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In mid-2020, Schlage Smart Lock counted almost 40 million families around the world who have entrusted the security of their doors to the technology of their smart locks. The Schlage lock is a smart electronic lock that enhances the lifestyle inside your home or office, thanks to high levels of protection and multiple opening methods. Furthermore, for users of these locks, situations may arise in which they would need to bypass the locks and get into their homes. Thus, we have made this comprehensive guide on how to pick a Schlage door lock.

How to Pick a Schlage Door Lock

Having being intimated about the benefits and types of Schlage locks, it’s best also to be intimated on how to pick a Schlage door lock. The machines that manufacture the locks can’t be 100 percent efficient, and therefore there is always a tiny space left between the cylinder (the part we insert the key in) and the housing (the part that surrounds it). This tiny space can also work perfectly to aid the picking of the locks.

Dirt and sand can also get into the Schlage door locks, and if the locking mechanism gets stuck, it may be impossible to open them. For those caught up in such situations, they can make use of the following steps:

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Using a screwdriver

  • To pick a Schlage door lock with this method, look for a suitable screwdriver or ask a neighbor to give you one. A good screwdriver fits best and does not touch either side of the Schlage door lock. 
  • Next, insert the screwdriver into the keyhole and shake it horizontally while also pushing it gently to unlock the door.

Using a paper clip

  • For this, take a paper clip formed by metal and try to make it as straight as possible. Make a small wave at the top of your paper clip that can enter the keyhole. 
  • Modify the curve until it fits perfectly.
  • Please insert it into the keyhole and twist it in a clockwise direction until the door opens.

Using a pin

  • You can pick a Schlage door lock with a pin. To begin, try sanding the sharp end of the pin using a nail file. Otherwise, you could get hurt. 
  • Insert the pin into the keyhole and try to open it.
  • A metal safety pin can also help you to pick a Schlage door lock. Please do the same as you did with the pin, sanding its sharp part. Next, insert the safety pin into the Schlage lock and move it back and forth until the door opens.

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Bypassing the combination code

Several Schlage lock variants can be keyless, as they use a combination code to protect the user against the loss of keys. To pick such locks, you can make use of the following steps:

  • Make various attempts to input the correct code on the keypad.
  • After four to six failed attempts, the keypad will lock.
  • Please search for the door’s bypass key and apply it
  • You can contact the manufacturing firm to give you a new code upon providing the required documents.
  • Input the new code, and the door would open up.

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Benefits of the Schlage lock

Before looking out on How to pick a Schlage door lock, below are some benefits of opting for the Schlage lock:

An excellent Wi-Fi lock

The Schlage lock is an excellent Wi-Fi lock, thanks to its unique design. The Schlage locks on all their models have super elegant and sophisticated designs too. Unlike other smart locks, Schlage does not produce large frames with touchscreens or biometric options at a glance. Schlage locks are discreet locks that have been carefully crafted to look like classic locks and add an extra touch of elegance to your home or office doors. 

The Schlage lock also shows us that the classic can go perfectly hand in hand with the modern and digital. Schlage is a wifi lock since it works mainly through these signals to connect the opening methods. For example, for the electronic code-opening system to work, encrypted codes have been designed that travel through wifi signals. The mobile application for remote opening works in the same way, although it also supports Bluetooth low-frequency signals.

A practical way of access

Remote access, or the possibility of remote control, can control the smart lock while you are away from home. To use this Schlage feature, all you have to do is download the mobile application and access the internet. With this function, you can open, close, configure and monitor your doors from anywhere in the world.

Easy home automation

Schlage smart locks are available to support an incredible variety of smart home technology, including Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connection. When purchasing your smart lock, you should think about which is the best choice for your tastes, as these technologies are found in different types of devices. For example, the same type of technology that Samsung Smart things use is not the same as Nexia or Echo Plus.

Voice assistant feature

One of the benefits of interconnecting your Schlage smart lock with your smart home device is the possibility of giving commands by simply saying: “close the door” or “activate the burglar alarm.” Although the voice command function is activated when you configure your lock, you can choose which device to synchronize. It could be Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.

Types of Schlage Locks

The Schlage lock has three different types of smart locks. They are: Encode, Sense, and Connect. Every one of them has unique specifications and unique possibilities for each user, so knowing more in detail about each of them will be the difference between choosing the one that fits perfectly with your lifestyle or not. 

Schlage Encode lock: Schlage’s best smart lock

This version of the smart lock connects to your home automation system from anywhere with built-in wifi. To use its smart functions, you must download the mobile application available for this model and thus be able, for example, to grant access to the door of your home to trusted friends and family with personalized codes. You will also be able to monitor each closing and opening movement of the door.

For its installation, or there is a need to buy an additional accessory, all the elements come in the box. The lock has a built-in burglar alarm inside, as well as an alarm that will notify you if the battery is low.

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Schlage Sense lock: More remote access to your doors

Schlage Sense turns your smartphone into the master key to your doors. This gives you the ability to assign digital keys in the control panel of the lock’s free mobile app. This means that if, for example, they came to clean your house when you are not there, you will be able to open the door and control the entrances and exits from anywhere in the world.

To maximize the capabilities of this lock, you can purchase the Schlage wifi Adapter, which is perfect for both Android and Apple users. This not only facilitates entry accesses but will also allow you to interconnect the lock with the home automation system of your choice and thus control everything from your smartphone, from the temperature, the security cameras, the fire alarms, the lighting. And, of course, the security locks for your doors.

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Schlage Connect Lock: A New Kind of Connectivity

Schlage Connect is an electronic touch screen lock for home automation. This is the most advanced version of this provider’s smart locks, and they have been designed to work with two different types of frequencies: Z-Wave and Zigbee.

Schlage Connect is in two types of design. The first of these is Camelot, which is in Satin Nickel and Antique Bronze colours. The second is the Century finish, which you can find in Satin Nickel and Matte Black. Furthermore, they are very easy to install and perfect for modern and elegant homes.

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How to Pick a Schlage Door Lock: FAQs

Can Schlage locks be picked?

Yes. Schlage locks can be picked as highlighted above. On the other hand, experts told us it’s extremely difficult to lock pick the B60N, which, honestly, is not much of a concern anyway because a Grade 1 lock like this is secure enough that a determined thief would be more likely to bypass it and find another way into the home.

In percentages, Kwik set’s Smart Key was picked in less than 2 percent of attempts, while Schlage’s Secure Key was picked in over 78 percent of lock picking attempts.

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Are Schlage locks hard to pick?

Schlage locks are hard to pick because the keyways are quite hard to navigate with diverse lock picks. This also makes it difficult to contact the lock pins and manipulate them. Also, you won’t find any of these pins at a local hardware store, and 99.9% of homes don’t have them as well. In addition, a builder-quality tubular lock will likely be a; grade 3, a good-quality handles a Grade 2.

How do you pick a Schlage keypad lock?

To pick a Schlage keypad lock, do make use of the following steps:

  • Attempt to input the correct code on the keypad.
  • After some failed attempts, the keypad will lock.
  • Look for the door’s bypass key and engage it
  • IYou can also contact the manufacturing firm to get a new code.
  • Input the new code, and the door would open up.


In conclusion, Schlage is a brand that has surprised us by the technological capabilities of its products and the added value they provide to users in terms of safety and style. Today, Schlage locks are also considered a fantastic option for families and companies that want to show how well they adapt to the new needs of modern life and cosmopolitan life. Although they are not the only ones, they dominate over 95 percent of the market for residential locks when combined. Furthermore, the guide on how to pick a Schlage door lock highlighted above would be indispensable for users of this product.

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