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Many people commonly wonder how to cut marble tile?

Marble tiles are useful when carrying out creation or to add more beauty to a building in prominence. When adding beauty to your room, it can seem expensive to hire a professional to do the cutting, while you can easily do it yourself. Are you amazed? If so, then you shouldn’t be.

Marble tiles look good in a bathroom or kitchen, but sometimes it is feasible to require a smaller portion of tile to fill a space. Beyond the fact that ceramic tiles can mark and break, marble must be cut entirely or else it will break. You can use a wet saw to carry out straight lines or an angle grinder to carry out curves as long as you have a diamond blade. When you make the cuts, you can perform marble tiles of the size you need.

Cutting a tile is not as simple a task as it looks. However, it takes quite a bit of work to be a professional ceramic tile cutter, and some focused utility is required to perform it correctly.

At this point, we will understand that cutting tile with a Dremel is an excellent thing. These products offer good support and leave professional results.

While the tile cutter glass is separate

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Cutting Mosaic Tile with a Wet Saw

Today, the technology has gone so far that it has already reached outer space. We currently have different utilities to fill some tasks, such as we have a tile cutting saw to give shape to the tiles.

With the different tile cutting saws, you can protect many tiles. But marble tiles are the most challenging member of the tile family. And with a regular tile cutting saw, you can’t handle marble tile.

To cut marble tile, you require nothing more than a wet cut marble with a tile saw. But it is not so simple to get the special cut even with the wet tile saw. It takes patience to be a master at cutting tile and requires some catching techniques.

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How to Cut Marble Tile

How to Cut Marble Tile: Some Utilities you will need are

Diamond wet saw blade or angle grinder.

Measuring tape


Safety Glasses


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The steps to carry out a successful cut are

Step 1:

At first, you should make sure that your wet tile saw is acceptable for swinging. Check your blade and other parts to make sure they are suitable. Most importantly, check the water system of the wet tile saw.

how to cut marble by hand
Step 2:

Always try to use a novel, sharp blade to cut tile in bulk because a blade with a blunt edge is the culprit in chipping the tile. If you reveal that your wet tile saw has a blunt blade, change it before continuing this development.

Step 3:

After checking all the pieces, connect your saw to the electrical outlet.

Step 4:

At this point, mask the marble tile paper you need to cut with the tape. And make a mark on the tile for a cutting line that you will continue.

how to cut marble tile without chipping
Step 5:

In this step, put the marble mosaic on the saw table and gently insert the mosaic into the saw.

  • Six things to keep in mind to get a clear cut
  • Use only a wet tile saw to achieve a splinter-free cut.
  • Use marks on the tile to achieve a straight cut.
  • Make sure your saw’s water system is working properly. If required, fill the water tank with a batch of cold water.
  • Do not feed the saw so quickly. Otherwise, you will end up with a broken tile.
  • Always use a sharp blade on your wet tile saw.
  • Make sure the tile is against the saw table.
  • It is essential to note that you must make a regular round before cutting the beautiful marble tile. Don’t cut training. Otherwise, you are liable to ruin your part of the job.
how to cut and polish marble

Some tips you should take before Practicing this are

Choose a diamond blade for your saw or angle grinder. Diamond blades have a harder edge, making it possible to grind hard materials such as stone or marble. Buy a blade for a wet saw or angle grinder, depending on what you plan to use.

It would help if you were looking for some diamond blades at your local hardware store.

The volume of your sheet depends on the model of your machine. Consult the standards manual to see what size sheet you need

Mark the line you are cutting on the tile with a pencil.

Place a ruler on top of your tile and trace around the edge with a pencil to mark it. The mark will not fade when you use a wet saw and can be easily removed from the tile when you are finished.

If you are making a curved cut, use a compass to mark a specific circle.

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cutting marble tile with angle grinder

Wear safety glasses, earplugs, and a respirator

Cutting marble raises a lot of dust, so protect your eyes, nose, and mouth. Since the use of the saw or angle grinder will be noisy, put on earplugs to not damage your hearing.

Most hardware stores have to carry all the safety equipment you need.

You can wear work gloves if you want to, but they are not necessary.

The subway marble tiles are incredibly delicate. They are products that only a professional should take care of so that the work is correct.

cutting marble tile dremel

Cutting tiles by hand with a hammer and Hardie

Old is gold. And these expressions are also valid for mosaic cutting techniques.

Although science has advanced a lot and has a few procedures to cut a tile simply, the hand has made the most effective and precise cuts.

What utilities do you need to carry out this cut?

  • Y” hammers
  • Hardie is a type of blade pin that is studded in wood.
Step 1:

In the beginning, you must make a mark on the tile to get the precise cutting line. You can use a pencil or marker to do this.

Step 2

Then, use tape on the marble tile to keep them together.

Step 3

At this point, put the tile in the Hardie correctly.

Step 4

Tap delicately with the hammer on the tile. This way, the sliced marble is in your hand, ready to be placed on your bathroom wall.

Cutting mosaic tiles with the chopper

This is also a manual tile cutting technique. And you have to continue the same step that I have described before for the hand and the Hardie.

Since a helicopter has a blade mechanism in the same way as the fort, it does not require any further procedures to be carried out if you already followed the steps above.

However, a helicopter comes with a flywheel that is capable of working at enormous agility. And it can cut the mosaic simply and precisely.

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Cutting mosaics with tweezers

However, if you will do a manual cutting operation on small pieces of mosaic, you should use a tweezers instead of an expensive tile cutter. You can also use this clamp to cut the corner of your mosaic.

However, if you need to cut the usual size ceramic tile, you should choose the tile cutter. Well, omit this for the moment because this cutter cannot protect your challenging mosaic.

Cutting mosaics with a tweezer is not that complicated. Select the edge of the tile you want to split and press it under the tweezers’ blades.

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How to Cut Marble Tile: FAQ

Can marble be cut with a tile saw?

While ceramic tiles can be cut and, marble requires to be cut entirely or else it will break. You have the possibility of using a wet saw to carry out straight lines or an angle grinder to carry out curves, while you have a diamond blade. When you make your cuts, you can get marble tiles of some size that you require.

What is the preferable way to cut marble?

You can use a regular circular saw, equipped with a diamond blade, to wet cut your marble. Since this will be a difficult job and you will need your garden hose, you will want to work outdoors. Protect your marble slab by placing it on a 2-inch plate.

How do you cut marble tile without chipping?

Try wrapping the tile to be cut with tightly rolled masking tape a few times, then mark the tape to be cut with a pencil. Then use the wet cutter with plenty of water and do not press hard. Let the paper do its job.


To cut this kind of material, it is always ideal to call an expert; however, you can do it yourself, under your commitment. This kind of material generally tends to be very special. One of the best ways to cut these things is by cutting marble tile Dremel. The best blade for cutting marble tile is the Dremel one. This one leaves the exact and effective cut.

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