How to Paint Aluminum Gutters | 5 Steps To Follow

Owners of vinyl gutters are not used to having this concern. Vinyl gutters come pre-painted, selected to match/compliment the exterior tone of your living space. If the time comes to repaint them, doing so is subjectively simple. Aluminum gutters are a little different. This is why you will have to study about how to paint aluminum gutters.

On the other hand, this more significant distinction is to overcome the erroneous initiative that coloring aluminum gutters are quite rigorous to be a do-it-yourself job.

Beyond the fact that it takes a little more thought, elaboration, and effort, some owner with the slightest hint of talent for paint for gutters and fascia can achieve it.

All you need is the precise guide, and your old aluminum gutters can be edited to look like new, immediately progress the attractive exterior of your place of living.

Understanding how Paint aluminum gutters offer you a utility can help you make your gutters look better. Painting aluminum gutters can also help make your story more useful.

How to Paint Aluminum Gutters: What do I need?

Coloring your gutters is an easy, if not simple, job. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Sandpaper
  • Paint scraper
  • Sponges and scrubbing brushes
  • Soap and water
  • Brushes
  • A staircase
  • An oil-based metal primer or acrylic bonding primer
  • A satin or glossy enamel from oil
  • Painting from oil

Before proceeding to the paint store, you should take into account a few painting tips.

First, you must look for ammonia-free primers. Ammonia reacts with the aluminum to make a gas cover between the aluminum and the paint, creating a bubbling effect.

Occasionally, this bubbling will ruin your paint job. Avoid paint gutters or replace things after.

The paint should be a high-quality 100% acrylic paint and should not have ammonia, as ammonia can react with aluminum. 

Secondly, you should make sure your glazes are satin or glossy; as this will help your gutters repel water simply because they are not porous.

How to Paint Aluminum Gutters

Five steps to coloring your aluminum gutters

Decide if you need to remove the gutters for painting.

Before you do anything, you must decide on the feasible removal of your gutter system.

To begin with, if you are painting the entire system, suppression may not be customary.

You’ll probably do a better job of painting every nook and cranny looking great, but remember that your gutters hang well above the floor level of your house.

Will anyone notice a small patch on the undercarriage that didn’t receive a finished brush from that second cover?

Of course, when we talk about downspouts, it makes more sense since they run along the side of your house and have a huge aesthetic impact.

The same happens if you are painting one or two parts of the gutter system to correct the visual clash of previous damages in one sector so that the respective parts match with the rest.

Then there are those of you with a moderate to high fear of heights who shudder at the thought of spending all that time there painting an entire sewer system.

Here again, it makes sense to remove part by part and paint them in the safety of your grounds.

Conversely, you can do a more than satisfactory DIY rain gutter painting job while leaving them where they are on the roof of your house.

How to Paint Aluminum Gutters

Clean your gutters intensively with a pressure washing machine

Although several gutter experts can mention that using a pressure washer before coloring will work, performing it will only move some of the dirt, leaving a residue that may go unnoticed.

You end up painting over this residue, which will ultimately cause your uneven Paint job to bubble and peel after the next episode of severe weather.

Instead, fill a bucket with not too hot water, add a healthy dose of liquid dish soap, add a large sponge, and bring in a bristle scrubbing brush.

Proceed to scrub the gutters with a circular motion, cleaning away loose paint dirt and debris accumulating in the foam.

Once cleaned, inspect the gutters for protruding notches and scratches that will cause the brush to snag and leave a scratched facade.

Sand these spots with aluminum oxide or silicon carbide sandpaper. When your gutters are clean and smooth, you can elaborate them for painting.

The key to an exciting and long-lasting Paint job is the intensive cleaning of the gutters and downspouts first.

paint for gutters and fascia

Rinse the gutters

When you have cleaned the gutters intensively, rinse them with water.

If you can, climb safely onto the roof with a friend holding a ladder and spray down with a hose in the gutters to make sure any dirty water flows away from the channels instead of collecting in them.

Priming the gutters

If you want a durable Paint job is to prime the gutters before painting. Use an oil-based metal primer and apply it according to product standards.

Ensure your primer does not have ammonia since an ammonia primer could react with the aluminum and because gas bubbles between coats.

gutter spray paint

Place a correct primer.

Not all exterior paint house painting primers are the same. When it comes to aluminum rain gutters, choosing a clear acrylic bonding primer is a must.

This primer will penetrate the entire area of your gutters, ensuring complete coverage.

Allow at least two hours after cleaning, and proceed to view your rain gutters with the primer.

The next step is to use a primer on the gutters.

Beyond rubbing the gutters, and at the moment, you can see a painted cover over them. Indeed there are small holes in the paint.

The ammonia of the water-based products can react with aluminum oxide and cause future blistering problems.

Some great acrylic primers work very well: Perry & Derrick “Chalk-Tite Clear” (800-227-2468) and William Zinsser “Bulls Eye 123” (732-469-4367).

The oil-based primer should be diluted with a solvent. Read the instructions on the can of base paint and finished acrylic paint. They will tell you how long to let the primer dry.

It is not an acceptable initiative to wait much longer than suggested, or the finish coat will not adhere properly to the primer and will peel prematurely.

Are highlighters an acceptable initiative?

Two primers work well for discolored aluminum. Get the clear acrylic adhesive primer that is exposed now that penetrates the chalky aluminum. For discolored aluminum, the best option is to use two primers. Use an acrylic adhesive primer to penetrate the limestone aluminum. With this product, you get an excellent final coat of 100% acrylic paint base.

Place an oil-based glaze.
  • Within 48 hours after priming, you will want to use prominent oil-based gloss enamel on your gutters.
  • This is considerable to sustain an area conducive to agile rainwater flow.
  • When the first coat of enamel has dried, place a second coat just in case.
Place the correct paint for aluminum properties.

When the enamel has dried, it will be ready for coloring.

Your paint must be equal to your primer and enamel, so be sure to check with your hardware store manager when you pick up your cans.

Choose a high-quality 100% acrylic paint (without ammonia, which reacts with w/aluminum) for optimal results.

If you can find one with UV insurance, even better

Well-known brands such as Benjamin Moore from Behr will have satisfaction for you. Your next choice is whether to use a spray or choose the brushing procedure. Your selection will be based on your personal preferences.

If you take out the coloring gutters, spraying is indeed a light, simple and possible alternative. 

Otherwise, it merely depends on which procedure you find more laborious. You can use Sherwin Williams paint for aluminum gutters.

Both have the possibility of achieving optimal visual and functional results when done correctly.

paint gutters or replace

How to Paint Aluminum Gutters: FAQ

What kind of paint do you use on aluminum gutters?

Select a 100% acrylic paint of excellent quality. This paint must be free of ammonia since it can react badly with the aluminum area. You can even select a color with UV protection to reduce the dangers of sun damage. Be sure to take the primary precautions to avoid the paint coming in contact with other surfaces than the gutter.

How do you paint metal gutters?

It would help if you started by rubbing the old paint with a paint scraper. Rewash your clean gutters, and then use an oil-based metal primer on the channels.

Regardless of what you use, make sure there is no ammonia in it since “an ammonia primer could react with aluminum, causing gas bubbles to form between coats.”

After precisely two days have passed, you can use an enamel paint coating on the gutters. Add a second coat when the first one is dry.

Should you paint your gutters?

If today’s paint color in your gutters is not damaged or unsightly, it’s okay to keep them that way. On the other hand, those owners who like to see the outside of their homes complement and blend in with each other, coloring their gutters the same color as their roofs will give them the effect they’ve always hoped for.


Coloring the aluminum gutters can be a bit complicated if you do not have the right utilities. The best thing, at first, is to understand how to do it, so we bring you the simplest way to have success in coloring your gutter.

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