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Everyone in this age of technology and advancement wants to have a safe and secure home by every possible means, but it needs a premium price. So how can you get the unmonitored home security system in your affordable budget? Luckily, science and technology have made our lives pretty easier. The unmonitored systems provide us the advantages of monitored security systems with low costs. If unmonitored refers to distinctly unsafe, then think of it as the relatively best self-monitored home security systems. So if you want to know about, best unmonitored home security system, you come to the right place.

Reasons for Choosing an Unmonitored Home Security System

best unmonitored home security system

The monitored security system is an excellent source of peace of mind, but they are practical for every household. If you live in a secured gated apartment block or community, you won’t need a monitoring center. Still, you will need some motion sensors and a home security system with cameras to check what is going on in your surroundings.

Most people don’t want to spend more money on monthly monitoring and check on their valuables. So you can select the no monthly fee home security system that sends you alerts on your mobile phones and tablets. 

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Besides the benefits of having an unmonitored home security system, there are some disadvantages. If the service provider gives you a plan with 24/7 monitoring, it means that if you are at home, you have to be very careful and have to check your connected devices.

Another downside of the unmonitored home security system is that if you don’t have a trusted internet connection, you will not get the text alerts informing you that something will happen wrong. Mobile networks that offer cell networks usually come with pricy monthly packages.

Moreover, you can cut out the cost of middlemen and monthly fees with the self-monitored system in your homes.

Best Unmonitored Home Security Systems

best unmonitored home security system

Here we will discuss the costs and features of the best-unmonitored home security systems currently available in the market. 

Simple safe Home Security System

Simple Safe is well reputed and well known with monitored and as well as unmonitored home security options. The company offers its security equipment, as there is no interference of middlemen in it. The basic starter package provides you flood, fire, and carbon-monoxide monitoring options. Carbon monoxide sensors are an essential component of unmonitored home security systems, so; you should not compromise on them. Moreover, the Simple Safe option does not need a lengthy contract to be signed; that’s why it is the best in the view of most experts. 

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Adobe Home Security Starter kit

Adobe Home Security Starter kit is an example of a DIY home security system that offers no-frills wireless and is very easy to install.

These security system kits do not provide all the features of pricier and more advanced systems. Still, they are the favorite of most homeowners who are looking for immediate solutions. 

The significant disadvantage of this system is that the company charges their fees for their essential equipment for their price. These security systems offer limited customization on the bundled packages. You can pick equipment according to your need and choice at a fixed price. These companies also offer 14 days return warranty, instead of the 20 to 30 days that other well-reputed companies provide.

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I Smart Alarm Premium Package

The innovative Alarm home security system packages offer you a great variety of choices, as you can select a DIY solution, and you can easily upgrade and expand them according to your choice and budget. 

I Smart Alarm is not an item of Apple product, as the name shows, but there is an n assurance of its quality. The equipment offered in this system is top-notch and modern as well. Moreover, you don’t have to pay a premium on these systems, an affordable package and is available without signing lengthy documents and contracts. The downloaded app is available on most devices, and you can receive the alerts on your mobiles through Wi-Fi and 3G, which means that access, is effortless. However, as this app is not available on the web page, you can’t get the information on your computer.

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Canary All- in One Home Security system

The simplest of all unmonitored home security systems is the canary All- One home security system, as it is user-friendly and straightforward. It has a single gadget with 1080p HD video capture, motion detector, and several other features and devices in it. There are plenty of options for home automation, which you can get with the remote control via a mobile app. 

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The installation of Canary home security devices is easy and affordable, and if you want to modify your system, you can also do that with the payment of $10 per month. 

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Pros and Cons of Unmonitored Security Systems

Like monitored security systems, there are also pros and cons of the unmonitored security system. Let’s discuss a few of the advantages and disadvantages in detail.

Pros of Unmonitored Security System

Low monthly fees

If you monitor your home by yourself, you don’t have to pay monthly fees to any other person. The systems like Nest, Adobe charge you a one-time fee only when installing equipment. 

No middlemen involved

In the professionally installed monitoring system, the sensors trigger, the monitoring center receives alerts, now your professional installers will call you in the emergency. Unmonitored security systems cut the cost for intermediaries, thus allows you to check the devices yourself.


As there is no involvement of middlemen, the system offers a high level of privacy. So any third party cannot interfere in monitoring feeds through the internet and the data shared by servers.

No penalties for false alarms

As the false alarms involve the fire crews and police come in emergencies in some cities, the self-monitored security system permits you to notice the situation before calling anyone for help.

Ease in transportation

The great advantage of the unmonitored security system is that it is easy to transfer from one place to another, thus providing rentals. Installation of these systems is easy, and you don’t have to inform the monitoring center about your new address, and you don’t have to pay fees to monitoring management for their service. As this system is 100% without wires, so it is easy to install.

On the other hand, some insurance companies give you up to 20% discounts if you use the monitored security system.

Cons of Unmonitored Security System

The un-monitored security system is less safe

The major drawback of the un-monitored security system is that it can deter criminals and inform you about intruders but cannot stop them from doing so. So it is best to use the security cameras and the blaring sirens to get rid of professional burglars. The home security systems are an excellent tool for invaluable home improvement, as more than two million home burglaries occur annually. The thieves can easily target 300 % more homes. 

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Less convenient

Another disadvantage of the un-monitored security system is that you will get the alert on your phone and call the police by yourself when the system goes off. This will not be the situation if you have monitored the security system in your home. 

Limited connections:

In the unmonitored security system, the reliability for connection is the same as with your phone. Software clashes, dead zones, and battery failures can cut the link to your security systems. While traveling, if you don’t have an internet connection, your system will not tell you about the emergency in your home.

Therefore unmonitored security systems are better than having no security systems at all. The unmonitored security system creates a gap in your home security; for that reason, people like to choose monitored security systems than un-monitored security systems.   

Best Unmonitored Home Security System: FAQs

What is the best home security system without a monthly fee?

Simple safe Adobe, Ring and Ario are the best home security system without monthly fees offered by most companies.

Can I use Simple Safe without monitoring?

You can use Simple Safe without monitoring, to a limited extent, as a self-monitored local alarm.

Can you get ADT without monitoring?

Yes! You can get ADT without monitoring. As long as you don’t owe ADT for any signed contract, you should be able to cancel the monitoring service, and then you can use it as an unmonitored local system. It depends on the definition of self-monitoring.


The significant disadvantage of an unmonitored home security system is that you have to regularly check the devices in the system in case of an emergency. And if something happens wrong, you have to call the emergency services by yourself. They might take a long time to come in for help; that’s why opting for the unmonitored security system is not a good choice. On the other hand, you can get peace of mind, alarm control panels, intelligent lights, window sensors, and cellular backups with monitored systems with professional installation.

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