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Watching TV can be an immersive experience. It’s easy to get lost in your programs and forget the time. After all, it’s not uncommon to lose track of how much time has passed while you are watching. Unfortunately, this can result in your Vizio television turning itself off after a certain amount of idle time. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent this from happening again. Fortunately, most electronics come with user-adjustable settings that might help you avoid a future recurrence of the problem with your Vizio TV turning itself off. You’ll want to check whether there is a timer setting that might have been the culprit for your Vizio TV turning itself off. If so, there should also be instructions on how to change it again. Here are some steps on how to prevent a Vizio TV from turning itself off.

How to Prevent a Vizio TV from Turning Itself Off

Do a hard reset.

A hard reset is possible by turning off the television, waiting a brief time, and then turning it back on. The procedure restores screen-to-TV synchronization by erasing errors commonly caused by intermittent or weak Wi-Fi signals or slow internet connections.

It may be necessary to replace the batteries in your Vizio TV remote.

If the remote for your Vizio TV stops working, the television will turn off. It may also cause the television to turn on and off automatically.

A test of the power button is required.

Is it possible to circumvent a malfunctioning remote control? Remote controls for Vizio televisions are among the most frequently jammed worldwide. 

If you suspect your remote control is jammed, quickly test it by pressing the power and other buttons. Examine each button separately to determine if any appear stuck or are not responding as expected.

Verify that all connected components are operational.

If the television turns off unexpectedly, there may be a problem with the television or the cables connecting it to other electronics. 

Perhaps an update rendered your device inoperable, or a significant component was unintentionally unplugged. A problem with one of the connected devices can also cause your Vizio television to shut down.

Deactivate CEC Features

Televisions are capable of controlling external devices like cable boxes and Blu-ray players. When trying to watch a movie, the TV remote sending commands to another device can be highly distracting.

Disable the auto-shutdown function.

Vizio televisions have a well-documented tendency to power down when left idle. This is about Vizio’s Auto Off feature, intended to turn off your television after a predetermined time.

Change Software Consistency

It is essential to keep the firmware on your Vizio TV up-to-date to get the most out of it while avoiding bugs and missing new features. 

If your Vizio TV keeps turning off unexpectedly, you will need an update to fix the problem; if everything goes well, Vizio may also add new features.

Vizio TV-Brand

Televisions manufactured by Vizio are reasonably priced and have excellent picture quality. However, their televisions frequently have numerous bugs that worsen over time, so they lack the upscale appearance of competing brands. Moreover, their operating system is sometimes sluggish and lacks competitive features.

SmartCast, the operating system utilized by Vizio televisions, is a simple system with a limited number of applications and no app store. You will be restricted to casting apps from your mobile device. Despite the platform’s adaptability and the expanding community of app developers, Vizio’s implementation is far from ideal.

If you do not require smart features, most Vizio televisions are reasonably priced. The SmartCast application gives you access to content and settings. By the way, it is neither the quickest nor the most stable and does not support all media casting formats.

Due to the limited number of available models, Vizio’s selection is relatively straightforward, but recent updates have introduced ambiguity. The V Series is their entry-level 4K TV, whereas the D Series is only available in 1080p and 720p resolutions.

Pros & Cons of using Vizio TV

Vizio televisions are significantly less expensive than rival brands without sacrificing quality.SmartCast has a restricted number of applications.
Its D-Series smart TV lineup, aimed at budget-minded consumers, includes Chromecast as standard equipment. Given the price, this is an unbelievable bargain.Vizio prohibits the installation of additional software.
In its premium models, OLED televisions are also available.The user experience of VIZIO televisions is inferior to that of competing brands. This may lead the buyer to believe that the manufacturer took shortcuts during television production.
You are unlikely to find a superior television for the same price or less.The quality of upscaling is inferior to that of competing televisions.
Depending on the desired specifications, a VIZIO television may be hundreds of dollars cheaper than competing models.The lower-tier models of this brand’s televisions are unlikely to have sufficient brightness for highlights to stand out.
The VIZIO smart television is an excellent option for viewing in total darkness. In addition, VIZIO televisions can produce some of the required deep black tones for clear vision.The problem with Vizio televisions is that they are not as durable as rival models from Samsung or Sony, which means they will eventually fail.
Regarding input lag, VIZIO does an excellent job of minimizing it. This allows the TV graphics to remain current and adhere to your precise instructions. This is a tremendous enhancement to the gameplay.The HDR experience on Vizio televisions, particularly the less expensive models, is subpar. Using SD channels or DVDs also severely reduces the sharpness of the image.

What Causes Vizio TV to Turn off by itself?

Your Vizio television’s Auto-Off feature may turn on, causing it to shut down unexpectedly. Using the remote instead of the automatic power-off function to change channels and adjust the volume could help resolve this issue. Repeated shutdowns of the television could be caused by a power surge or electrical problem in the home.

Your Vizio television may have shut down unexpectedly due to a faulty input device, full internal memory, or a faulty remote control. CEC activation, power surges, mainboard damage, and other factors can all cause your Vizio television to shut down unexpectedly.

How do I stop my TV from turning off by itself?

Take the television away from the wall!

Try powering down and then restarting the device before proceeding. Except in this instance, you should unplug your TV and hold the power button for 10 seconds before re-connecting it to see if the issue persists.

The possibility of interference disappears by omitting the surge protector and plugging the device directly into a standard wall outlet.

Disable the HDMI-CEC.

When it works properly, it’s a great time saver. However, incorrect signal interpretation can cause your television to turn on and off randomly when it malfunctions. Verify that disabling CEC in the TV’s settings menu resolves the issue. 

If you insist on using CEC, you must disable CEC on all of your other devices until you determine the source of the errant signal.

Disabling Wi-Fi

Contrary to popular belief, many “smart” TV features reduce the intelligence of televisions. If your television is connected to other smart home devices, such as SmartThings, Alexa, Google Home, or Logitech Harmony, it may automatically turn on or off.

how to prevent a Vizio TV from turning itself off

If your TV supports it, the TV’s built-in casting feature may be ON when you attempt to play a YouTube video on your phone.

Examine the television’s timer for turning it off.

Numerous contemporary televisions feature a timer function that allows the television to be turned on or off at a predetermined time. A child or pet may have inadvertently programmed the television to turn on and off regularly by sitting on the remote control. If you find the power-scheduling option in the menus of your television, disable it.

Replace the remote’s batteries.

If the battery in your remote is low, its power may fluctuate, causing it to transmit spurious signals. If the batteries in your remote control are dead, try replacing them. While you’re at it, you should also wash the buttons. Spilling soda on the television could be as simple as the power button remaining depressed and turning off the device.

Investigate the regional televisions.

However, TVs from the same manufacturer may be able to detect each other’s remote controls. If, for instance, you have a Vizio in the living room and another Vizio across the hall, their remote signals may interfere.

Your TV set to Eco Mode

Many modern televisions will not turn off when you press the power button. Instead, they enter a power-saving sleep mode that makes many of the features mentioned above accessible (like turning on when someone casts a YouTube video from their phone).

Modify the Firmware

Check the TV’s settings, if you haven’t already, to see if a firmware update is available; this may resolve the issue.

how to prevent a Vizio TV from turning itself off

If your television has a USB port, you can check the manufacturer’s website to determine if any available updates require manual installation.

Execute a Hard Reset.

If nothing else works, resetting your television to factory settings may be your last resort. It would be ideal if you could restore the troublesome environment to its previous condition. If you decide to revert your settings, do so gradually and with time between each change. If the issue recurs, you will know which configuration parameter caused it.

What are the Common Problems with Vizio TVs?

We can enumerate the following potential issues to give you a sense of the scope of the problems you may find:

  • The Vizio is turned on, but the screen remains blank.
  • On the screen of the Vizio television, there is a blinking.
  • The Vizio remote lacks responsiveness.
  • You cannot connect it to the Wi-Fi.
  • The Vizio television is inoperable.
  • There is no way to install applications on a Vizio TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vizio’s ECO mode?

This mode will automatically adjust your TV’s power settings whenever possible. Most televisions include an “Eco” or “Energy Saver” mode. This may be a dedicated “picture mode” in some cases, but it is often a separate setting that modifies the picture mode independently. This setting is typically enabled out of the box.

The TV is effectively unplugged from power when in eco mode. When you turn it off, it will ignore any network commands. Furthermore, the TV presence does not affect the rest of the house. You’ll notice it takes a little longer to start when you first use it.

If you’re already experiencing issues, temporarily disabling these settings may help.

What is CEC on a Vizio TV?

When used with a transmitter and a display that supports HDMI-CEC, the VIZIO XWH200 will relay any CEC commands sent between the source and the display. Many HDMI sources and displays (especially older models) utilize CEC commands that HDMI equipment manufacturers do not widely support. The XWH200 is compatible with all CEC commands using an HDMI cable.

Do VIZIO TVs have CEC?

HDMI-CEC activation on a Vizio TV is straightforward. All Vizio televisions include this feature as standard. When you press the Menu button on your TV’s remote, choose “System” and then “CEC” from the resulting menu.

Is Vizio TVs a good brand?

In general, Vizio televisions are cheap and feature excellent picture quality. However, they lack the upscale quality of pricier brands. You can rely on Vizio to provide reasonably priced, high-quality televisions as a well-known brand. Vizio rose to prominence by undercutting competitors’ prices while providing comparable or superior functionality products. However, their televisions are notorious for containing many bugs, and the operating system can be slow and feature-deficient compared to the competition.

Does Samsung make Vizio TV?

AmTran Technology in Taiwan manages television production for the private company Vizio. Vizio does not produce televisions, unlike Samsung. This Taiwanese company has offices located throughout Asia. Both manufacturers produce quality value.

How do I stop my Vizio TV from turning off?

  • Check the Eco Mode. This setting automatically turns off the TV after a long time with no signal or user interaction.
  • Check the sleep timer setting.
  • Auto TV off configures when the TV will turn off regardless of user interaction or signal.
  • Check the firmware update.

How long does Vizio TV last?

Vizio TVs have an average lifespan of seven years. The actual mileage you can get from a Vizio TV depends on usage, as excessive use and high settings can contribute to early component deterioration.


Vizio TVs have become famous thanks to a peculiarity that many users report about them. And it is that many models of these TVs usually present a common fault, they turn off or turn on by themselves. Although this is something that is not so complicated to solve, it can be very annoying.

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