How to Fix a Pull-Out Trash Can | Step-by-Step Guide


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Trash cans are an essential item in any home, and those that are easier to use are even more sought after. Pull-out trash cans are one of the most convenient options for daily waste management and organization. When a pull-out trash can begins to malfunction, it can quickly become a nuisance and disrupt your regular cleaning routine. Fixing a pull-out trash can is a straightforward process that can do with a few basic tools and materials. This Home Affluence post will provide an overview of how to fix a pull-out trash can in just a few simple steps. 

We’ll also discuss some common issues associated with pull-out trash cans and provide tips on how to avoid them in the future. 

  • Identify the Problem
  • Gather the Right Tools
  • Remove the Pull-Out Trash Can
  • Inspect the Trash Can
  • Clean the Trash Can
  • Replace the Trash Can
  • Adjust the Glide Rails
  • Test the Trash Can
  • Secure the Trash Can
  • Maintain the Trash Can

By following our tips, you’ll be able to keep your pull-out trash can in top condition and continue to enjoy its many benefits.

How To Fix a Pull-Out Trash Can

Identify the Problem 

The first step in fixing a pull-out trash can is identifying the problem.

Identify the Problem 

Common issues include a stuck or jammed can, a broken can and a can that won’t stay in the cabinet. 

To identify the problem, inspect the can, look for any visible damage, and try to operate the can. 

If it doesn’t move, check if the tracks are clean and free of debris and foreign objects. 

If they can still not function, there is an issue with the mechanical components, such as the springs or pull-out mechanism.

Gather the Right Tools 

Before you begin fixing your pull-out trash can, make sure you gather the right tools. 

You will need a screwdriver, a pair of pliers, and spare screws. 

Gather the Right Tools 

You may also require some replacement parts, depending on the severity of the problem. 

Having the right tools will make the repair process much smoother and quicker.

Remove the Pull-Out Trash Can 

If your pull-out trash can has become jammed, then the first step is to remove it from the cabinet. 

Before doing this, make sure to disconnect any power connections. 

With the power disconnected, locate the screws holding the pull-out trash can. 

Remove the Pull-Out Trash Can 

Unscrew these screws, and the pull-out trash can pull out easily from the cabinet. 

Once removed, you can inspect for any debris or foreign objects that may prevent the pull-out trash can from functioning correctly.

Inspect the Trash Can 

Carefully inspect the trash can and its associated hardware for any signs of damage or wear. 

Replacing the part before proceeding to the next steps is best if you find any. 

Inspect the Trash Can 

If the can is in good shape, clean out any debris and ensure the lid is in good working order. 

The lid does damage or warp; you may need to replace it. Once the trash can is in good condition, you can proceed to the next step.

Clean the Trash Can 

The fifth step to fixing a pull-out trash can is to clean the trash can itself. 

Wear gloves to protect your hands and ensure an effective clean when cleaning your trash can. 

Start by removing any debris and bits of garbage that may stick to the sides of the can. 

Clean the Trash Can 

Afterward, take a cloth or sponge with warm water and mild detergent and wipe outside and inside the can. 

Once that is done, rinse the can with clean water and dry it with a clean cloth. 

Finally, replace any garbage bags that took out.

Replace the Trash Can 

You may need to replace the trash can as part of this process. 

To do this, you will need to measure the size of the current trash can and purchase one of equal size. 

Replace the Trash Can 

Once the new trash can is in place, carefully place it into the pull-out drawer, ensuring it is securely in place. As with the other steps, double-check that the trash can fits properly and does not wobble or move around. 

Once the trash can is in place, you can reassemble the pull-out drawer.

Adjust the Glide Rails 

Adjusting the glide rails is important in fixing a pull-out trash can. 

To begin, ensure that the cabinet opening is free of debris and that the cabinet door is securely closed. 

Adjust the Glide Rails 

Next, locate the screws on each side of the slide-out trash can. Loosen the screws with a screwdriver and adjust the rails until the pull-out can move in and out smoothly. 

When the desired adjustment does achieve, tighten the screws to secure the rails. 

Finally, test the pull-out can to ensure it properly slides in and out of the cabinet.

Test the Trash Can

The eighth step in resolving an issue with pull-out trash can is to test the trash can. If the trash can is not working properly, it will not allow the door to open or close properly:

Test the Trash Can
  • Check the hinges of the trash can for any signs of damage. If the hinges appear damaged or loose, use a screwdriver to tighten them to the cabinet.
  • Check to see if the trash can align properly. If it does not align properly, use a level to adjust it.
  • If the trash can is functioning correctly, run a test by opening and closing the door to the cabinet several times.

The issue has been resolved if the door opens and closes without issue.

Secure the Trash Can

Secure the trash can to the pull-out frame. Ensure the trash can is firmly attached to the frame using the appropriate screws and nuts.

If the trash can does not fit properly, you may need to adjust the frame or add additional screws or nuts. 

Secure the Trash Can

After securing the trash can, test the pull-out mechanism to ensure it functions properly. 

If the pull-out still malfunctions, consider replacing the mechanisms to ensure a proper fit.

Maintain the Trash Can 

The tenth step in troubleshooting a pull-out trash can is maintaining the trash can. Ensure the trash can is cleaned regularly and check its seals and liners. 

Replace worn-out liners or seals and use an appropriate cleaner to clean the trash can. It will help ensure the trash can is functioning properly and will last longer.

Maintain the Trash Can 

Checking the wheels and ensuring they are securely attached is also important. If any wheels are damaged or missing, replace them for optimal performance.

Expert Opinion

In conclusion, fixing a pull-out trash can is straightforward. 

It requires some basic tools and a little time, but it can do in the afternoon. You can quickly repair your pull-out trash can with the steps outlined above. 

The most important thing is to remember to take your time and use caution when dealing with the parts of the trash can. Doing so will ensure that your repairs are successful and that your trash can last many years.

If you are having difficulty with your pull-out trash can, there are a few steps you can take to fix it:

  • Make sure the can is securely attached to the cabinet. If the can is attached securely, it will be easy to open and close.
  • Check the glides for any damage or wear and tear. If the glides are worn, you may need to replace them.
  • Check the cabinet opening for any obstructions. If there is an obstruction, it will prevent the can from gliding in and out properly.
  • Ensure the can align so that it opens and closes smoothly.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, you may need to replace the can. I hope you learn how to fix a pull-out trash can.

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