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The toilet paper dispenser should be positioned at the right height and easily accessible for use at its best. It constitutes a fundamental part of the bathroom, contributing to each user’s well-being and comfort. What is the standard placement of a toilet paper dispenser in a bathroom? The question is regularly asked by many homeowners today. The quickest solution is to mount your toilet roll holder 8 to 12 feet from the porcelain bowl on a wall. (Use 8 to 9 feet for shorter people, including youngsters, and 10 to 12 feet for people that are medium to tall.) The best height for a toilet paper holder is 26 inches from the floor. And this has been answered perfectly below.

What is the Standard Placement of a Toilet Paper Dispenser in a Bathroom?

According to the NKBA, a toilet paper holder is wall-mounted works best if installed 26 inches above the floor, on center.

If you are building or renovating the house, or part of it, there are many complicated decisions to take. Something seemingly simple like installing the toilet paper dispenser can cause panic attacks even in the most confident builders when hundreds of other choices are being made simultaneously. Although the toilet paper dispenser’s placement is not the most significant decision you will ever make, it is necessary to ensure that the height is comfortable for those using the bathroom. Some elements to take into consideration here include:

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What is the Standard Placement of a Toilet Paper Dispenser in a Bathroom

The height of the toilet

The main element to consider when determining the toilet paper dispenser’s appropriate height is the toilet’s height. If the pot is exceptionally tall or low, consider adjusting the size of the stand accordingly. The goal is to install the dispenser in a convenient location for those using the bathroom, at a height slightly higher than the toilet seat.

Standard height

The conventional height of a toilet is 35 cm from the floor to the top of the basin. This usually gets to 38 cm, including the seat. That way, the toilet paper dispenser should be 41 – 44 cm from the floor. If your toilet is standard size, this will make it easily accessible for a person using the bathroom.

Installing the dispenser much lower will force the person to lower themselves unnecessarily, and too high will cause the user to need to raise their hand.

Proximity to the vessel

In addition to installing it at a convenient height, you must ensure that the toilet paper dispenser is next to the toilet. While having to reach the toilet paper in a higher or lower position may not be a big deal, having to get up to get to it is pretty inconvenient. If the toilet is in the bathroom center and there is no wall to install the fixed support, consider purchasing mobile support to leave it next to the bathroom. Like fixed support, the mobile support must keep the toilet paper at an average height of 41 – 44 cm from the floor.

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Not all toilet paper dispensers are made to a standard. Some are exquisitely designed, and others are simple; some are colorful, while others are simply black or white. Also, specific supports hold only small or thin toilet paper rolls, while others support large, thick rolls. Suppose you prefer a hygienic peel of the soft type, which comes in wide rolls. Make sure that this type of roll will fit in the dispenser and will roll smoothly when pulled. Otherwise, it is better to replace the chosen model with broader support, or floor support that has no sides has no limit on the roll’s size.

Professional Toilet Paper Dispenser: Which one to Choose?

There are several types of professional toilet paper dispensers, but how do you know which one is right for you? In this guide, you will see an overview of the different technologies with advantages and disadvantages. In the end, you will be able to determine which device best suits your needs.

Toilet paper holder left or right

There are three prominent families of professional toilet paper dispensers:

Large roll toilet paper dispensers

This type of dispenser comes in diverse variations such as:

Professional jumbo or mini jumbo toilet paper dispenser

In the jumbo dispenser, you put rolls of 380 meters, while in the mini jumbo; you put rolls of 180 meters. This is a standard length, and you can find rolls that will have different lengths too.

Knowing that the length determines the number of sheets, it is necessary to be vigilant in the prices’ comparative analysis. This type of product is very frequently found in communities and often associated with a high capacity for high attendance.

The sheets are approximately 24 cm or 750 sheets in a mini jumbo roll or 1580 sheets in a jumbo roll. There are also secure vandal-resistant dispensers.

The major drawback lies in the management of the end of the roll. This can cause a break in service or a significant loss of paper. This solution is not very hygienic since the user often turns the roll himself to find the roll’s start. This situation is because the roller has no brake.

Professional toilet paper dispenser with central leaf dispenser

The well-known brand provides a technical solution through the different paper manufacturers. Here again, you need great vigilance in this solution’s choice because the number of sheets can vary from one roll to another. This is also dependent on the manufacturer. The leaves, although distributed one by one, come out very wrinkled.

This situation implies that they must be smoothed out to use them. This does not give a qualitative image to the establishment which made this technological choice. Depending on the toilet paper’s quality, the central unwinding distribution can tear small pieces of toilet paper and make them litter the floor. Sometimes, dust occurs because of the friction of the sheets extracted from the central dispenser hole.

Small roll toilet paper dispensers

This type of dispenser comes in diverse variations such as:

Professional toilet paper dispenser in small rolls

This is found quite often in establishments that have not gotten awareness of their technology choice. In addition to the capacity, which is very low, because we are on a roll of approximately 200 sheets, it is not uncommon to see the roll taken out of its machine. This is not a hygienic solution, and it opens the risk of the roll ending up in the toilet bowl with the consequences imaginable. This solution is not suitable for professional customers and homeowners.

Compact professional double roll toilet paper dispenser

This solution is not yet the best known; however it eliminates many drawbacks mentioned above. Regarding the capacity, there are two rolls with 800 sheets each, or 1600 sheets. We are on the capabilities of the jumbo seen previously. Then, the double roll effect solves the problem of exploiting the end of the roll.

Indeed, when the first roll is finished, the second takes the place of the other automatically. This leaves the possibility for housekeeping staff to recharge as they wish. The brake’s presence prevents the roller from losing the sheet and avoids turning the roller by hand to find the first sheet. Aesthetically, this is a streamlined, secure, and elegant toilet paper dispenser. Here, each delivered sheet is flat and not crumpled, therefore very pleasant for the user.

The single sheet toilet paper dispenser

These are dispensers that support packs of 100 to 250 sheets. Here again, you have to be very vigilant about the number of sheets per pack to act accordingly. This solution finds some of the double roll advantages on the aspect sheet delivered flat, ease of reloading for the cleaning staff, but stops there. Indeed, when the user is looking for capacity, we find on the market the possibility of putting three or even four packages in the paper distributor.

This situation generates significant pressure on the sheets at the start of use, which can severely slow down the sheets’ distribution, and this is not pleasant for the user. Subsequently, towards the end of consumption, only a few leaves remain. It is common for these to collapse or fall to the ground. This regularly causes overconsumption.

Standard Placement of a Toilet Paper Dispenser in a Bathroom: FAQs

What side of the toilet should the toilet paper holder be on?

It’s best to put the toilet paper holder on the left side. This is quite valid because most people being right-handed, would desire to reach their left side with their right hand. 

Which way should toilet paper holder face?

The toilet paper holder should face the left side of the toilet user. The toilet paper holder should also be over 8 inches to 12 inches in the front section of the toilet and over 26 inches off the floor, according to the Bathroom Planning Guidelines of NKBA. Furthermore, the minimum distance should be 15 inches from the centerline of the lavatory to the wall, according to building code, providing only about 2 inches from the edge of the average lavatory to the wall or obstruction.

What can be used in place of toilet paper?

You can use the following in place of toilet paper:

  • Reusable cloth
  • Baby wipes
  • Sanitary pads
  • Napkins and tissues
  • Towels and sponge


In conclusion, toilet paper comes with many merits, and adhering to the standard placement of a toilet paper dispenser in a bathroom is also quite crucial, as highlighted above. Furthermore, in 1996, a user explained the Oprah Winfrey Show issue, where over 68 percent of the studio audience favored over; Oprah suggested that under uses more paper. The overall result: 68 percent chose over.

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