taken while handling them. Also, products will help you throughout:

How to Cut Paneling: Tools Required

How to Cut Paneling

Table saw: Method

It is a wooden blade with a fine-tooth used to make fine cuts lengthy wise, called ripping.

You can cut Paneling on the wall very quickly with the table saw, as it gives the platform to fix the panels and adjusts as the cutting guide.

For making more accurate cuts, most of the table saws are available with the built-in ruler guide and the measuring tapes to set the barrier.

It would help if you placed the panel with its face up when trying to cut with a table saw. 

It will be best if you never put your fingers in the “red zone” of the table saw under any condition.

To make narrow cuts, you should use a push stick.

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how to cut paneling already on the wall

Blade selection for table saw: Method.

  • You can use the cabinet maker’s crosscut, a laminate blade, or a panel cutting blade to cut Paneling already on the wall.
  • Starting from the highest tooth’s tip, raise the blade to 1 inch at the point where the edge arises from the table.
  • The selection of saw blades is the major problem while cutting wall paneling.
  • If you use the wrong blade, the paneling edges will chip and splinter because the table’s blades are very sharp and deep.
  • The tooth of the table saw can tear and slice the wood panels and sheets. The proper cutting blades have thick crosscut and short teeth and blades; they will not allow the Paneling to chip.
how to cut paneling on a table saw


  • If you plan to make the cuts lengthwise and widthwise with the table saw a circular saw, you cannot make the small cuts on the panels, walls, and around other outlets.
  • For this purpose, you can use a jigsaw, which can make your task relatively simple. 
  • With the jigsaw, you can make the cuts in a downward direction on the paneling face to decrease breakage risk. So you can cut Paneling on walls with the jigsaw very easily and quickly.
how to cut paneling for outlets

Circular saw: Method.

  • There is an excellent use of circular saw if you want to make crosswise cuts for the paneling removal task.
  • The cutting wall paneling procedure with a circular saw is different from the table saw that cuts the panels with downward tooth motion. 
  • The direction of cutting with a circular saw is in upward tooth motion. 
  • To avoid splintering the finished product, you should cut the panels from the backside.
  • Different types of paneling blades are available at reasonable prices that you may use in a circular saw. You can make a fine-tooth wood table by setting the blade depth according to the panels’ thickness if you want to cut Paneling.
how to cut paneling at an angle

For outlets, you can use sawhorses to make the cutting tables:

Round cuts: Method

  • The utility knife with the sharp blade is available for the thin type’s wall paneling for cutting lines. 
  • You can put intense pressure on making detailed shapes with the utility knife.
  • If the round holes are less than 3 inches, it will be tricky and challenging with the jigsaw. 
  • And if you have a power drill, you can make a perfect round hole on the Paneling’s face side by attaching a hole-bit.

Chipping: Method

  • To prevent the wood panels from chipping, mark the exit and the saw blade’s entry point on the Paneling’s surface.
  • On the paneling surface, expand the masking tape on both points and press it tightly on the surface.
  • This is to be done to make the cuts in a downward direction on the tape center.
  • The use of tape is that it will prevent the blade from chipping and splintering the paneling edges.
  • When the saw blade passes through the wood panels, the blade’s leaving ends will move in an upward direction.
  • Otherwise, when the teeth go through the panel’s edge, they will chip the Paneling’s surface. Thus the tape will reduce the risk of chipping of panels.
how to measure and cut paneling

The technique for using saws

  • Adjust one hand on the paneling surface on any of the blades, and place the saw panels.
  • When you are holding the saw opposite to the saw, push the Paneling in a downward direction.
  • When you see that blade is emerging from the back of Paneling and tape, move the panel forward.
  • Your one hand should be on the right side and the other on the left side.
  • Let it go for the Paneling and switch off the saw. The Paneling’s cutting process should be consistent and smooth; jerks and stopping movements can cause burning of the edges.
cut beadboard with utility knife

Cutting Paneling with Dermal:

  • Cutting Paneling with dermalis another technique, which is a great use.
  • It is a rotatory tool that provides a purpose for sanding, sharpening, cutting, polishing, and gout removing. It can be used to cut through different materials like ash wood, pine, and Shishum wood. 
  • Also, it can make up to 15/16 inches; its heavy-duty cut off wheel is best for cutting, trimming, and grooving all kinds of thin sheets of wood.

How to Cut Paneling: FAQ’S

What is the best tool for cutting?

Saber saw it as the best cutting and detailing tool. Cutting Paneling has become easy and fast with the saber saw, but it is very tricky to handle it and keep it in a straight line when driving it with free hands.

How do I cut Paneling without splintering it?

There are so many ways to cut Paneling so that it won’t splinter the wood panels. The best way to ensure that the panels will cut without splintering and damaging is by using a knife, and the sharp utility knife is the best option for this purpose, which we employ in the kitchen.

What blade do you use to cut Paneling?

There are several types of blades available in the market to cut the Paneling. These may include a circular saw with a fair and smooth tooth; only the blade depth should be set according to the Paneling’s thickness. You can also use a jigsaw, and table saw, sawhorses and a sheet of plywood to form the cutting table.


To conclude this topic, the above discussion for how to cut Paneling will help many people; the secret of using these tools for cutting Paneling lies in the precautions and how you will use these saws. You should wear glasses and protective gloves while doing this job done. 

If you handle the tools with a little care, you can avoid the risk of splintering and damaging the sheets. It depends on you as to what type of product you go for.

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