How to Block Neighbor’s Security Camera | 9 Legal Tips To Implement

Security cameras can save lives, especially in communities with high crime rates. But having security cameras will bring some adverse effects, one of which is that neighbours may monitor each other. This is a significant reason why many people online want to know how to block neighbour’s security cameras legally or in different ways.

Today, this problem tends to be more common than you think. Sometimes, the neighbours want to gossip about the activities they see in CCTV videos. Although this is annoying, it’s technically harmless. However, the genuine danger is when someone points a surveillance camera at you for illegal purposes. For this reason alone, it’s best to learn more about home safety products and the different ways on how to block neighbours’ security cameras. Some of these include:

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How to Block Neighbor’s Security Camera

For blocking neighbour’s security camera you need to take some actions. Some of these are;

  • Get some security cameras on your property 
  • Check the camera if it’s real or fake
  • Blind the camera
  • Hack the live camera
  • Talk to your neighbor
  • Talk to the police or a lawyer
  • Buy Camera Jammer Device
  • Place tall or growing trees to block the security cameras 
  • Seek help from a community mediator 

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Now we will discuss in detail the above steps.

Get some security cameras on your property 

If your neighbour is pointing a camera at you, it is best to serve them with the same sauce. Get a camera and set it up on your property, which might deter them from spying on you. The residential security cameras laws allow you to install legally placed security cameras on your property, and your neighbours cannot do anything about it.

You can consider several brands when purchasing a camera, and if you want to buy the camera without getting out of your house, you can use the Google search engine to get the job done. 

How to Block Neighbor’s Security Camera

Check the camera if it’s real or fake

When working on how to block neighbours’ security cameras, the next thing to do is determine whether or not the camera your neighbour is pointing at you is real. Lots of people play pranks on fake cameras to get a laugh. Well, that’s not funny, but it happens. Also, using fake cameras is one of the best ways to stop and scare away thieves. It acts as a deterrent and is a very cost-effective and smart way to protect your property.

You can quickly tell if your neighbour’s security camera is real or fake by looking at it at night. If you see a visible, infrared light emitted by it, then the camera is real. Otherwise, you can judge it by seeing whether there are cables connected to the camera or not.

how to damage a cctv camera with magnet

Blind the camera

Another way to get out of this situation is to the blind neighbour security camera. You can do this by either pointing something at it or physically sneaking into their property and putting something on it to block the camera.

It is best to use laser light. Put a laser in your window and point at the camera. This breaks the camera feed and may make your neighbour think that the camera is faulty. You can do this multiple times until they get tired of switching cameras.

how to jam wireless security cameras

Hack the live camera

You can temporarily turn off your neighbour’s camera by hacking the camera’s network. It doesn’t get comfortable if you don’t know about Wi-Fi hacking. But, there are various methods available on the internet to hack and block surveillance cameras.

It will help if you put some more effort into looking for the right Wi-Fi hacking method to get the job done.

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Talk to your neighbor

Yes, we know you won’t like this, but you have to swallow this bitter pill to clear this mess. This is the easiest way to restore your privacy.

First, speak to them in a pleasant tone and tell them that their camera interferes with your privacy. Ask them to point the camera in a different direction and if they don’t agree, threaten them that you can take legal action against them. This should do the trick. But if not, go to the next tip.

Talk to the police or a lawyer

If your spying neighbour doesn’t understand your request to move the camera to a different angle to restore your privacy, and the security camera jammers won’t do the trick, maybe you should speak with the law enforcement agencies.

First, make sure that the camera has a clear view of the inside of your home. If so, you can sue your neighbour for an invasion of privacy by speaking to the police or a reputable lawyer. When you don’t get justice the easy way, you have to do it the hard way to sort things out.

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Buy Camera Jammer Device

If you think that hacking into your neighbour’s security camera is impossible to actualize, another useful thing to do is purchase and use a security camera jammer. The security camera jammer tool can come in handy for quickly clearing this unpleasant situation by jamming security cameras.

Just note the distance between the cam jams before you mount the jammer for the surveillance camera. This is a small device that allows you to pause a camera recording quickly. You can search for CCTV jammers on Amazon and get one.

Surveillance camera jammers are lightweight and portable. You can carry one of them anywhere in your pocket. With this, the signals will be disrupted, and the camera recording will be disrupted so you can do what you want while maintaining your privacy. Unfortunately, there are no cable jammers available. Thus, you can try the laser method for them instead. You can also block the camera by using anti-spy security equipment like the bug detector. Usually, the cam jam distance for most security camera jammers is 20 feet.

Place tall or growing trees to block the security cameras 

Another excellent strategy is to plant tall or growing trees where the surveillance camera points when working on how to block neighbours’ security cameras. You can also use shadows or curtains to cover the monitoring camera. Privacy fences, yard shade sails, or bamboo curtains are also useful tools in this regard.

how to avoid being seen on cctv

Seek help from a community mediator 

Quite a lot of people are upset by their strange spying neighbours. If you are one of them, seeking help from a community mediator can eliminate such problems. This is an essential step if any drastic measures are to be avoided. You can find a mediator in your local community service or community mediation centre. Just explain your situation, and they will handle it correctly. Community mediators usually organize mediation meetings between neighbours and act as third parties in disputes so that both parties can resolve any outstanding issues, such as wrongly pointed security cameras. For more safety you can use flying security camera.

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How to Block Neighbor’s Security Camera: Frequently Asked Questions

Can you disable a security camera with a laser pointer?

Yes. Cameras are sensitive to laser pointers much more than the human eye is. As a result, a laser pointer is not detectable with the naked eye but emits a powerful glow to the surveillance camera lens. The result is that a bright spot appears instead of the face of the person under surveillance. 

Can neighbors have security cameras towards your house?

The short and disappointing answer is “yes.” Your neighbour can have security cameras towards your house. Essentially, the legality of monitoring your property by a neighbour’s security camera depends entirely on three conditions: why, how, and what. Why does he point the camera directly at your residence, how does he use it, and what is he doing with the captured footage?

Either way, you are free to file a lawsuit against him, but it may burn a hole in your pocket and sever your relationship with your neighbour. Therefore, this should only be seen as a last resort.

Furthermore, your neighbours are property owners just like you. Both of you have the right to use security cameras to protect your property, as well as to deter and intimidate thieves. If your neighbour’s security camera record your yard, front door, and driveway (which can also be seen in public places), you do not need to file a lawsuit against him. This is because you have no reasonable privacy expectations in these areas, which everyone can publicly view.

How do you prevent security cameras?

As earlier highlighted, you can prevent security cameras through the following ways:

  • Get some security cameras on your property
  • Check the camera if its real or fake
  • Blind the camera
  • Hack the live camera
  • Talk to your neighbor
  • Talk to the police or a lawyer
  • Buy Camera Jammer Device
  • Place tall or growing trees to block the security cameras
  • Seek help from a community mediator
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What causes interference on security cameras?

Interference on security cameras is usually caused by improper installation, equipment or power failure, or harsh environmental conditions. Another typical cause is insufficient power supply-usually due to incorrect design or installation.

Will a security camera work through a window?

Yes. Security cameras with motion sensors (that can calculate pixel changes) will still detect motion and record it through glass or glass windows.

Last Words

In conclusion, there is increasing talk of installing security cameras along public roads, and cameras have long been standard equipment in banks, supermarkets, and homes. But when it results in breaching your privacy by a neighbour, this becomes unacceptable. At this point, the steps on how to block neighbours’ security cameras highlighted above would come in handy. Try each of the methods, and we hope at least one will work for you and you have learned how to block your neighbour’s security camera.

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