How to Make a Door Lock with Household Items | A DIY Guide


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We all utilize the padlock, whose keys we closely keep, to secure our belongings, particularly when we leave them in a busy, public area. We use it for a variety of things, including locking lockers and fastening the chain that secures our scooter or bicycle to a pole. But what if we accidentally lose the keys and are unable to operate the lock? Do not be concerned; we will demonstrate how to construct a door lock with common home objects in this article.

We are surrounded by things that we can easily convert to give them another life, a second option for use. When we think about locking a door, we always think of traditional systems such as a key, a bolt installed on the door, or even the most modern electronic locking and control systems.

We are sure that they are all equally insecure or safe because they could get in anyway when someone proposes to enter. But what we want here today is to show you some simple, comfortable, and easy-to-do mechanisms on how to block access to a room.

Advantages of Door Locks made with Household Items

Before looking at the steps on how to make a door lock with household items, below are some advantages of such locks:

Easy to use 

Most door locks made of household items are very easy to use and install. Almost anyone can install and control any of these methods too. If you are still having challenges using these alternative methods, please feel free to re-read this guide.

Relatively cheap 

Door locks made of household items are relatively inexpensive. Some of them will not cost you any money. You can create these lock mechanisms using materials you have at home. 

Very safe 

For locking components that are neither locks nor keys, most of these home versions are sufficiently safe. They also work excellently in times of emergency access. On the other hand, the safety level with factory locks tends to be lower. For example, while the Addalock is an excellent locking device to have as you travel, you can’t consider the door to be 100% secure with it being the only locking mechanism in place.

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How to Make a Door Lock with Household Items

If you want some privacy in your room or have broken the latch you already had on your door, you have a really simple option: to make a door lock with household items quickly. For this, we are going to teach you in the next steps below:

Using a fork

Is it possible to close a door with a fork? 

The answer to this bizarre question is affirmative: You don’t need to be a magician to succeed! But what’s the use of learning how to do it? This procedure can be useful, for example, if you lose your house keys, or simply if they are forgotten somewhere. With a simple stainless steel fork, you can still provide for the security of your own home. (or office, or any other building). You are furthermore, having a tool to close the door as strange as it is useful and, above all, functional.

The use of a fork allows you to avoid using professional locks, which, although very effective, have considerable costs and are not always within reach of all budgets. With a fork, there is no need for substantial expenses or ingenious solutions. In short, a little inventiveness is enough to find a solution to a problem that might seem irremediable!

Steps to make a homemade lock using a fork:

  • You need to take an old fork or one that you don’t use too much. You place it in the hole in the door where the latch fits when you close the door.
  • The marker will mark where all the skewer has been inserted, and it is important so that your guests know how far they can go with their appetizers before committing to a full meal.
  • The next thing will be to rest the fork on the edge of a flat surface, such as a table.
  • Being upside down, you hit it on the part of the mark with the help of a hammer or a spanner. This will enable you to bend the fork at that exact point that you have marked before. 
  • It is unnecessary to hit too hard, as this may excessively bend and even break the fork.
  • The next step will be to take a saw and cut the fork at the head. You do not need to cut too much; just by making a small sizing and stretching, you can remove the fork’s head without any problem.
  • Next, you can test your homemade bolt. For this, position the fork so that the skewers are firmly secured inside the hole. The fork’s head should also be at a slight 90-degree angle.
  • Holding the fork head, close the door as you normally do.
  • Next, take the fork’s handle and place it between the first two skewers of the head that you have fitted.

Now it will be impossible for anyone to enter your room or the house where you are.

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Using a barricade

The most popular method for locking a door at home without a lock is this one. Since you don’t need to go shopping, it also involves less work. But in other ways, this is the most time-consuming option. Every time you need to exit the room, remove the barrier by placing some large items in front of the entrance. The blocks are inside as well. You cannot lock the door from the outside when you leave since you can only lock it from the inside.

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Sofas, tables, refrigerators, and freezers are useful home goods to employ as barriers. The barrier only works when the door opens inward. This “DIY door lock” cannot be used on doors that face outward. It serves no use if you have to construct it as a barrier from the outside. Consider this.

Tie down the doorknob

You can tie the doorknob with a rope to an immovable object. This is great if your door opens outwards, and you can’t use the methods mentioned before. It works when another person is going to pull the door. The tension from the rope and the object will prevent the door from opening by keeping it shut and impossible to open.

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On the other hand, the strength of your temporary lock depends on your ability to tie knots. If your knots come loose, it doesn’t matter how strong your anchor is – the door will still slip open. For metal chains and winching cords, you can use a large padlock or winch lock to hold the ‘rope’ in place.

You can tie the door handle to a stationary object with a rope. If your door opens outward, that’s great. It will work when another person wants to pull the door. The pulling force of ropes and the supporting objects will keep the door closed and unable to open. On the other hand, the strength of the temporary lock depends on your knotting ability. If your knot is loose, then the strength of the anchor does not matter; the door will still slide open. You can use a large padlock or winch lock for metal chains and ropes to secure the “rope” in place.

Using a Sock

You could certainly use a sock to create a door lock.

Winter socks or other thick, long socks are ideal in this situation. Try first folding the socks into a door wedge. After that, take the sock and set it on the top of the having opened of the door’s side.

Pull the door and sock simultaneously to unlock it.

Using door stops

 If you have never tried it before, you will be surprised how difficult it is to open a door secured by a doorstop. Some of the best door stops are made of rubber. The rubber does not slide because it generates a lot of friction and will keep the door closed until the wedge is removed.

There is one thing worth mentioning here. If you are making a doorstop or any wedges, make sure no one can reach it from the other side of the door, as someone can push it away.

How to Make a Door Lock with Household Items: FAQs

How do you make a homemade door lock?

To make a homemade door lock, you can opt for the following options as highlighted above:

  • Using a fork
  • Using a barricade
  • Tying down the doorknob
  • Using a Sock
  • Using security bars

How do you lock a door without a lock?

You can lock a door without a lock by opting for suitable door braces.

What household items can you use to pick a door lock?

You can use the following household items to pick a door lock:

  • Paper clips
  • Pliers
  • Hairpins
  • Screwdrivers
  • Loyalty cards
  • Tension wrench


In conclusion, protecting your home is usually a challenge. In some cases, it is impossible to lock the door. And at such times, it is best to prepare. Thus, it is recommended to know how to lock the door without a lock. Explore these technologies and options to learn how to keep the door locked and protect your home from harmful people.

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Furthermore, the truth is that the correct option when you have issues with your door lock is to buy a bolt or latch in any locksmith or hardware store. But for emergencies, or if you are in a strange house and want some privacy, a simple home item such as those highlighted above is enough to create an impossible door to open.

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