How to Remove Bifold Doors | A Step By Step Guide


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Bifold doors slide open easily so you can hide the inside of your closet and create a clean look in any bedroom. Bifold doors are relatively easy to install, adjust and remove because the doors are connected to the rail. Once the rail is installed, the door can be moved and adjusted as needed. Installing a door is as easy as installing slats and brackets. Removal requires the removal of existing hardware. In this guide, you will learn how to remove bi-fold doors.

How to Remove and Adjust Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are perfect for designing a lovely house with adequate light flow. Their intricate sliding and folding gears sometimes need some tender loving care. They could need tuning to function correctly. The built-in ports may need to have certain repairs and modifications performed while others may need to be taken out.

To repair a Bifold door, it may need to be removed. The idea may seem daunting as the bifold doors are made up of multiple panels and are secured via a rail system. However, you can remove them yourself with a few simple steps.

  • Find the door hinge.
  • Release the locking levers on the swingarm.
  • If there are no locking levers, pull out the hinge. Rotate the pen several times if you cannot remove it.
  • Lift the door slightly off the floor or bottom rail.
  • Ask someone to remove the bottom hinge while the door frame is raised.
  • Move the door so that the bottom pin is away from the bracket.
  • You can now slide the top pinout of the holder.
  • Your bifold doors should now be free.
  • If you don’t put them back, unscrew and remove the rail and hinges.
  • If you are repairing and replacing the doors, skip step 9. See how the bi-folds fit to put them back on the rail.
How to Remove Bifold Doors

How to Install Internal Bifold Doors

If your interior bifold doors get caught on the carpet, they may need to be adjusted to move smoothly. Here’s how to set it up.

  • Ensure you check the lower pivot assembly whether it may be raised. 
  • Keep cross-checking to know whether that tackles the issue. 
  • If that doesn’t work, mark with a pencil to know the rug’s length. 
  • Eliminate the bifold entryways adhering to the instructions above. 
  • Use the markup added before to demonstrate where to cut the entryway. 
  • Spot the entryway on a level surface.
  • Carefully saw off the bottom edge of the door until a line is formed.
  • Sand the cut edge.
  • Treat or recolor the managed edge. 
  • Supplant the entryway after it is totally dry. 

How to Install a Bifold Door

Overview of Bifold doors

Bifold doors are very similar to all doors, only they are connected in pairs with hinges and hung from a rail. What makes them look good and perform well is their sturdy, heavy construction and sturdy carefully customized hardware.

The thickness of the doors prevents them from wincing when opened. Therefore, it is better to look for solid wood doors that appear to be more durable than hollow profile doors. (Solid doors are also easier to cut if part of the door opening protrudes beyond the square.) To support the weight of these heavier doors, you will need a rail with a wheel mechanism that allows the doors to slide smoothly as they scroll down the track.

The most difficult and sometimes frustrating part of the installation is installing and configuring all the hardware. The guide, pivot pins, and hinges must be assembled in this way. It is worth taking the time to review each measurement and position to ensure that each part is in the right place and points in the right direction.

how to remove bifold doors with top track

Install the hinges

Finish or paint the doors before starting. Label the doors with the order of installation and the sides facing out.

  • Take the door jamb’s side and mark the inside edge 11 “from the bottom, 7” from the top, and centered between them. Place the door on the edge with the labels facing up.
  • Take the bottom half of the loop and line up the bottom of the loop. The joints should point back and close to the edge. Use a self-centering bit to drill pilot holes in the hinge holes—screw on the hinge plate. Attach the top and middle points to their marks.
  • Place the front (inner) door on the edge, with the first door facing back. Straighten the doors and connect the hinges. Screw the hinges to the front door. Repeat for the second pair of doors.
how to remove bifold door hardware

Attach the equipment for the course

  • Attach the turntables (pins that fit into the rail and floor bracket) and locking levers (hooks that slide along the rail) to the top and bottom of each set of doors. The pivot plates fit into the top and bottom of the post side doors, and the locking lever fits into the top of the unit doors.
  • The hardware must be placed for each kit. Then check out the tables provided for the exact size and placement. For example, they tell you how far the turntable should be from the edges of the door surrounding it and where its pivot should be relative to the edges of the door. Conforming to all specified dimensions ensures that no part moves backward.

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how to remove folding closet doors no bottom track

Set track

  • Use a hacksaw to cut the splint to fit the toilet opening. Slide the suspension into the track: the small stops in the middle, then the track suspensions with wheels, and finally the swivel socket on the outside.
  • Attach the rail to the door lintel using the screws provided. Place the track 1 inch from the front edge of the header. This gives you enough space to hide the caterpillar with the paneling without restricting the door’s movement.
how to remove johnson bifold doors

Install the floor bracket

  • Use the dimensions provided by the manufacturer to position the floor bracket next to the door jamb.
  • Hang a plumb line in the center of the rail above the floor bracket to align the pinhole in the bracket at the front and back. This will ensure that the doors are installed vertically. Draw a pencil around the paper clip to mark the exact location.
  • Screw the bracket back on, then remove the screws and set the bracket and screws aside.
how to remove a top hung sliding door

Hang the doors

  • Attach the doors to the rail and lift the post to catch the top pivot plate pin in the hinge bushing. Make sure the pin is fully inserted, and then push the lever on the side of the socket to lock it in place.
  • Insert the rail pin into the unit door lock arm. Rotate the arm to lock it in place. With the doors closed, rotate it forward just enough so that the floor bracket engages in the lower pin. Learn fixing door locks.
how to install bifold doors

Attach the floor bracket

  • Open the doors and line up the floor bracket with the pencil marks. 
  • Use a flexible bit extension to screw the bracket into place.
  • Hang up the rest of the doors. Close both sets and adjust along the walkway to align the slope around them. Then, using the wrench supplied with the equipment, tighten the swivel knobs at the ends of the rail and the center’s small stops.
bifold door problems

Attach the door leveler

  • Assemble the door aligners from the inside of the cabinet and close the doors between the two leading doors, 6 inches off the floor. The alignment pieces snap into place when the doors are closed, keeping the door surfaces flush.
  • Check the alignment outside the cabinet. Adjust the rails if necessary to ensure uniform visibility around the doors.
bifold door problems

Install door handles

  • For flat doors, measure 36 inches from the floor at each front door. Then mark the center from side to side at that height. For paneled doors, find the center rail instead. 
  • Holding a ruler diagonally from corner to corner on the handrail, draw a line down the middle, switch to another diagonal, and cross the line. X marks the center of the rail—Drill 3/16″ openings at each imprint and screw on the entryway handle.
  • Cut a piece of 1×2 material across the width of the cabinet opening to hide the handrail. Prime the veneer and let dry. Use a 1/16-inch drill bit to drill pilot holes through the bottom of the fairing in the nozzle. Attach the panel to the mount using 2 ½” screws. Fill in the screw holes and paint the panel to match the chassis.
sliding closet doors on tracks

How to Remove Bifold Pivot Door

Bifold doors are an alternative to traditional doors, which have limited space to open the door. The metal hinges fix the fixed side of the door at the top and bottom, and the moving part is set to the rail at the top of the door frame. When the bifold doors are opened or closed, the movable side slides towards the fixed side and folds away at the hinge points in the center of the door. If you want to remove the door pivot, all you have to do is collect all the necessary items and follow it step by step. 

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Necessary things

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flat screwdriver pliers
  • First, you need to open the folding door so that you can easily hold both halves of the swing door together like a sandwich. Grasp the top pin bracket on the door and release the locking lever if equipped.
  • The next step is to position you to carefully lift the folding doors to remove the bottom hinge pin from the bottom hinge bracket.
  • If it does not come out, you need to rotate the pin, which has a particular thread that allows you to adjust the door’s height. You should be able to do this with your hand as well. If not, you’ll need to rotate the pin with pliers until it pops out of the swingarm.
  • Now it is necessary to move the lower part of the doors so that the lower pin is no longer on. The lower pin bracket then lowers it slightly so that the upper pin and guide pins protrude from the track fixed the upper door jamb. You may also need to tilt the door and do some work to get it to fall.
  • Finally, it is necessary to remove the top rail and the swivel assembly by simply unscrewing them. Mounting may require a Phillips or flat screwdriver, depending on the model of the sliding door. You need to remove the bottom hinge as you did before. Leave this device in place when you want to return the doors.

Useful tips

  • To repair and reuse your doors, all you need to do is remove the damaged hinge pins with a screwdriver.
  • Correct worn and enlarged holes in the hinge by inserting a dowel in the hole in the hinge. Use a utility knife to cut the dowel so that it is flush with the door’s top. Alternatively, you can glue the dowel with wood glue and let the applied glue dry.
  • Damaged hinge pins at the top and bottom of the bifold doors can also be replaced with kits available at your nearest hardware store. Drill a new, smaller hole for each hinge pin in the door on both sides of the glued dowel.

How to Remove Bifold Doors: FAQs

How do you remove a Bifold pivot door?

Remove a pivot pin by releasing the locking levers on the swivel bracket. If your doors don’t have a locking lever, you can pull out the pin. If the pivot point is stuck, try rotating the pen with your hand or pliers to freely move the pivot point.

How would you eliminate an accordion entryway? 

Fold the door so that the two boards are together. When the boards collapsed up, lift the entryway about an inch, so it emerges from the base rail. Slant the entryway of the base rail. Eliminate the top and base rail—screws to eliminate the excess equipment. 

How can I cut the lower part of a Bifold entryway?

Cut the bottom edge of the doors with the circular saw. Lightly sand the bottom edge with 100 grit sandpaper. Lightly sand the edges to give the floor an excellent finish.

Last Words

As daunting as a Bifold door may seem at first glance, there’s no reason why you can’t get your position and save a lot of money in the process. During installation, it is essential to read the instructions that come with the door and make sure you have the necessary components before you begin. Measure the door carefully before proceeding, and you will save you some big problems in the long run.

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