How to Unlock Magnetic Door Lock | A Step By Step Guide By Expert


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Technological progress does not stand still and is actively introducing innovative technologies into all spheres of human life. This also applies to ways to protect your home and personal space. A wide variety of modern locks allows you to provide reliable protection for any property using reliable locking mechanisms. Thus, this guide on how to unlock a magnetic door lock would be indispensable for all.

Often used through easy access, mainly in hotels, the magnetic lock has been expanding its functionalities with the direct evolution of electronic security. This product has become more versatile and adaptable to any business or residence.

With that in mind, we have put up unique content for you to understand what it is and the various benefits of this equipment. Also, we will present an ideal solution for you on how to unlock a magnetic door lock.

What is the Magnetic Door Lock?

A magnetic door lock or latch is a kind of lock that works using an electric current. Thus, with the resistance generated by the current, the doors withstand a high level of pressure. Therefore, if they are forced to open, they will resist without using the access control established by the owner.

The door can be unlocked remotely and enabled in two main ways: by pressing an external bell or using a more sophisticated access control system. Thus, with a keyboard, card reader, or biometric scanner, an access control system verifies the identity of each person and performs the unlocking of the door for authorized users.

How to Unlock Magnetic Door Lock

How to Unlock Magnetic Door Lock

Do you remember how magnetism works? To fully understand how magnetic locks work, it is necessary to revisit the concept. The best way to explain how these innovative devices work is to start with a brief overview of the magnetic poles.

A magnet has a north pole and a south pole. As it has already become a cliché in explanations of this type, similar ones repel each other, while opposite poles attract each other. The elements that have these characteristics are known as permanent magnets.

The magnetic effect occurs in three of these elements: cobalt, nickel, and iron. They are the materials used in the composition of a magnetic lock and can be structured in an organized way using electric current to reinforce door locks.

The electric current is, precisely, the power that determines how the magnetic locks work. Thus, the nature of the mechanism directly influences the functioning of the lock. Therefore, using the basic principles of magnetism, these tools work using an electric current designed to produce a powerful magnetic force.

The armor plate is one of the significant differentials of the equipment. It is high quality and resistant plate that facilitates the attraction of magnets.

The plate is attached to the door, and the magnets are attached to the frame. The higher the quality of the electromagnetic lock, the greater the holding force is. This lock creates a magnetic field, causing an electromagnet and an armor plate to be attracted to each other with enough force to prevent the door from being forced open.

How to Unlock Magnetic Door Lock

Why use Magnetic Door Lock?

The Magnetic locks come with various merits. Some of these include:

  • Very high reliability: it is almost impossible to hack such a system. It is coded so that an attacker would have to go through billions of options, which is a long time-consuming process, even using computer technology. Hacking the magnetic version is ten times more complicated than usual, so it is widely used in banks and other institutions where security is fundamental.
  • Long service life: The system does not contain any moving elements or mechanisms, so there is practically no wear and tear during operation. An electromagnet has been around for decades, so you don’t have to worry about the system’s reliability. In many institutions, you will find systems that are used very intensively every day and at the same time have been in use for a very long time.
  • The convenience of use: You do not need to put the key in the keyhole to lock the door. It locks itself when the locking body touches the locking plate. That means you don’t have to worry about forgetting to close the house or apartment; everything happens automatically. Opening the door is very simple: you have to press a button from the inside, and a magnetic key is used from the outside. On some models, there is a remote control option. Learn key stuck in the door lock.
  • Multiple unlocking options which further improve usability: A button is placed from the inside, and chips, magnetic cards, remote controls, and code systems can be used outside. With the latest changes, you can control the system from a smartphone or PC.
  • You can install the lock on any door: metal, wood, plastic, etc. Also, it is not difficult to install, which is also essential. Attaching an electromagnetic mechanism is much easier than a traditional mechanism because you don’t have to choose a cavity for the mechanism and adjust all the elements so that the door looks neat. Learn to install a pocket door lock.
  • Maintenance-free: Maintenance of the system consists of regularly cleaning it of dust and dirt. No additional activities are required.
  • Minimal power consumption: Some people don’t want to install magnetic door locks because they believe that electricity costs will go up a lot. You will hardly notice the difference. The energy consumption is very low, so your electricity bills stay the same.
  • Do not depend on weather conditions and outside temperature: If there are problems with classic designs in extreme frosts, the magnet will not react to such changes and work perfectly. You don’t have to defrost the front door or warm up the mechanism. Vandals cannot damage this option because it is inside and cannot be spoiled from the outside.
  • The price of a magnetic lock is relatively affordable: It doesn’t cost that little, but it costs even less when compared to the top-end options for traditional locks. And when you consider that the resource is much higher, it is easy to understand that the cost is completely justified.
  • You can use the systems on both single and double doors: Also, you can only open one of the doors, which is very convenient during use.
Why use Magnetic Door Lock?

Where is Magnetic Locks Used?

Passive locks on magnets are placed on interior doors, cabinets, and refrigerators – wherever automatic opening is undesirable. To enter a room or look into a locker, pull the handle and open the lock with a magnetic latch.

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Mechanisms with a magnetic lock are suitable for a bathroom, toilet, etc. Bags, wallets, cosmetic bags, wardrobe items, jewelry are also equipped with magnetic clasps.

Controlled electromagnets with sensors are designed for large objects where the entry and exit of vehicles or the movement of people are regulated. They are placed at the gates of production shops, warehouses, and at the entrance to shopping centers.

The electromechanical lock type is also suitable for:

  • Offices;
  • Apartments;
  • Glass showcases;
  • Terminals and ATMs;
  • Cars;
  • Safes.

These objects are connected to the consoles of security systems. If a door with a magnetic lock is opened without keys and dialing a code, an alarm will be triggered in the security service or the owner’s console.

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In large companies and institutions, devices with a controller are installed on office doors, which memorize the code on cards and employee passes. When an employee places a card in the slot, the information is read, and the controller allows opening.

How to hack magnetic door locks

How to Unlock Magnetic Door Lock without a Key

Poor installation is the reason for the jamming of interior magnetic door locks. What to do if the magnetic lock does not open and you are inside:

  • Smoothly press the handle or button until the device is open.
  • Find a thin ruler, plastic card, knife, knitting needle, or nail file, and pull the tab.
  • If the door leaf opens inward, knock down the plate band, pick out the foam fasteners, and push the frame hard away from the door.
  • An extreme case is to knock the door down with your foot or shoulder.

If you are outside:

  • With the handle down, pull the door firmly towards you.
  • If clearance allows, try squeezing out the tongue with a thin, flexible object. A piece of a book cover or a plastic bottle will do.
  • The last chance is to remove the handle, break the door from the outside, and disassemble the locking mechanism.

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magnetic door lock won't open

How to Unlock Magnetic Door Lock: FAQs

How do you beat electromagnetic door locks?

To beat electromagnetic door locks, cut a 0.015-inch aluminum plate and secure it with adhesive on the strike plate. This would reduce the magnet lock’s holding force from over 1,200 pounds to approximately 300 pounds.

Can you unlock a door with a magnet?

You can unlock a door with a magnet upon making use of the tips highlighted above.

How do you bypass a magnetic door sensor?

To bypass a magnetic door sensor, you can use a screwdriver or a similar tool to remove the movable part of the sensor on the door.


In conclusion, the magnetic door lock comes with various merits. And if you desire to learn how to unlock magnetic door locks, the tips highlighted above would be indispensable.

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