How to Pick a Kwikset Door Lock | A Guide On Picking Kwikset Door Lock


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Let him throw the first stone who never slammed the door with the key inside! If you are not the only resident of the house, the headache is great! The use of keys can disrupt the routine of those who live on the run. To not waste more time when found in such a situation, many people exchange the conventional lock for the Kwikset door lock, which can work with a password or with a key. In this guide, I will discuss how to pick a Kwikset door lock.

Innovative and practical, the Kwikset door lock attracts more and more professionals and individuals looking for a device capable of protecting their home, building, and premises in due form. Furthermore, if you are having problems with your door, this guide on picking a Kwikset door lock would immensely aid you. Also, this guide will cover the pin tumbler lock, which makes up nearly 90% of the locks used in the world today.

How to Pick a Kwikset Door Lock

While there are many other locks in the market today, this guide will focus on the Pin Tumbler lock, making up nearly 90% of the locks used in the world currently.

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Using a butter knife

  • Picking a Kwikset door lock using a butter knife is a very simple technique.
  • To carry out the procedure, you will only need a knife. The technique consists of inserting the knife straight into the keyhole, pressing towards the bottom of the hole and turning the knife as if it were a key. You can also turn the knob to facilitate the work of the knife.

Using picks

Picks are very useful tools made of metal and are used to manipulate the lock’s interior to stabilize the pistons of the mechanism.

But to open a Kwikset door lock with a pick, you need another tool that works in conjunction with the pick and is called a tension key. Its particular L shape can identify this type of key. 

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  • To pick a Kwikset door lock using picks, do make use of the following steps:

• Just use following procedures to pick a Kwikset door lock using picks:

• While exerting pressure, insert the pressure key through the broad section of the keyhole.

• Push the pistons while introducing the pick and moving upward from the bottom.

• When the first cylinder has been removed, you will hear a “click,” which denotes completion.

• Next, add additional pick insertions to the second piston to stabilize it. As many times as the locking has pistons, you may repeat this method.

Pushing the door will cause it to open when all the pistons have been stabilized.

Advantages of the Kwikset Door Lock

Due to the excellent reputation of the Kwikset door lock, it has found its way to the entrance of buildings, garage doors, stores, etc., today. Like all electronic equipment, this lock from the 2000s has many advantages. Some of these include:

how to pick a Kwikset door lock


Who does not know it: you are standing before the front door with fully loaded shopping bags, and where is the key? Exactly – right at the bottom in one of the well-filled pockets. This is not a problem for owners of the Kwikset door lock. A code or fingerprint is all that is needed to unlock the lock and open the door. This is a great advantage for people with disabilities or physical impairments because they often find it difficult to put the key in the lock cylinder or take it out of the pocket. This is also a relief for children.

High level of security if the key is lost

High-security locks are usually mechanical locks with some modifications in them, which further make them 100 percent break-proof. A great advantage of the Kwikset door lock is that the lock cylinder does not have to be replaced if someone loses the key. Regardless of whether the key is stolen or lost – you can revoke its authorization. This means that the door can no longer be opened with the key that is gone.

On the other hand, with conventional mechanical locks, the police recommend replacing the lock cylinder immediately if a key is lost. This is not only annoying but also expensive. Owners of a Kwikset door lock can save these costs. You don’t have to pay for expensive key services either – at least not if you can open the Kwikset door lock with various applications. If someone loses the key, most models still have the option of unlocking them using a code, fingerprint or app.

Extensibility of access authorizations

Kwikset door locks have various access authorization systems. The most general is the personal password that is entered into your keypad. You will be able to program a single access code that you will only share with authorized people. This is useful when tradespeople have to go into the apartment, but nobody is at home. In this way, residents can provide access when they are out and about. This function is also useful when a parcel carrier is at the door or guests are arriving.

You can also assign the access rights individually. For example, you can control that the cleaning lady can only come to your house or apartment between 12 and 1 pm on Wednesday.

Likewise, you can change the password whenever you want, or in case one of its users blocks it for forgetfulness. You can also enter the authorized fingerprint to increase security levels.

Can be linked to smart home functions

If you opt for a Kwikset smart lock – i.e. connected to the Internet – you can link it to various smart home applications. For example, you can set the lights to come on automatically when the door is opened. It is also possible to control the heating in this way. When you leave the house and close the door, you can also order your smart home system to turn off the electricity for certain devices such as the coffee maker or the stove.

Kwikset locks are not only great at keeping your home safe, but they offer smart features to enhance safety even further. Kwikset SmartKey combines with a video doorbell- this sends notifications straight to the user’s phone if there is any unusual activity going on when visitors come over and allow them direct contact with their visitor leaving from work or other obligations.


Full of style, the Kwikset door lock gives the door a much more modern look. In addition, these locks bring an air of refinement and sophistication to the environment. 

Low battery consumption

Powered by batteries, the Kwikset door lock has an autonomy of about one year. They point out that the battery is weak a week in advance. In addition, they have a battery port. Even when the battery runs out, there is the emergency option of inserting a 9V battery to ensure entry.

Do Not Disturb Function

Have you had a busy day and don’t want to be disturbed by anyone? The “Do Not Disturb” function allows you to disable the opening on the outside of the lock, leaving more privacy.

Ideal system for everyone at home

At this point, we are referring above all to children and the elderly. It is difficult for them to pass the keys or remember where they kept them in both cases. So by programming access with the use of your fingerprint or a simple password, it is easier for them to enter and leave the house without problems.

Likewise, access is fully customizable according to the needs of each person at home. For example, for children and the elderly, you can only generate access by fingerprint. While for service personnel, you can put a password and change it when they no longer work at home.

Installation without special requirements

Unlike high-security gates and doors, the Kwikset door lock does not require any special frames or installations. So you can easily install it on the door of your house.

Nor do you require a special frame for the door or other additional systems. The guarantee of its proper functioning lies in the inviolability of its digital locking system by access recognition methods.

Also, even when it is a version that works with electrical energy, it does not require installing wiring. On the contrary, its energy source is concentrated in long-lasting batteries that come in the lock packaging.

How to Pick a Kwikset Door Lock: FAQs

Can Kwikset locks be picked?

Yes. It’s possible to pick Kwikset locks, as was mentioned above. On the other hand, Schlage’s Secure Key was picked in more than 78 percent of lock-picking efforts while Kwikset’s Smart Key was selected in less than 2 percent of tries.

How do you pick a Kwikset lock with a bobby pin?

You can pick a Kwikset lock with a bobby pin by making use of the following steps:

• Grab a bobby pin and form a L shape with it.

• Center the bobby pin in the lock’s middle.

• Continue pressing until you feel the lock release.

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How do you pick a Kwikset lock with a paperclip?

To pick a Kwikset lock with a paper clip, do make use of the following steps:

• Obtain a paper clip, and place the appropriate end into the keyhole.

• Next, carefully move the paperclip up, down, left, and right while twisting it in the keyhole toward the entrance.

• If you move the paperclip while maintaining continuous strain in the lock cylinder, the Kwikset lock should unlock if the pick was properly inserted.


In conclusion, the Kwikset lock comes with numerous benefits. And if you are having issues while attempting to get into your property, the guide on how to pick a Kwikset door lock highlighted above would aid you immensely.

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