How to Pick a Door lock with a knife | A Step By Step Guide


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Well! Imagine a situation, you just returned home from your work and realized that you left your home keys at your sight. The problem will become worse when your boss is not responding to your phone. You recalled that you have a butter knife in your lunch box, so it is the right time to get the job done with it. Yes! It is a most simple method to open a locked door with a knife, but there are other alternative methods we will discuss below to discover how to pick a lock with a knife.

How to Pick a Door lock with a knife

Picking a lock with a knife

Picking a lock with a knife is an effortless task; only you should know the lock type and its working. However, you can open a lock if it has a spring-loaded system or a push-button lock very quickly. If you have a push-button lock in your doors, and you want to open it with an arduous effort, it isn’t easy to do because it does not have a keyhole in it. But you can open it by pushing the knife in between the frame and the door, near to the knob. You aim to remove the door’s bolt until the lock opens, and it needs a lot of time and patience.

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Pick a lock with knife and fork

Yes! You can pick a lock with a household knife and a Swiss army knife very quickly, but the procedure you want to choose depends on the type of lock you have and the methods and techniques you will adopt. So let’s examine the following methods.

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Method no 1: Sticking the knife in:

You cannot open most of the locks with this method, but it will work if you have mostly unsecured lock types. 

  • By shoving the knife in the keyway, as far as it can fit into it, make sure that it should go into the bottom of the keyhole.
  • Move the knife in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction; when you hear the sound of a click, the door will open. 

Method no 2: Rambo style:

It is the most common and favorite method of picking door locks because it needs a big ole knife to do the job.

  • Place the knife between the frame and the door itself.
  • Slip the sharp end of the knife in the keyhole. You must take the right side of the blade facing downwards because you will not open the lock if you do opposite it.
  • Now slide the knife in the door lock between the door jam and the door.
  • Then slip it down until it stops slipping. It means you found the exact place of the door lock.
  • When you find where the bolt goes into the lock, apply some pressure in the downward direction and try to open it.
  • Hold the knife handle with a good grip, and start exerting pressure on the knife.
  • To pick the lock, the knife should not be very sharp.

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Pick a lock with a bobby pin

The chestnut lock picking method involves using bobby pins or paper clips. Master thieves can do this task in one minute and take out cask in their trench coats very quickly. It will help if you suppose that you are not a master thief and will use a butter knife and a paper clip.

You can also do it significantly less time; only you have to flat the paper clip as possible you can. You will do this by shoving the bobby pin in the lock at the bottom of it when you use the paper clip to go through the keyholes. It would help if you were more careful because the paper clip is more delicate. It would help if you began with twisting the pin until you hear the sound of a click and carry on the process of flicking paper clips in the remaining springs. Keep the nails slightly tilted while using the paper clips into the springs. Until the blade turns, press into the springs, thus maintaining an equal amount of pressure.

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Pick a lock with paper clips

Things you need:

  • Two metallic paper clips.
  • Pair of pliers.

Make the tension wrench

You can make your tension wrench with the paper clips by bending one end and straighten the other end. The bent ends will have to insert into the lock. Use the plier to bend the long stop at a 90-degree angle to handle the tension wrench.

Make your Rake

Straight the second paper clip, and pinch the paper clip at 90 degrees with the pliers to make the first ridge. Repeat the process to make three ridges in the paper clip.

Pick the lock

Now you are ready to pick your lock with the jerry-rigged lock picking set.

Pick a lock By Using a credit card and tension wrench

You can pick your locked doors by using simple tools like a tension wrench and credit cards. And if you don’t have these two tools, you can also use a minor hex key and a screwdriver. 

  • If you have a credit card to open the lever-type doorknob, you have to slide the card into the crack of a door. The process is the same as you do with the knife.
  • Simultaneously, apply pressure on the door with your arm so the handle cannot go through. You have to do this repeatedly until the door opens.
  • Another excellent tool for picking a door lock is a screwdriver, a small and thin screwdriver is a great tool to open interior doors with privacy handles. You have to push the screwdriver in the keyhole on the doorknob in a straight direction as far as you can. Then for the last step, twist or turn the screwdriver till the door opens.

Pick a lock with a butter knife

Well! If you don’t know how to open a locked door with the screwdriver, you can opt for a butter knife. You might also have no idea how to use it to unlock the door, and you can only use it for jam and butter. The butter knife is a very effective tool to pick a locked door, as you don’t need a sharp knife, but the blunt knife will do the task in a better way.

If you have a deadbolt, the butter knife will not work. Following are the simple and easy steps to pick a locked door with a butter knife. 

  • The first step for picking a lock with a butter knife knows about the type of lock you want to unlock. If the latch has a spring-loaded system, the latch can come out of the latch pocket. Therefore, you can open the latch easily with the butter knife very quickly. 
  • If the lock is a pin-tumbler lock, insert the butter knife into the keyhole, but you must stick the blade into the lock as possible.
  • At the doorknob, apply certain pressure with your one hand, move the lock-in left and right direction, and twisting the knife in the keyhole as well.
  • When you hear a sound of a click, it means that knife is in on the right bit. Then place the knife in between the strike plate and door jamb. Slip the blade around until the latch goes in.

How to Pick a Door lock with a knife: FAQs 

How to pick a lock with a knife and a bobby pin?

You can pick a lock with a bobby pin; remove the rounded tip from the straight side of the bobby pin. You can do it by using fingernails, pliers, or with your teeth. Once the rubber end is off, we can make our bends. 

To pick a lock with the knife, start by inserting the knife into the lock hole until you feel the tip will touch the end of the lock. Then apply a little force on the blade, just like you open the door with the key.

Is it possible to pick a lock with the knife?

Yes! It is possible to pick a lock with a knife by inserting the knife into the keyhole and applying pressure on the knife just as you do it with the key.

How to pick a safe lock with a knife?

The procedure for picking a safe lock is similar to the ordinary door lock if you want to open it with a knife. You have to place the knife’s sharp edge into the keyhole and twist it right and left. When it gives the sound of a click, it means that it goes to the right place, and you will be able to pick a safe lock very quickly. 


So no longer you need to take tension whenever you forgot the keys of your homes behind. The information given in the article is going to be helpful to discover how to pick a lock with a knifescrewdriver, and other household tools. These all tools make the task easy if you have them in your homes in case of emergency. Hope you have learned how to pick a door lock with a knife.

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