How to Clean Cherry Wood Floors | A Full Step By Step Guide


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Regular cleaning is imperative to sustain the intense beauty of wood floors. Because different floor finishes have unique precautionary requirements, the preferred form of clean hardwood floors will depend on the finish rather than the wood species. In this text, you will learn how to clean cherry wood floors.

How to Clean Cherry Wood Floors

Test the finish of your floor

The clean a wooden floor has different finishes: you have the surface finishes and the penetrating ones.

The first ones form a waterproof protective barrier on the floor. Among them, we can find urethane and polyurethane. Once liquids come in contact with the finishes in the area, they are accumulated instead of passing through the wood, so it is safe to use water and water-based cleaning products on them.

It has a surface finish to take a sharp blade to a small, hidden area of the bed and rub a small proportion of the finish.

If the scraped material is transparent, your floor may have a surface finish. If rubbing the floor finish stains it, but no transparent material comes out, your foot may have a radiant look.

So, as long as your feet are within the last ten years, they are likely to have a polyurethane finish. 

Penetrating finishes such as flaxseed oil or Tung oil soak into the wood floor area. You will find a wax coating, adding luster.

These finishes readily absorb water, and water can deform wood floors, so use only solvent-based cleaning products instead of water on feet with penetrating finishes.

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How to Clean Cherry Wood Floors

Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring

They are the most beautiful types of apartments in the world.

It is also far superior to North American cleaning hardwood floors. The reason for this particular category of hardwood is that it is made of more challenging, denser wood species that do not fade or become damaged quickly.

Brazilian cherry flooring has the potential to be one of the most beautiful flooring types in the world.

However, if not maintained properly, they have the potential to begin to look faded and worn.

Generally, there are four species of Brazilian hardwood:

  • Jatoba or Brazilian cherry
  • Ipe or Nutella
  • Cumaru or tecabrasileña
  • Tigerwood or Brazilian Koa

Jatoba wood’s hardness makes it one of the most durable types of hardwood flooring in the world.

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It is vital to dents, scratches, and other wear types due to the prominent foot traffic. But even this kind of super hardwood floor needs cleaning and care to keep it shiny over a long time.

Tips for cleaning your Brazilian cherry wood floor

Now, we show you some ways to extend the usable life of your exotic hardwood floor.

what is the best thing to use to clean wood floors

Dust or vacuum regularly


The disadvantage with Brazilian cherry wood floors is that they accumulate dust. Then, you will have to clean the floor continuously to sustain its beauty.

A simple way is with a broom and dustpan. You can even use a dust mop for this purpose.

Another way is to remove the dust and dirt with a lightweight vacuum cleaner that has strong suction. However, please avoid using the blender bar, as it can scratch your beautiful hardwood. Dragging dust and dirt across the floor can cause dust particles to rub against you and cause scratches.

It is suggested that you vacuum every two to four days, as leaving dirt on the floor longer can damage the finish.

If necessary vacuum, clean the floor with a soft-bristled broom or a dry mop.

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how to clean and protect hardwood floors

Using a home cleaning satisfaction

Vacuuming is a great start, but you should also use a satisfying cleaner on your floors. It is simple to perform a home cleaning satisfaction that is safe for your hardwood.

Now, here are some options:

Water and dishwashing liquid

Stir a few drops of dishwashing liquid into a warm water bucket. Use gently, but make sure the mop is only wet and not too wet.

After that, mop the floor with running water and wipe with a dry towel so that no water is left in the area. With Brazilian cherry wood or some wood for the situation, it is never an acceptable initiative to let the water stand for a long time.

One of the least complicated and functional ways to clean Brazilian cherry wood is water and dishwashing liquid.

You will want to add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to a bucket of not too hot water with this skill. You can then place some of the mixtures on a mop and apply it to the floor.

Be sure to mop the floor well so that it only gets wet. When you have finished mopping the floor, be sure to clean it with pure water.

At that time, wipe off any excess water. Never leave water on the Brazilian cherry wood floor. 

how to deep clean hardwood floors

Mixing water and vinegar

Hardwood floors need particular care to sustain their beautiful gloss and finish. Timely, vinegar is safe for cleaning beautiful wood.

Another simple satisfaction is to add precisely ½ cup of white vinegar to 3.5 liters of water. Mix it well and you will have a natural cleaner that will not leave any residue, in contrast to most commercial detergent cleaners. Repeat the floor cleaning with a damp mop and let it dry.

The organic substance, a natural bi-product of fruits, vegetables, and grains, is 100 percent biodegradable.

how to clean dirt in grooves of hardwood floors

Application of commercial cleaners

There are developer-approved commercial floor cleaners available that are explicitly designed for hardwoods.

Spray your floor directly from the bottle and mop it. To avoid damage, do not allow the cleaning fluid to remain a long time process.

how to clean hardwood floors with vinegar

Commercial Cleaners

These products are primarily designed for use on cleaning heavily soiled hardwood floors. Often, they will come in a spray bottle.

With this commercial cleaner, you will spray it on the floor and then wipe it off with a mop or cloth. Other commercial cleaners come in a large bucket, and you may need to mix them with water before mopping.

When talking about this kind of cleaner, use the same rules as you use with water. Never leave liquid on the wood floor, because it could damage it.

If you use 10% of the original Windex with hot water, you will see excellent results.

Add in 4 inches of warm water 10% Windex in your bathtub. 

Take a 12 x 15 cotton hand towel and dip it. Make it sound so that the water does not drip when you hold it.

Place the towel on the floor:

Put a light broom in the middle of the towel, turn the towel’s front over the broom to hold it in place. Walk on the floor, slowly behind the wet cleaning path, moving the broom head to a clean section of the towel and then turning it to the clean side. Rinse the towel 2 or 3 times.

Do this each month. Clean up sticky spills quickly weekly with Windex and a damp paper towel. Here’s a link to Bruce’s wood floor cleaning tools.

Cherry Wood makes a subtly exotic look in their living space.

An individual should keep in mind cleaning cherry wood floors because it looks like cleaning some other wood flooring type.

To make your cherry wood flooring look its best, follow these simple rules.

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On average, you should sweep your clean Brazilian cherry wood floors at least once a week. Your best alternative will be to clean your cherry wood whenever it looks like you need it.

This will help prevent any considerable accumulation of dust and dirt while simultaneously preventing anything from getting into the corners, cracks, crevices, and wood joints.

It can be very unbearable to understand that you have swept the floor, but it still looks like a disaster because of the dirt that got into the cracks.

how to clean grime off hardwood floors

Dust mop

If you don’t already have a mop, you should go out and find one. A dust mop is essential to make your cherry wood floors look their best.

The reason for this is that a mop can help you grab something that has been lost during regular sweeping.

The mop’s smaller fibers can also proceed to places and locations where a regular broom cannot. You don’t need to use your dust mop much more than once a week.

cleaning heavily soiled hardwood floors


Since liquids are the nightmare of most wood floors, it can be overwhelming to assume that it is feasible to have cherry wood floors scrubbed.

When this is truly essential (and should be done at least once a month), the highlight you can make is to use something like Swiffer Wet-Jet for wood floors.

This will ensure that the wood floor is mopped and simultaneously limit the amount of liquid applied to the wood floor.


If you have a wood floor, you should also make sure it is sealed. Sealing will help secure the bottom from the usual wear and tear expected in a home.

If you have a sealed wood floor, it is recommended that you wax the floor every two or three months.

However, you will be the final judge of how the floor looks, so if you think it should be waxed, wax it.

Just make sure you use the right wax for your cherry wood floors (surprisingly, most polishes designed for hardwood floors will work) and follow the developer’s guidelines.

Keep Your Hardwood Floors like New Bona’s hardwood floor cleaner is the #1 choice of professionals. The non-residue formula is specially designed to be safe for floors, families, and the environment.

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cleaning heavily soiled hardwood floors

Deep cleaning of heavy dirt and grime buildup

Use a saturate a sponge mop with the cleaner, squeeze out excess liquid until the mop head is wet but not dripping, then mop three feet of the floor at a time in a circular motion.

Then, rinse the mop with fresh water, squeeze out the excess, and wet-mop the floor again to absorb the stubborn cleaner. Use a slow, clean towel to dry the floor.

If your floor has a brilliant finish, it is preferable to use a deep cleaning method in which the idea is to remove the old, dirty wax coating and reuse a new wax coating.

Wipe a clean cloth that has been surpassed in mineral spirits on two feet of the floor at a time, allowing the mineral spirits to settle for five minutes on each side before wiping with a new cloth subtly moistened with water, then dry thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth.

Does the correct deep clean hardwood floors routine every two years, whether or not you see dirt. When it’s clean, you may be impressed by the distinction.

how to clean old hardwood floors

It will rub off the water, ink, and pet stains.

Spots leave water, ink, or pet urine are the stubbornness’ stains.

Remove them from floors. Do it with penetrating finishes by subtly sanding the stain with extra fine sandpaper and then gently scrubbing with a thicker “00” level steel wool dipped in mineral spirits.

Wipe off the mineral spirits with a cloth dampened with water. Do all this with a dry cloth.

Apply solvent-based wood floor wax on your floor. Rub with a cloth slowly to polish and restore the shine to your floor.

Sandpaper and steel wool has the potential to degrade the finish of the area, so you will want to undertake these stains using only a hardwood floor cleaner, enclosed with a pad designed for floors with surfaced finished floors.

No wood flooring is 100% scratch-resistant, but it is essential to know which ones.

How to Clean Cherry Wood Floors: FAQ

What is the best thing to use to clean wood floors?

For a natural wood floor cleaner, use an everyday kitchen staple: vinegar. Studying to clean wood floors with vinegar will save you money and provide a safe cleaning procedure for your feet. 

Is cherry wood suitable for flooring?

Cherry is a beautiful wood, and, in addition to its relative softness, it is an incredible wood floor. When first installed, cherry hardwood floors have a light pink tone that turns deep red within six months to two years, relative to the house’s lighting.

Can you lighten cherry wood floors?

Use high-definition water-based polyurethane.

When you use a water-based polyurethane, such as Bona Traffic HD, you can significantly lighten the redness of your Brazilian cherry wood (or American cherry) wood floors.


The cleanliness of any floor is considerable. Nobody questions that this is fundamental in a visual aspect of your home or business. The base is considered to maintain fundamentally if it is cherry.

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