How to Unlock Push and Twist Button Door Lock | An Expert Guide

Well! I can imagine how annoying it can be to stay in a locked bathroom for several hours. Luckily, most bathroom doors have privacy doorknobs in the US instead of security locks that act as a standard tool in your homes. That means you will not have to face concern in the case of an emergency. When you are suffering from such a situation, you always decide to call the locksmith. However, it is possible to discover how to unlock a push and twist button lock with some effort and some essential tools, especially when there is someone outside to help you to open a locked door.

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Types of Privacy locks 

There are three main types of privacy locks that are most common in bathrooms in the USA.

Twist lock or turn button privacy lock: Turn button privacy door knobs are not so familiar in bathrooms. You can lock these doors from the inside by turning the knob locks. You can open a locked bathroom door without a keyhole with the twist button lock.

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Privacy push-button lock

You can push a button from the inner doorknob to get a little privacy by using this model, and you get an activated lock. To unlock the bathroom door push-button lock, you have to turn the lock knob from inside.

Privacy bolt with the lever knob

It is a new type of privacy lock; its great advantage is that it doesn’t need a key from outside to open it. Moreover, you can use it as a deadbolt lock.

How to Open a Locked Bathroom Door with a Push and Twist Button Lock

There are few simple and easy tricks to open a locked bathroom or bedroom door without a key:

Credit card

You can open lever-type doorknobs, spring locks, and latch bolt knobs with the credit card very quickly, but it does not work for the deadbolt locks. But remember to choose the right type of card. The best cards to open locked doors are stiff, laminated, or flat and flexible ones; do not use your identification card, debit card, or credit card to save it from damage. 

The procedure involves slipping the card between the lock and the door frame, bending it back, and pushes the bolt from inside. 

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Substitute key or a screwdriver

One of the practical and quickest ways to open a locked door is to use a spam key, but you can opt for another alternative to get out of the situation if you don’t have it. 

If your door has a privacy handle, you can use a screwdriver to unlock the door. Remember that you should turn the handle while opening it. There is a tiny hole on the side of the door handle; put a flat head screwdriver into the lock as far as you can. You can’t put the tools with thick ends into the key lock, so you should be careful while doing. Turning and wiggling the device will catch the grooves very quickly. When you hear the sound of a click, it means that you finished the job successfully.

A Paper clip and a tension wrench

A hard paperclip is a great tool to unlock the bedroom door locked in case of emergency. It will be an easy process if you have two paper clips; you have to bend the first paper clip and fold out the second one to straighten it up as possible you can. Now insert the bent paperclip into the keyhole of the lock, and stick the straight one underneath. Move the second piece around it until you unlock the door.

A tension wrench is like a minor hex key, available at any hardware store, which is best to create tension inside the lock. You should insert the wrench in the bottom of the lock and rotate to make the tension on the lock. When you wiggle the paperclip inside the lock at the top, you will hear the sound of a click, and the door will open.

A metallic coat hanger

A latch bolt in the bathroom or bedroom doors, dragging the bolt with a metallic coat hanger, is an excellent tool to open a locked door.

It is essential to bend your hanger to give the shape of a handle and the hook at the other end. Now place the clip between the edge of the door and the wall. Now fold it around the latch bolt. Then twist the knob with the other hand while dragging the hanger towards your direction. Remember that this technique will work if you don’t have a gap between the door and the wall. 

Pick the lock

The procedure will become complicated if you don’t have instructions in your hand. To do this job, you should opt for an Allen wrench and place its shorter end in the lower edge of the lock’s keyhole. Keep the constant pressure and twist the lock slightly.

There are two fundamental procedures to complete the job successfully.

Pin by pin method

Push the paperclip slowly when you exert the pressure on the Allen wrench. Catch and bend the paperclip, and lift it upward until you hear the sound of a click.

Scrubbing method

Gently push the Allen wrench at the keyhole and lift it upward to make circular motions.

Unlock the lock with a butter knife

You may not believe that a butter knife can be a great instrument to work with if you have a push-button lock. Only you have to place it in the keyhole and turn it to open the lock. It is better that you should not use sharp knives to prevent cuts in your hands.

Open the push-button lock with the foot.

If you don’t have tools and being strong enough, you can do the task by combining Newton’s third law of motion and SWAT Style kick to unlock the bathroom door. If the door has a weak lock mechanism and the door opens in an outward direction, the procedure will work. It will not be a complicated procedure at all, and you only have to kick the door with your dominant leg at the weakest point of the doorknob. Repeat the process with the flat foot if you fail at the first attempt.

Use the cord to unlock the door.

One of the easiest ways to open the locked door is to use a cord with a slipknot or a thick rope without damaging it. It would help if you had a small window at the top of your door to do this action. The cord should be long enough for picking a lock placed on the outside. Use the rope or a line to hold the lock and then tug from both sides to unlock the door.

Remove the hinges

It is a successful and a bit aggressive method to unlock the door. For this process, you have to take a flat head screwdriver to place it between the bottom of the door knuckle and the pin. Push the screwdriver downward with the hammer until the head and the pin leaves in place. When you remove all the hinges of the door, you can unlock the door.

Unlock the door lock by removing the door handle

If you are unsuccessful in unlocking the door with any other method, you can go for this method. Loose the exterior screws of the door handle with the screwdriver as a lever. Please put it in the lock’s keyhole and twist it gentlyuntil you hear a click sound.

Open the door with the hammer.

Unlock the door with the hammer will be the last way, as it can damage your door ultimately. You should hit the bathroom or bedroom door with the hammer and break the lock and detach it from the door.

How to Unlock Push and Twist Button Door Lock: FAQs

How do you unlock a push lock door?

You can unlock a push door lock with the screwdriver, as a small and thin screwdriver can work best on interior doors with privacy handles. You have to insert the screwdriver in the keyhole in the knob door straight as far as you can. Then twist the screwdriver till the lock opens.

How do you unlock a push and twist door lock without the hole?

Grab the doorknob in your non-dominant hand. Hold it in your left hand if you are right-handed. Make the gap between the door frame and the locked door as wide as you can by pushing the door. Now place the plastic card in the opening of the doorknob; this will make the door open. 

How do you open a twist-lock from outside?

Insert the wire into the hole located in the center of the hole of the doorknob. Now the tip of the hanger or a paper clips into the hole and keep it straight as possible.   


If you have a common problem with your bathroom doors regarding locks, you should have the lock picking set in your homes for must. It will then be an easy task to unlock your locked doors without any worry and extra tools. Hope you have learned how to unlock push and twist button door lock.

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