How to Take Down Levolor Blinds | A Brief Guide By Expert


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Levelor is serving as a Levolor window fashion, which gives you various blinds such as vertical blinds, wood blinds, cellular shades, and Venetian blinds with designer quality fabrics in various colors to deliver high-end decoration. Instead, installing removing back the Levolor blinds is hard as you have to go through different procedures. To remove the Levolor blinds, you must know how to take down Levolor blinds. For this purpose, you have to learn other techniques of removing Levolor blinds, such as removing vertical blinds, removing Venetian blinds, removing cellular shades, and many more.

If we only talk about installing Levolor blinds, then it goes through many procedures like;

  • First, you have to install its brackets by making holes and screwing them to adjust the brackets, 
  • Then secondly, you start putting your blinds up
  • For this purpose, you put the headrail up and put the valance in its place. 
  • After all of this procedure, you put the wand together.

How to Take Down Levolor Blinds

Removing blinds from the bracket:

  • Before starting, examine the brackets that hold on the headrail to the top of the window opening.
  • You may face two types of flap according to the type of Levolor blinds you have.
  • Small flap: it clamps down over the headrail. Moreover, it holds the blinds and headrail in place.
  • Medium or large flap: if there is no small flap, then possibly it holds the headrail with a barbed clip on the window.
removing blinds from brackets

Determine the tools required:

  • If there is a small flap, you will need a screwdriver and ladder to take down the Levolor blinds.
  • If there are no flaps, you will only need a ladder but not any other specified tools.
  • To prevent any sudden injury to your eyes, wear an eye protector.
  • The next point is to pull the cord; either you pull the cord left or right, you have to pull the cords to bring the slats upward, now lock it in this position to continue your job.
how to remove cellular blinds

Loosen brackets with flap:

  • Wear your eye protector.
  • Your head must be higher than the brackets; you have to climb up the ladder for this purpose.
  • For brackets with flap, place the screwdriver’s flat tip under the flap’s lower edge, pull it forward and up.
  • During installation, these snaps were locked, but now it will take some time and strength to unsnap.
  • Now grab the headrail towards you and then take it out of the brackets.
how to remove blinds with hidden brackets

Lossen brackets without flap:

  • If the brackets don’t have any flaps, then place your hand over the headrail near the bracket, twist the top of the bracket down, and pull it towards you.
  • When the barb releases the headrail, then you will sound a snap sound.
  • Once the 1st bracket is unsnapped, repeat the procedure with the other bracket.
  • Now slide the headrail forward and pull it out.
how to remove levolor vertical blinds

How to Remove Venetian Blinds:

To remove your Venetian blinds depends on two factors:

  • Standard: If brackets hold the clip over the side of the blinds, then it is standard.
  • Spring-loaded brackets: If the brackets do not hold them, then it’s spring-loaded brackets. 
  • 1st of all, lock the blind blades up by pulling them upward. Once it goes up, let go of the drawstring.
  • Use a screwdriver to lift the bracket on each side of the blind.
  • Now slide the blind out of the brackets.
  • Unscrew the brackets from the window using a drill machine. Once the screws are out, make sure you hold the window correctly not to fall.

How to Remove Verticle Blinds:

Removing verticle blinds is an easy process, but be careful to avoid any damage to the blinds and the wall they are attached with.

The whole process is divided into 2 parts:

Remove all vanes individually:

  • Remove valance: 
  • Most of the blinds have a valance that acts as a covering border on the blinds. It covers the rail on the top of the window.
  • Now gently hold the valance’s bottom to avoid its clips from breaking and then remove it.
  • Rotate the blinds by pulling the bead chain; this step will make the removal easier.
  • Locate the vane which is holding blinds in a hook-shaped hole; now, you can take it out easily by taking it out from each vane carrier.

Take down the blind hardware:

  • The next step is to remove the bead chain from the blind rail. After removing vanes, pull the bead chain gently from the blind rail.
  • By using a flat head screwdriver, release the clips from the rail brackets.
  • Once you release all spring clips, remove the blind rail from the window wall easily.
  • Now remove the brackets and fill the holes if you are putting another blind there.

How to Remove Mini Blinds from Metal Brackets

Mini blinds seem to look like permanent fixtures, but it’s very easy to remove the mini blinds due to their small size.

We can divide this procedure into 3 parts:

Locate the brackets

  • Put the blinds up by pulling the bead chain to avoid accidental damage.
  • Just like in other removal methods, remove the valance from valance carriers.
  • On each end of the blinds, you will have 1 bracket on each end of the headrail.
  • Try to move the bracket; maybe these brackets are sliding brackets.

Remove blinds from the brackets

This is the 2nd step; in this step, you have to take out the brackets’ blinds. For this purpose,

  • You have to remove the center bracket if you have.
  • Open the brackets by using a flat head screwdriver.
  • By using pliers, slide the panels on the other side.
  • Now at this point, you have to slide the blinds out of the brackets.

Uninstalling the metal brackets:

  • To uninstall the brackets, remove all screws by using an electric skewer.
  • Now take out the brackets and keep them in a safe place for later use.

Remove cellular blinds:

To remove cellular blinds, you have to follow down steps:

  • By using a flat head screwdriver, insert it between a headrail and the bracket. 
  • Twist the blade of the screwdriver.
  • This will separate the headrail from the bracket.
  • Once you released all brackets from the headrail, you can easily remove them.
  • By pulling the shade upward, you need to push its cap upward.
  • In this way, you can easily remove cellular blinds.

How to Take Down Levolor Blinds: FAQ 

What is the best way to clean Levolor blinds?

Levelor is serving as a Levolor window fashion, which gives you various blinds such as vertical blinds, wood blinds, cellular shades, and Venetian blinds with designer quality fabrics in various colors to deliver high-end decoration.

The best method to clean Levolor blinds is to clean with few drops of washing liquid in lukewarm water and then dip a sponge or soft cloth in it and do a dab clean on the blinds regularly. Moreover, you can use a hairdryer to clean the inside dust in the blinds. If the blinds are dirty, follow the removing method above according to the Levolor blinds, and then put it in the tub and wash it thoroughly using bleach or vinegar in lukewarm water. 

Why won’t my cordless blinds go up?

It may have many issues such as:

  • The spring mechanism problem: If you keep the blinds open or closed for a long time, then its spring may get locked. To unlock it, you may need to push up and down to make it work slightly.
  • Uneven shades: If your cordless blinds are not going up, then uneven shades is another reason for their stucking. To correct it, don’t try to pull it from either side, as it can become more lopsided. To cover this problem, grab the bottom side of the window cover in your hand and slightly push up and down. This method will help make it even, but it will also help move your cordless blinds up and down.
  • Fault in the friction clips: If the blinds’ springs are not opening, there may be a problem with the friction clips. To resume its function, you may need to remove all the friction clips.

How do you adjust Levolor cordless blinds?

  • Note the length of the cordless blinds.
  • Using a screwdriver, screw off the bottom rail; thus, you can see the cord down.
  • Remove the extra slats according to the length of the window.
  • At this point, but the bottom rail on the last string.


To conclude this topic, taking down Levolor blinds is not a difficult process; only one thing you need is to gently adjust the blinds to prevent any damage to the blinds, or it’s rails. Now you better know how to take down Levolor blinds in easy ways, as I mentioned above.

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