How to Make Ceiling Fan Light Brighter | Step by Step Guide


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Many homes use a ceiling fan built into a light bulb as the primary light source in the room. In some cases, the ceiling fan lights do not illuminate at full intensity. Let’s learn how to make ceiling fan light brighter.

How to Make Ceiling Fan Light Brighter

How to Make Ceiling Fan Light Brighter

A ceiling fan with a luminaire usually uses a light bulb to illuminate it. To make the ceiling fan light brighter, replace the bulb with a bulb that uses fluorescent light.

Fluorescent light provides brighter light while consuming less electricity than a standard light bulb. You can buy a fluorescent lamp in the same hardware store or the home and garden store where you bought the ceiling fan. Use the same household tools you used to install the fluorescent lamp.

Adjust the light with the remote control

Suppose you have installed a ceiling fan with remote control. The problem with low bulb brightness can be solved by pressing a button. A remote control installed with a ceiling fan can adjust the bulb’s brightness built into the ceiling fan. Many manufacturing companies do not mention the remote control in the user manual.

If the remote control is built into your fan, you can adjust the bulb’s brightness by pressing and holding the light button on the remote control. In case, this step does not work, you may need to experiment with the switch. If not, check if the light wire is connected correctly or not.

Control the brightness

There are ceiling fans with pre-programmed control. The brightness of the bulb has likely been programmed. If you have this type of fan, decide to increase the bulb’s brightness through the controls.

Connect a new bulb

If the above two methods do not work for you, the bulb’s brightness may be at its maximum level. In this case, you can replace this bulb with a new one. If a light bulb is initially connected to the fan, it consumes more energy and is less clear.

For most ceiling fans, the maximum power limit of the bulbs is 40 W. But there is no need to worry about that. Light bulbs are available on the market. These bulbs need less energy and are brighter. We recommend using an LED bulb. LED bulbs have a higher luminous flux, and this is our requirement.

Remove the power limiter.

The current limiter, also called the power limiter, is a small black box with some ceiling fans. It is connected to a fan to reduce excessive power and limit the total power to a maximum of 190W.

If a power limiter is installed in the fan, it will reduce the bulb’s brightness. Therefore, when the bulb’s luminous flux is lower, the power limiter will not be used, in which case do not forget to remove the black box. For safety reasons, consult an electrician to remove the current limiter.

How to Improve the Lighting Level of the Ceiling Fan

How to Make Ceiling Fan Light Brighter

Step 1

Turn off the fuse box circuit breaker and turn off the electricity in the room where the ceiling fan is. Toggle the switch that turns on the ceiling fan to verify no power. Place the switch in the “Off” position once more.

Step 2

Place the ladder under the ceiling fan. Unscrew the bulb from the socket and set it aside.

Step 3 

Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws around the jig. Placing the screws in your pocket is a good idea. Remove the light fixture from the ceiling fan.

Step 4 

Remember or write down the colors of the wires coiled around each other and come from the luminaire and ceiling fan.

Step 5

Rotate the screw connectors around the twisted pairs of wires counterclockwise. Continue twisting the connectors until they release from the wires. Place the connectors in your pocket. Disconnect the twisted wire pairs from one another. Remove the luminaire from the room.

Step 6

Connect the ends of the wires connected to the bottom of a fluorescent light bulb to the wires connected to an overhead ceiling fan.

Step 7

The fluorescent lamp should place at the ceiling fan’s bottom. Remove screws from the pocket and insert them into pre-drilled holes in the sides of the luminaire and ceiling fan with an electric screwdriver.

Step 8

Hold the fluorescent lamp with the pin assembly facing up. Place the bulb in the sockets at the bottom of the lamp. Turn the light and secure it in the holder.

Step 9

Put down the ladder. Restore power to the fuse box.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the brightest ceiling fan light bulb?

To guarantee that the bulb offers enough light for everyday tasks, look for one with a high light output (800+). Anything less than 800 watts, such as a 60-watt light bulb, will not be bright enough to illuminate the entire space.

How does the light on my ceiling fan appear to be dim?

Turn the light off and then on again. Use the wall switch or circuit breaker to turn off the fan. Remove the batteries from the hand-held remote control and change the DIP switches on the remote control and receiver, making sure they both match. Restore power to the fan and reinsert the batteries in the remote control.

Why is my light so dim?

Flashing or dim lights are an inconvenience that most people attribute to poor connections or faulty light bulbs. Several potential electrical faults can cause your lights to dim; however, the most common cause of dimming is a rapid increase in the load on your circuit.

Is it possible to dim the ceiling fan lights?

Standard dimmers should never regulate ceiling fan motors because they can harm the fan motor or create a fire if they overheat. 

What is the required amount of energy used in the power limiter? 

When buying a ceiling fan, it is advisable to check the maximum power that the bulbs in the sockets can use. The power limiter can pass a maximum of 190 watts, which the light goes out.

Is it possible to add lights to a ceiling fan that already exists?

The dedicated wiring for the ceiling fan kit will be visible and labeled as “lighting output” or something similar on most fans. Install bulbs, blinds, and tie chains according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Reinstall the ceiling fan and then turn the fan on again to check your work.


Having a ceiling fan with attached light is a nice feature and can save you the extra cost of buying lights for your room.

Follow the above methods to make the ceiling fan light brighter. Methods include:

  • Adjust the bulb’s brightness with the remote control.
  • Controlling the bulb’s brightness if a fan programme.
  • Removing the power limiter.
  • Replacing the bulb.

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