How to Cover Screen Porch for winter | A Detail Guide By Expert


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As you know, summer has gone, and winter is coming, so we prefer to sit in the area where we feel comfortable and enjoy a sunny day. For this purpose, the screened porches are the best options. In this discussion, we will suggest the tips and procedures for how to cover screen porch for winter. So keep reading and have a look at the facts.

A screen porch is a place where you can enjoy moderate weather by avoiding insects. You can enjoy the available area by using clear vinyl for the screened porch and 4-mil translucent plastic. Both types need a unique process to install. The translucent plastic is cheap but blurs the view, but clear vinyl sheeting is expensive, transparent, and will not make the view blur.

How to Cover Screen Porch for Winter: Tools Required

  • 4 gauge clear vinyl sheets
  • Patio Umbrella coverings.
  • Stang Balcony
  • 22- Inch outdoor.
  • Magnetic screens.
  • Dear House 8 pieces 20 X20 Artificial plywood panels

How to Cover Screen Porch for winter: Steps

  • Take the measurement of each screen, lengthwise and height wise. In each measure of plastic sheets, add 4 inches more to get the proper size in each measurement of plastic sheets’ length and height. Note the measurements carefully.
  • Cut the vinyl sheets or heavy plastic according to the proper measurements of the sizes.
  • Now grip the cut piece of transparent vinyl sheets or heavy plastic on the screen area. Now place the sheets in the vertical and horizontal direction so that the extra portion goes beyond the screen’s verge. 
  • Now staple the left corner at the top on the frame approximately 1.5 inches from the inner side by moving the right corner.
  • Drag the plastic or vinyl sheets, make sure that not more than 2 inches of sheets extend to the frame’s inner side.
  • Staple the sheets or plastic to the frame approximately 1.5 inches from the inner side.
  • Pull the lower side of the screen section, and drag the left side of sheets or plastic opposite the screen section.
  • Ensure that not more than 2 inches of the sheets cover the inner side of the frame; staple the lower side of the frame to the left corner approximately 1.5 inches from the inner side of the frame.
  • Now repeat the same process for the right side of the screen also.
  • The extra sheets or plastic should be folded from the left side so that the outer edge should level with the frame’s inner edge.
  • As mentioned above, the stapling process should be repeated through both sides.
  • Now place the staples, at the gap of 3 inches, along the 4 edges.
You can easily heat a screened porch in the winter by this process very easy.
  • You can also make the temporary patio enclosure winter, which can provide you a heated area, but you can change back to the fresh air you like and enjoy in the summer months and winters.
  • Another option is to make winterize screened porch by enclosing a screened porch with Plexiglas.
How to Cover Screen Porch for winter

How to Seal a Window-Screen Gap

To make you winterize screen porch, you can use metal or nylon screens, hanged by the wood or Aluminum. But if the screens become loose from the frame, it can create an ugly gap. Even if you want to seal it with the stuff, it will lose again when you pull it. The screen material has torn out or separated. You can seal the gap by using additional, thin frames at both sides by pressing the screen like a sandwich between two pieces of wood.

You should follow these steps to fill the gaps:
  • Measure the length of the gap on the screen, inside the frame, from one side to the other side.
  • Now cut the two pieces of 1.5 inches measurement in the length of lumber with a miter saw.
  • There should be an even space between both pieces attached by drilling 4 holes in the center so that the holes should be lined up with each other.
For this purpose, you should use a 1/8 inch drill bit and a drill driver:
  • In the vertical direction, drill 4 more holes on both pieces’ top edge in the center, which should be evenly spaced.
  • On the two sides of both pieces, apply a heavy layer of heavy glue and press one sheet on the screen’s frame tightly.
  • Now screw the two pieces together with the help of drill driver, at the distance of 1 inch, and sandwich the screen between them.
  • In the vertical holes, place the 1-inch screws.
  • Drive the screws with the help of a drill driver to secure them tightly on the frame.
  • On both pieces of the fir, apply a silicone glue line on the top and bottom edges.
how to close off porch for winter

Winterize your screen porch by adding a fireplace:

As you are doing your winter preparations, winterizing a screen porch is a difficult task from some people’s perspective, but you can make it easy by adding the fireplaces in them. These fireplaces in the screened porch allow you to enjoy the sunny winter days in a well and organized manner.

By adding the fireplaces, you can make your porch fully luxurious throughout the year. The fireplaces can make your environment relaxing by providing a sufficient amount of heat and warmth in them. There is a large variety of vent fewer porch fireplaces available in the market at reasonable prices. They can be wall-mounted, freestanding, and recessed or even can be placed on the tabletops. The fireplaces can be of your choice and also can match your lifestyle.

Whether you go for a most traditional, sleek look or the modern one, it’s up to you that can fit according to your style and budget.

So if you want to winterize a screen porch truly a warm escape, you should consider the above suggestions.

Benefits of Covering Screen Porch for winters

  • You love to relax and sit in the winters on the screened porch of your beloved homes by enjoying the heat of the sun.
  • You can chat with your dear friends, sit with your family members, and read books if you have prepared your screen porches for winters. 
  • You can enjoy the cold and pleasant weather by soaking the warmth and heat by smelling the different plants’ fragrance in your garden.
  • These screens help get rid of the harmless bugs, bees, and insects too.
enclosing a screened porch with plexiglass

Accessorize the porches with these products:

  • You can add the cushier furniture in your screen porches for enjoyable sitting.
  • The addition of cozy, fleecy quilts in bold and floral prints can enhance the environment.
  • You can put the hanging ferns and the pots of flowers to keep the porches modern and beautiful. 
  • If you have no heat source in your porches, you can use heaters or place a readymade fireplace according to your choice and budget.
  • If you are fond of watching media news, you can add flat screens, wireless receivers, and TV.
  • You can also add blinds and window coverings; these accessories can make your porch more cozy and warm.

How to Cover Screen Porch for Winter: FAQ

How do you enclose a cheap porch for winter?

We can enclose a cheap porch for winters by adding acrylic or polycarbonate sheets rather than using roll vinyl sheets. You can get better protection with them, which is long-lasting also.

The second option is to use wooden frames that can be hanged with nails and hooks. They can be mounted in such a way that they can slide on one another easily like doors.

How can I enclose my screen porch?

There are so many options for which I can go to make my screen porch ready for winter. 

I can add windows to my screen porch; this would require framing walls and installing glass windows.

I can also use the spline vinyl sheets to make my screened porch. But this option is a bit expensive, rather than use heavy plastic for this purpose. Wooden frames can also be used for this purpose. These frames can be easily hanged with hooks and screws.

How do you winterize a porch?

Throw pillow covers, sweep and mop the floors, wash the curtains and wipe off the walls. Now measurement of screened sections of the porch should be taken, and add some inches in the width and height so that there should be enough gap to attach the plastic sheets around the screens.


To conclude this topic, the bottom line is that you can add as much you want to make your screen porch ready for winter. If you keep in view the above suggestions, you can easily retain the summer feel. No matter what materials you opt for and what steps you make, even if it is raining or wind is blowing, you can easily enjoy in every season.

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