How to Install Towel Bar on Glass Shower Door | Simple Steps To Follow


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Quite a few people today are wondering how to install a towel bar on a glass shower door? So, it is unfeasible to work in one of the most convenient places. The shower door is located within the closest places to hang a towel, but it is within the most underutilized bathroom surfaces due to the material.

Placing a bar on the glass is a complicated proposition. However, if you had one there, you could easily grab a towel without dripping on the floor or touching the cold tiles.

If you are forced to hang it somewhere else, you increase the commitment and discomfort unless you decide to drop it on the floor while washing.

The towel bar on the shower door can give a more elegant touch to your bathroom. If you do, not only will you have to bend down to pick it up after showering, but you will also have to dry your clean body with probably dirty material.

How to Install Towel Bar on Glass Shower Door: Required Tools

Regular friction-mount towel bar

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What can you do?

The idea behind this is that if you have a normal towel rail, you would need to drill holes in it to install some screws. Set in the position you think is correct and take the measurements and start drilling.

It is super simple to damage the material, and to break it completely would be a costly mistake. Even if you were successful, the bars intended for a wall would not mount directly on your glass door because the back is not present.

Those screws will be very dangerous, and the overall look is not going to be professional in nature.

One of the best options is the model with suction cups for better performance. However, keep in mind that these models can slip when they are weighted. Sometimes, they also fall without any cause.

You could abandon the initiative of using the glass area. So, go with other configurations such as on the door entities, separate hooks, or a wall-mounted bar.

This is what will work, but it overrides the convenience of having a clean towel nearby, and several people may have run out of room elsewhere.

Many people decide to install this type of door because they represent the best option in space utilization.

If this is the situation in your home, you can install these types of devices. The glass shower door with a towel rail is multifunctional. The most important thing is to install it properly. Some models do not even require hardware. These options work very well in your bathroom.

A better alternative

You can see that you use regular suction cups, but the fixing procedure is much stronger and longer-lasting. Friction-mounted towel racks use more advanced technology that looks better and feels more satisfying. It simply mounts flush with the wall without protruding or twisting.

Once installed, you’ll see that the device will stay fixed and trouble-free. It has a lot of compatibility with glass, which gives a precise fit. However, you need to know that it works on various materials. Also, they work with fiberglass, acrylic, tiles, among others.

They are as reusable and repositionable as a suction product, so you can move it or remove it as often as you like.

They don’t use any type of glue or adhesive to stay in place, so they don’t have the ability to damage the area or leave any residue. When in place, it will provide a durable hold that will easily withstand a wet towel.

The extensive space on 18″ provides enough space for just one bath towel or numerous hand towels. The suction towel bar can be a good alternative, depending on what you are looking for.

How they work

It’s a little like suction but optimizes the criteria and still uses friction to make a stronger joint.

In contrast to the bulky cups that never stick at all and always end up failing, the mounting brackets on this bar look more like a vinyl holder.

The material of these gadgets is placed totally flush with the area, and it is with the ability to move all the air to make a clearly vigorous union between the circle and the area where you are mounting it.

Pull it out, and it won’t move. Push down, and it won’t slide. Lift it gently by the outer edge to release it, and it will rise easily without leaving any marks.

This kind of bar uses two supports, one on each radical, for the accompaniment. In the center of each friction circle is a mounting pole.

Because the rods can only be added in one direction, no downward pressure will disconnect both parts when installed.

How to use them

Using these bars is super easy. Finally, you want to make sure the area is clean before you start, but no utilities or hardware are required.

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Some dirt or residue in the area can cause inconvenience, and lead to a faulty installation, so clean intensively with an optimal natural cleaner that leaves no film.

When the area is ready, it will only be a matter of seconds to hang to these kinds of bars. Towel racks with suction cups can be a bit annoying to place if you don’t know how to do it.

How to Install Towel Bar on Glass Shower Door

Installation instructions:

  • Select the special site. Make sure it is accessible but not complicated when the door is opened. Clean this area. Determine the location of the brackets using the included template.
  • Position each holder by peeling off the backing and pressing it into place. These bars use two supports, one on each radical.
  • To ensure optimum grip, apply steady pressure when pressing, then smooth out any air bubbles. Use one finger to push them to the outer edge.
  • Once in place, press a second time firmly on the center post to ensure that it is acceptably placed and that all air is removed.
  • Remove any remaining air. To attach the bar, simply place it on the brackets and then slide it down into place. To remove or reposition the bar, slide it up and out of the holders.
  • Then peel off the circles to remove them. To place it in a unique position, repeat the above steps.


Since this type of gadget is friction-mounted, it can be easily removed. Therefore, your initial location is important but not decisive. Another of its uses is outdoors. There you can use it to hang your towel.

Best of all, the weather conditions do not affect its final fit. That is, you can install it in any climate, and it will work well for you.

For the ultimate peace of mind, get one for both sides, and truly maximize your living space and peace of mind.

You never see enough room in the bathroom, boys. This modular towel rack works in multiple places, so it’s a great accessory to increase accommodation and make a bathroom more organized.

how to install towel bar on glass shower door


It is ideal for glass doors, but also perfect for other areas. This towel rack can be located in some bathroom area, so if you need one somewhere else, it will surely work there as well.

It can be attached to a mirror to hang hand towels or be added to a fiberglass shower for storage. Some smooth or shiny area is a good match for this product, and it comes with adapter sheets to transform some materials that are not.

No drill towel bar for the glass shower door is required. This is because it can be dangerous and can end in a total disaster.

how to tighten towel bar on glass shower door

How to Install Towel Bar on Glass Shower Door: FAQ

How do you fix a shower door towel rack?

  • Steps 1 – Remove the shower door. Remove the bottom guide rail, lift the shower door off the rails, and place the door in a neat flat area.
  • Step 2 – Remove the towel rack. Carefully remove the towel bar from the door.
  • Step 3 – Replace the towel bar.
  • Step 4 – Reinstall the shower doors.

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Can you use window film on shower doors?

Yes. In fact, Frostbite frosted window film is a special way to bring your glass shower door privacy.

How do you install a glass shower door handle?

First of all, check to see if there is an obvious distinction between the two handles. This may indicate that one is intended for use in the interior shower area. Among other things, it is created for a larger grip.

Decide where the natural and usable position of the outer handle is and align it with the holes in the glass.

To help secure the glass and form a seal, some shower door handles come with small rubber washers. These will need to be adjusted to the radical of the handle’s shaft.

When the exterior door handle is in place, you’ll want to keep it secure using tape.

You can adjust both the door handle that is located on the inner shower and the outer door handle. There you can screw it in and then remove the tape.


To have one of these bars does not possess greater and complex processes. It can carry it out from the tranquility of its place of life with alone reading the norms.

These bars have the possibility of being of great help in your bathroom or the bathroom for the visits. The truly effective thing about them is that it will be able to retire them and locate them again if this form wants it.

The friction mount towel bar is undoubtedly the best option. It is because all this, because with these bars, no drilling required towel bar and everything is elegant.

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