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The bathroom sink height is significant because it has a direct impact on your posture. Whether it is to apply makeup or brush our teeth, we often tend to lean forward and exert pressure on the intervertebral discs. According to a study carried out, people spend on average between 15 and 30 minutes in their bathroom sink; women generally spend more than 30 minutes there and are less relaxed than men hence, the importance of investing in the comfort of this room. 

Based on the sink type and selfish motivation, the height of a typical wash basin may vary from 29 inches to 36 inches.

Taking this posture for 15 to 30 minutes two to three times a day can cause severe back problems in the long run. Therefore, choosing the right bathroom sink height is essential to guard against these problems and increase your bathroom’s daily comfort.

Furthermore, furnishing a bathroom is not an operation that can be reduced to a minimum. It is necessary to proceed with great attention, with a particular eye to the choice of the most suitable furnishing accessories, not only for an aesthetic factor, which could also take a back seat but, above all, for an element of efficiency and usability of all the accessories that make it up.

The elevation at which the sink must be positioned, for instance, is a crucial and particular aspect of its pleasant usage. We often consider purchasing a sink and may even choose the most attractive model, but we seldom pause to consider why it should be set at a certain height as opposed to another. This specificity, and not just a small bit of it, need to be considered throughout the bathroom’s design process. With the help of this post, we want to assist you in determining the ideal sink height.

Types of Bathroom Sink 

Before looking at the bathroom sink height, it’s best to be intimated on the bathroom sink types. The bathroom sink comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. We distinguish three types of sinks: 

Suspended washbasin

The suspended washbasin is fixed directly to the wall, at the height that’s suitable. Ideal for people with reduced mobility (PRM) due to the large free space around it or its small size allows some freedom during installation. It is also very easy to maintain and is sold in various sizes and colors.

The built-in washbasin

This can be placed on a shelf or integrated into bathroom cabinets, which gives it functionality and aesthetics. In this category, we find the ally of the small bathroom or toilet: the mini-sink, which can be integrated or placed on a shelf, which marks its great return to the market.

The standing or column washbasin

This is also known as a pedestal basin or, in its more modern version, a totem basin, and it is usually a single piece (foot and basin in one piece) or with afoot to hide the pipe. It can be fixed to the wall without afoot, but with a column underneath or with two feet, or even with legs, for a retro look. The bathroom furniture is sold to fit with the foot installed, providing a storage system that this type of sink lacks. Learn to install a heat lamp in the bathroom.

What is the Standard Bathroom Sink Height?

Let’s now talk, in more detail, on how to best proceed for a perfect installation of your sink. Check this guide to learn how to install a farmhouse sink in existing cabinets Let’s start from the height. In general, the heights of the sanitary ware are always calculated, considering various determining factors such as the space available, the users’ height, and the actual use of that particular accessory. Speaking of the washbasin, it is recommended that there be 20 cm of free space on the sides and 60 in the front for optimal use.

Another trick consists of asking, upstream, the sink’s main use; you have to ask sink’s our self e used to wash your hair or be placed in the laundry room, perhaps to treat clothes with dirt and stubborn stains. These aspects must be reflected on from the beginning, in the design phase, because they can influence a sink model’s choice rather than another. To simplify the ideal height calculation for installing a sink, a standard height has been set, which is around 85 centimeters—this rs to the sink by adults of average height, based on biometric studies.

Therefore, starting from this benchmark, it is also necessary to reflect on the users’ height to avoid a positioning that is too high (which would be very uncomfortable) or too low (which could cause unbearable back pain).

Bathroom Sink Height

What to Consider When Choosing the Ideal Height of the Bathroom Sink

If you are about to buy a wall-hung or countertop washbasin model for the bathroom, you will have the possibility to choose the height of the sink, considering several factors that can affect the choice.

Within the family unit, there may be children or people with reduced motor skills. Furthermore, the use that will be made of the bathroom should be considered, if this is a second bathroom or for the exclusive use of children or only for some specific activities such as laundry or washing hair. And finally, the size and model of the taps must also be calculated.

Of course, another factor that should not be underestimated is the size of the sink and the washing area. The washbasin size can vary. You can start with a small suspended washbasin with dimensions of 400 mm x 220 mm or a beautiful rectangular ceramic washbasin with a very large surface for washing (750mm x 420mm).

wall mount sink height

Bathroom Sink Height: Considerations for a Family with Children

As earlier highlighted, when designing a bathroom space, several options must be considered before choosing one model of sink or another. The needs will be very different if you are a couple of mature people without children compared to another with maybe two or three children.

In this last case, it will be essential to consider some factors before assembling your countertop or wall-hung sink. The ideal would be to place the sink at a lower than average height to make it comfortable and accessible to the little ones. However, this is a choice that may make sense in the short term but not in the medium or long term.

Children grow up fast, and after a couple of years, they will find themselves with a sink in the bathroom that is uncomfortable for both them and adults. It is better to make up for it with practical ladders and fix the sink at the standard heights.

standard bathroom sink height us

Bathroom Sink Height: Considerations for People with Reduced Mobility

If there are people with reduced mobility in the family, the right balance must be sought to install the sink to ensure their well-being and health.

Without a doubt, the first thing to do is to choose a suspended or countertop model that eliminates clutter and saves space. You will need a space of at least 70cm high and 50cm deep without the pedestal for easy access. The outer edge must be no more than 85 cm from the ground, and it is advisable to use a more practical lever tap. If the person is in a wheelchair, the mirror assembly must not exceed a height of 90 cm. In general, the standard sink height of an ADA-compliant bathroom should be 34 inches maximum, according to the American Disabilities Act (ADA).

kitchen sink height from floor

Bathroom Sink Height: FAQ Section

What is the best height for bathroom vanity?

The ideal height for a built – in vanity is often between 30 and 32 feet from the floor.

What is the height of a comfort height vanity?

The comfort height vanity is usually over 36 inches in height.

What height should the bathroom mirror be?

For the final touch, try to check the height of the bathroom mirror. To ensure that the mirror can be used in the best possible way by all family members, calculate a height of 1.65 m to be measured from the mirror’s center to the floor.

The standard measure for positioning the mirror is at the height of 180 – 200 cm from the floor, with a height difference of 30 – 35 cm from the sink. This will depend on the mirror you have, and you need to consider its measurements when selecting the appropriate mirror for your home bathroom.


In conclusion, the washbasin in the bathroom, commonly known as a sink, is an essential element of everyday use when you want to furnish the toilets. For more comfort, the bathroom sink height ought to be considered. Before choosing the height of a sink, the type of use that the bathroom will be utilized for must be evaluated. It could be a second bathroom for children’s exclusive use or dedicated only to activities such as brushing your teeth or shaving. In this last case, it may be more practical to place the washbasin at a lower height than the standard. If the sink will be used instead of laundry or washing the hair, it is more appropriate to opt for a sink model with a height higher than the standard. 

In general, it is advisable never to mount a suspended or countertop washbasin at the height of less than 70 cm from the ground. Still, as earlier elaborated, your specific and personal needs ought to be considered. If you plan the entire bathroom space, it will also be helpful to consider the proximity of power sockets to the sink, not very far from the sink area but at a safe distance from splashing water.

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