How to Pick a Sliding Glass Door Lock | A Detail Guide By Expert


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Yes! The sliding glass doors can enhance the beauty and functionality of your home design, and they can also have extensive security risks. The glass sliders have certain drawbacks that make them different from the traditional wood and metallic doors. Most homeowners know the chances that the sliding glass doors have, so they hesitate to install glass doors in their homes. Yet, there are few simple steps to learn about how to pick a sliding glass door lock, and you can ultimately ensure the security of your home.

Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors

Yes, it makes sense to have sliding glass doors in your home, as they add beauty and elegance to your home appearance. Here are some benefits of having sliding glass doors:

  • The sliding glass doors come with narrow frames and a large glass area; this permits you to have a more fantastic view of your backyard and the surroundings of the landscape.
  • These doors provide you easy access to the outside and inside of your home. The unit does not need swing space, so it will not hinder your entryways and furniture.
  • The sliding glass doors add beauty and complement to your standard of living. If you want to add extra elegance to your home, you can choose to add grill options.
  • The sliding doors are energy-efficient insulators so that your home can stay warm in winters and cool in summers.
  • As they are sliding doors, thus can cave your extra space.
Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors

Reasons for less security in sliding glass doors:

  • They expose everything present in your homes.
  • Remain unlocked most of the time.
  • They consist of tempered glass.
  • Anyone can pick the glass door locks easily.

Types of Sliding Glass Doors Locks

If you want to have the best security in your home, the best option is to start with sliding glass doors. The entry points can be weak plugs when it comes to the issue of residential break-ins. Consider the replacement offers of the standard lock doors with the unique locking mechanism that can provide you a higher security level. There are two types of locks in sliding door locks.

Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors

Two-bolt sliding door lock

The simplest type planned to secure sliding doors is a two-bolt locking system. These locks are available at many hardware stores, or you can also get them online. Their installation procedure is simple, and you can mount them at any height of the door—two-bolt lock functions by sliding a strong metallic bolt into the frame in the locked position. The security lock of this type provides a high level of security to the handle. 

Smart locks for sliding glass doors

Yes, we can secure our homes with revolutionary technology indeed. However, there are few models of sliding glass doors, which offer smart locks. The padlock is the most outstanding example of smart locks, as it is a keyless option that facilitates the homeowners to lock and unlock glass doors. It has such a locking mechanism that you can operate these doors from inside and outside the door. Opting for this type of electronic lock provides you high-security level, as they are strong enough and tamper-resistant than any other sliding glass door locks. Moreover, the homeowners can keep their doors locked more often, as they are easy to unlock when needed. In case of emergency, and fire it is easy to open these locks than a traditional lock mechanism.

Like other intelligent garage locks and intelligent electronic locks, they provide convenience, security, and natural peace to customers. You and your family can enter your home by simply entering the code on the keypad. Then you can also give a temporary guest code to your friends and dog walkers. You can change the principles of intelligent locks at any time to cancel the reach for specific user codes, thus offering you a high level of convenience.

The glass break sensors also work well in the smart glass sliding door locks. It is a glass break detector or a sensor used in electronic burglar alarms that can detect if a pane of glass is shattered. Glass break sensors consist of a microphone, which monitors any vibration or noise coming from the glass doors or windows.  

How to Unlock the Sliding Glass Window from Outside

Unlock the sliding glass window from outside is a bit annoying when it comes to burglar attacks and special force operations. You will realize at some level that it is a bit complicated process than you think. If you are not aware of the mechanism of the window, the task will not easy to do, but if you have few simple tools with you can easily open the sliding window lock.


If the window is without a handle, then you can open it by applying the friction and pressure with your hand. If this is not the case, you can slip the prybar between the window and window sill and shake it until it moves ahead.


Now place a thin hacksaw blade near the latch of the window. By doing this, you can slip the latch by moving the edge in a straight direction between the belt and the window if you have got access to the latch, pushing with the hacksaw blade till it opens.


The final step of this procedure is not a good option if you want the window to still function, when once it will open. If the operation is near the pry bar and handle, you can push hard to make it open. There are other locking mechanisms for unlocking the windows and doors that you can’t reach, such as dowel rods that can stop the window from opening.

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Sliding door lock up or down

Sliding Glass Doors Stuck in Locked Position

It might happen that your door won’t open, but your handle is still moving; the problem will be in the hooks will stick on the strike plate. This problem is that your door panel is not level and secure with the frame of the door. The clips are experiencing pressure, even though the handles are moving, but the hooks are stuck, leading to a locking issue.

  • There are three lock hooks in the sliding glass doors that are interconnected. When one clip moves, the other two will automatically proceed. There are two built-in strings in the sliding door lock that continuously exerts pressure on the hook.
  • The key cylinder in the door lock should be in the unlocked position so that you might not break it while trying to resolve the issue. If the door’s handle moves, it means that the key cylinder is not in the locking position. It would help if you turned the thumb turn to unlock the locked door. If the door handles the inside’s left side, you should turn the thumb turn in the clockwise direction to open the door. If the door’s grip is on the right side, the thumb turn must be in an anti-clockwise order.
  • Notice that if you can pull the hooks out of the strike with the help of another person. When one person is pulling and turning the handle, the other person should move it back and forth and upward, downward. Now see that the hooks are wiggling out of the jam or not.
  • If it does not function, expose the door frame and remove the interior trim from the inside. In this, you can see the hooks.
  • With the help of a flat blade, you can get in between the jamb and the panel. Now move one of the hooks to make the door open.

Best of Security Locks in Sliding Glass Doors

There are several benefits to having security locks in sliding glass doors, few are:

  • Toledo sliding door lock: it is the best lock to get a high level of protection.
  • Lion lock: The installation of this lock is effortless.
  • OKEFAN Baby Safety Window Lock: These are the best locks in your homes if having glass doors to protect your babies.

How to Pick a Sliding Glass Door: FAQs

What is the best lock for sliding glass doors?

BK 110 Security Bar and LockiT Double Bolt are the best locks for sliding door locks.

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  • Home Security: Keep your family safe with this childproof door security bar that acts as a visual deterrent and door blocker against burglars who can see it clearly through the door.
  • Convenient Door Storage Design: When not in use, the sliding door security bar swings upwards and stays out of the way, perfect for any sliding door or sliding glass patio door.
  • Safest Door Security Bar: This door blocker bar and saddle are screwed into the door frame and profile, providing reliable protection, unlike pressure-mounted bars that can shake loose and fall.

Is it easy to break into a sliding glass door?

While the sliding glass doors provide you with beautiful views, and they are easily susceptible to break-ins, thus presenting considerable home security risks. 

How do you open a locked sliding window from the outside?

The first step is to search out whether the window is open or not, then push it with your hands. If this doesn’t work well, then put the pry bar between the window and windowsill. Place the thin hacksaw blade in the window near the door latch. And another easy way to open the locked sliding window is to break the window.


Through sliding, glass doors and French doors are a great and beautiful addition to your homes, but they are also full of high-risk levels. Because they expose you to safety problems and difficult to secure, but your sliding glass doors can provide you security and enjoyable moments with a few simple and effective measures. 

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