How to Open a Locked Bedroom Door | Easy Steps To Follow


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Many times it happens to us that the interior doors of our house have key knobs. At some point, you may misplace some keys, and the door may lock. In these cases, many people think how to open a locked bedroom door? Entering a locked bedroom or bathroom is a real irritation. Fortunately, interior doors are relatively easy to choose from. Here is how you need to enter.

How to Open a Locked Bedroom Door

Unlocking an interior door with a paperclip

The bedroom door lock key is likely to stay inside or get lost. Nowadays, most interior doors come with a primary button knob. For simple push-button issues like this, all you need is an unbent paperclip to regain access. For the single button doorknob, insert the flat end of the paperclip into the hole and keep pushing until it hits the locking mechanism.

  • It will eventually push aside the locking mechanism in the same way that the button inside the critical system does. In this way, you can open your door. Learn key stuck in the door lock.
  • However, it is a little different for keyed doors. For keyed door locks, you will need a paper clip and a tension wrench. If you don’t have the latter, use a small hex wrench.
  • First, flatten one end of the paper clip with a hammer as much as you can, then take the tension wrench or hex wrench and go to the door in question.
  • The flattening clip should be inserted into the keyhole together with your tension wrench or hex key.
  • The clip has to be placed over the key. The buckle must be pushed until some resistance is felt.
  • You must depress the lock’s first pin. Try to move the pin by applying pressure with the clip. The tension wrench should spin a little if it works.
  • In order to prevent the pin from coming out once again, keep the wrench in place and apply pressure.
  • Repeat the procedure after removing the clip. As the resistance increases, you have reached the next pin. Rotate the wrench in a tiny circle until it turns.
  • Continue making these motions until you strike the last pin and unlock the lock.
  • You won’t probably try to put anything into the lock if the locking is caused by the key breaking within the door lock.
  • Today’s bedroom doors often contain spring locks, which make them simple to operate.

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Opening an internal door by using a credit card

  • Interior door knobs with levers allow your secret agent persona to come to the forefront.
  • Just like your favorite secret police character, you can also unlock a locked door using a credit card.
  • This process involves sliding a credit or debit card through the crack in the door, exactly where the lock is. It would be preferable to make a smooth movement so that the card does not break.
  • Tilt the card so that the end of the card almost touches the doorknob.
  • Continue applying pressure until you feel the card slide further in.
  • Now, bend the card in the opposite direction to practically force the lock to slide inward.
  • You may need to lean on the door itself so that your weight presses on the door as the lock slides in.

Complete lock disassembly

  • Very rarely if the door does not move despite your efforts to make it happen. 
  • You will need access to the screws that hold the doorknob to the door. Slide a butter knife under the neck of the doorknob for leverage to reach the screws.
  • After the screws have been removed, you can easily disassemble the handle.
  • With the doorknob wholly removed, you can easily slide the mechanism back, holding the door closed.
  • Opening a locked interior door in the best of style
  • To pick a locked door only requires patience and a few materials. You can do this trick for opening a locked door with simple tools you can find around the house or borrow from a neighbor.

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Items needed include:
  • Paper
  • Dental floss
  • Vacuum cleaner
Now the steps:
  • It would be best if you tied the floss to a piece of paper.
  • Slide the sheet of paper and run the floss across the top of the door. This will require a bit of finesse.
  • Once you have the paper above the door and the other side, lower the paper until you see it under the door.
  • Once you can see the paper, grab it and carefully pull it out. You may need a piece of wire or a straight wire hanger to pull the form out.
  • Then, you will have the thread on both sides of the door. Tie the floss to the vacuum cleaner cord a few feet from the plug, preferably in the middle of the cable.
  • Push the vacuum cleaner cord under the door, then gently pull on the floss.
  • You have to do this carefully so that the floss doesn’t break, but pull it so that the cord reaches the point where you think the doorknob is.
  • This may take a little while, but eventually, you should be able to hook the doorknob with the wire.
  • Once you have the doorknob, hold both ends of the cable and pull back and forth to try to turn the knob.
  • This may also take a few minutes. Lean over the door and make an effort. With a bit of patience, you should be able to turn the knob with the cable and return to your room.
  • But this system may not be effective on all doors. If you can’t get your hands on a vacuum cleaner, then a long, knotted cable or rope will suffice.
  • In this step, you should avoid using any of these methods to enter another person’s home. You will be caught and may face criminal charges.
  • Use them only when you need to enter a locked room in your own home and not find the key.

Try to pick the lock on a door.

Most people think of those who can pick locks, they think of criminal masterminds But the truth is, you can learn how to choose a wave if you have the right tools and a lot of patience.

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It is unwise to try to open a lock if you have no idea what you are doing. Nor is it recommended to anyone planning to use anything other than tools designed explicitly for lock picking.

However, if you are experienced in bedroom door lock with key and access lock manipulation tools, this is an option. Most interior door locks are relatively easy to open with essential tools and a little inside knowledge.

Call a Local Locksmith to Open Your Door

If you’ve locked yourself out of your locked bedroom door lock and in addition to all of the above, you still can’t get a locked door open. You may think you’ve run out of options.

All that remains now is to kick the door down or find another way to get through it. But you also have the alternative of calling a local locksmith to give you a hand.

Request a home locksmith service in your area specializing in helping homeowners who have been locked out of their entire home or a specific room in their home. They can make a trip to your home, look at the lock giving you fits and open it right away. This is a straightforward method, so it is best to do it before trying anything else.

Many benefits come along with using a locksmith to enter a locked room in your home. Do this instead of trying to do it on your own.

A locksmith, first and foremost, will make sure to use the proper techniques when attempting to open a locked door. They will also be conscientious not to break the lock on your door. And perhaps best of all, most professional locksmiths will be available to you at any time of the day or night.

With a 24-hour locksmith, you can enter any locked room in your home, no matter how early you get up early or how dark it gets. You should develop a close working relationship with a reliable locksmith in your area as soon as possible. They can help you enter a locked room in your home and help you handle things like lock installation, key duplication, safecracking, and more.

How to Open a Locked Bedroom Door: FAQs

How do I open my room if I lost my key?

A small screwdriver works on doors with privacy handles. These doors are closed by pressing a button on the door handle. When you have a locked bedroom, you should look for a small hole in the doorknob.

How do I enter a room if the door is closed?

If you have locked yourself out of a room with a bypass on the lock, it should be simple enough for you to get back into the room. You can insert a lock bypass tool or even something like a small screwdriver into the hole in the doorknob and unlock it in seconds.

What can I pick my door lock with?

The perfect choice is to use a small screwdriver and a hex wrench, as well as a fork or sturdy paper clips. You can use a bamboo skewer from your kitchen or a lint-free cotton swab on one end. If you use a hairpin or unbent paperclip, first bend it open, so you have a long, straight piece of metal.


On many occasions, you can lock the door of our room and our key lost or inside the room. Nowadays open a door lock without a key is not so difficult. Performing any of the above procedures can be beneficial to us.

To avoid these annoying incidents, the ideal is to have privacy handles in our house. It is essential to clarify that these methods should be used if required and not to commit any act of vandalism.

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