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With the rise of the real estate market, several people are beginning to consider home enhancements to stay up with the latest and clutch market esteem. It is broadly acknowledged that hardwood flooring is everything except ensured esteem adds for any home, is ideal. There are many reasons to match the hardwood floor. Either due to a lengthy period, you want to give a new look to your house, or maybe your massive vase has fallen on the floor and broke the hardwood. The only thing you will need to know is how to match the hardwood floor?

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Or maybe you people are moving to a new home, and want to match the hardwood floor with an old one, you can easily do so. Because the color is not that faded, you can buy the same brand and style for your floor. 

It has few crucial factors to think about before matching the hardwood floors.

How to Match Hardwood Floor


Hardwood profile, or thickness, is a significant component to a twofold check while coordinating old hardwood flooring. If you select an alternate hardwood floor with similar characteristics as your present ground surface, you can anticipate a smooth and reliable look across the room. Albeit not explicitly hardwood related, it’s essential to observe if your subfloor is level all through the room. You should add or eliminate a layer of compressed wood to guarantee that the whole space is level.

Species and Grade

Do you know the specific sort and style of your present hardwood floors? Those odds are thin, and regardless of whether you do know, that particular deck probably won’t be fabricated any longer. A ground surface proficient wants to introduce you to the species and grade of your present floors are and suggest a style that will consummately coordinate.

Timber has natural features and knots. For example, the rustic grade has more knots and character than the prime. Prime Grade has very few knots and fewer characteristics.

Most customers do not realize that there are different grades of oak flooring. They assume all oak flooring is the same.  

For oak flooring, there are three grades:

  • select
  • number 1
  • number 2

“Select grade” is considered the highest among all three as it has the least color variation, but it costs more. Number one grade has more color variation and some occasional knots. Number two has a lot more color variation and knots. Sometimes, this is called character grade or cabin grade wood.

The subsequent stage is to distinguish the species and grade of the wood. Red oak or white oaks are two distinct species, and you need to coordinate them to the right one. There are other regular types of wood, for example, maple, Douglas fir, and yellow pine.

How to Match Hardwood Floor

Width and length

Width and length is the easiest thing to sort out. Take a measuring tape and measure the current width of your wood. Regularly individuals consider the width and neglect the length while picking their floor. An arbitrary length of the hardwood floor will appear to be observably unique from a story comprised of a long-length hardwood floor. Many people lean toward more extensive boards as it looks more beautiful and makes the room look bigger.

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how to match hardwood floor stain


Color plays a vital role in blending with the existing flooring. With the help of professionals, color blending can be done by sanding and staining techniques. However, some species of wood fades or darkens by the time. For the long term, it is challenging to determine the species, type, and other factors involved in blending the hardwood flooring stays for a long time.

how to match engineered hardwood floors

Refinishing and staining

Although an expert can guide better for replacing the new hardwood floor with a perfect match of the previous ones, match hardwood floor color by striping the existing floor, refinishing, and staining the new boards to blend with the existing flooring.

Ensure a coherent transformation and ideal custom color of the wood flooring. Both the refinishing and staining must be done under the supervision of a specialist.

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You won’t have to restore or stain your floors, although, in specific circumstances, it will be your most exemplary alternative.

Albeit the means to completely coordinated floors may appear to be overpowering, our group of ground surface experts will want to direct you through the cycle and suggest the best answer for your circumstance. In case you’re in the Austin territory, Millennium Flooring is accessible for all your ground surface requirements.

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How to Match Hardwood Floor: FAQs 

Can you match wood floors?

Albeit an expert can suggest a deck substitution that will intently coordinate your present floors, for an ideal match, it’s best to strip your existing hardwood floors and redecorate both or finish the new sheets to precisely coordinate the existing flooring. 

How do I match existing flooring?

There are many ways to match the existing flooring. Tone matching is one of the basic things where the existing flooring is faded over time, and you need to match the tone of the faded flooring and look for similar tones of the new flooring. Staining is another method used for blending hardwood floors. T-Molding is the technique used to eliminate the gaps between the hardwood flooring.

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How do you match old and new hardwood floors?

The three things are crucial in matching the old and the new hardwood flooring and mainly matching the hardwood floor color. You have to make sure that the species of the wood used is similar to what is already there. Sometimes, when you know the species, some species are easy, and some are difficult to blend.

The condition of the existing floor is also important in matching the flooring. There can be major spots on the existing flooring, or sometimes if there are restrictions from the homeowners, which makes the blending more difficult. The age of the existing floor is also very crucial in determining whether the blending of the flooring can be done easily or not. Aging can change the color of flooring. And blending will have the struggle to achieve the desired results. 


To conclude this topic, if you have hardwood flooring, it is usually easy for the professional flooring expert to match the engineered hardwood flooring. It is important to understanding and determining all the characteristics of the laminated wood floor, Such as species, type, grade, size, color, etc., of the hardwood flooring. The information provided in this article will help you to get good results matching hardwood floor to laminate.

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