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The usual procedure for programming a garage door opener, whether installed in a garage or a car, is the remote control. What if you don’t have remote control and want to program the garage door opener from your vehicle? A quick solution is to reset the transmitter in the vehicle’s electronic keypad. At this point, we know that this solution seems vague. In this article, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to program garage door opener in-car without remote if this is the issue.

How to Program Garage Door Opener in-car Without Remote

Program Garage Door Opener in-car Without Remote

If you want to program your garage opener without remote control, you need to master the following steps.

Choose a remote control that suits your needs.

  • It can be an electronic keypad mounted in the car, but you should find a small control box in the car for simplicity.
  • This is similar to the main control box of a garage door opener.
  • It is usually located next to the rearview mirror or in front of the driver’s seat. It has four arrows and an LED indicator in the middle or on the side of the arrow.

Checking the control panel

  • For better orientation, compare the position of the arrows, the function of the LED indicators, and the function of the control panel radio.
  • If you have instruction manuals handy, it will be easier for you to familiarize yourself with the control panel and understand what the buttons and arrows mean.

Getting started with programming

  • To begin programming, locate the “Learn” or “Program” button on the garage door opener.
  • It is located on the back of the unit and is available in yellow, red, orange, or purple. Press the learn button and the arrow on the small control panel at the same time.
  • Press the button firmly for at least 3 seconds to clear all programmed settings.
  • The LED should light up for a few seconds and then turn off. When the indicator goes off, it means that all settings have been cleared.

Restoring the default settings

  • To do this, you must return to the garage door opener and enter the default code. Once the code has been set, the keypad will light up.
  • When the garage door responds, press the arrow on the vehicle.
  • You can also test this by parking your vehicle a few meters away from the garage door.
  • When parked in the driveway, press the up arrow button on the vehicle and check that the garage door responds.
  • If they do, make a note of when the garage door opens so you know when to push it into the driveway when you arrive.
  • If the programming were successful, you would need an additional level of security, so a new code will need to be set.

How do I Transfer the Garage Door Opener Remote Control Program to my Car?

Transfer the Garage Door Opener Remote Control Program to my Car

If you have a remote control but don’t want to use it to open your garage door, you can transfer the program to a miniature control box in your car.

Follow these steps

  • First, park your car in the garage or near the main control box of the garage door opener.
  • Look on the inside of the car roof and find the button you want to control. There are usually three buttons available. The LED indicator is usually located above the second button and should be off.
  • Now press both buttons simultaneously and hold them for 10 seconds to reset the device.
  • Release the button as soon as the LED starts flashing.
  • Then take the remote control in your hand and select the button you want to replace.
  • Aim the remote control at the control box and press the buttons simultaneously.
  • Then press and hold the replacement button on the remote control and press the replacement button on the Mini Control Box.
  • The LED on the Mini Control Box should flash slowly and then speed up until it is steady.
  • Once the display has stabilized, release both buttons. The display should then turn off.
  • Now press the fuse button again.
  • It should turn red when the button is pressed and turn off when the button is released. If this is the case, test it in your vehicle.

How do I Program a Linear Garage Door for my Car?

Linear Garage Door for my Car
  • Hold the transmitter near the selected button while simultaneously pressing the garage door remote control button and the transmitter button of the selected vehicle.
  • Press and hold the buttons until the vehicle’s LED light starts flashing rapidly.

How to program a HomeLink garage door opener without a remote control?

HomeLink garage door opener without a remote control

When you learn how to program a garage door opener in-car without a remote, you may be working with a rolling code garage door opener.

This means that, as a security measure, the code automatically changes after each use. It’s like putting a new lock on with a different key every time you leave your home.

Most modern devices use rolling codes.

  • Genie’s rolling codes are called Intellicode, and Lift master/Sears’ is called Security Plus.
  • Make sure you have locked the vehicle and removed the key from the ignition.
  • In most cases, if the door is open or the key is in the ignition, your attempts to program the HomeLink garage door opener without a remote will not be successful.
  • Therefore, first, make sure that the door is closed, and the key is removed.

Deleting previous programs

  • Next, you must delete the remaining factory programs.
  • To do this, press and hold both buttons on the outside of your vehicle’s HomeLink system at the same time.
  • Keep pressing until the LEDs on your vehicle start flashing rapidly.
  • This may take up to 1 minute.

Program the selected button as the garage door transmitter on your vehicle.

  • This step programs the HomeLink system. Press and hold the desired HomeLink button and transmitter button at the same time.
  • Press both buttons simultaneously until the HomeLink LED flashes significantly faster.
  • Note that the indicator light should blink slowly until programmed.

Press the button to learn the code

  • Now connect the vehicle transmitter to the garage door opener as if it were a new opener.
  • Locate the code learning button on the garage door opener.
  • This button is usually located near where the motorhead connects to the flex antenna.
  • On a Genie opener, it is usually located behind the illuminated panel.
  • On a Sears or LiftMaster opener, it is located near or as part of the screw terminal. When you find the button, press it briefly.
  • When the button is pressed, the indicator light comes on.
  • In most cases, it is red. When the indicator light starts flashing, you should complete the programming process within 30 seconds.
  • If it is a Genie system, press the transmitter button three to four times for the vehicle you programmed earlier.
  • If it is a Sears, LiftMaster, or Linear Megacode system, press and hold the button you programmed until the light on the garage door opener begins to blink.
  • It would help if you kept pressing the button until the garage door works through the gate systems.

Testing the system

Now it’s time to test the system.

To find out if you have programmed the remote as required, press the programmed button and see if the garage door opens and closes. If so, you have done so. If not, repeat these steps.

How do I program the HomeLink and garage door opener?

HomeLink and garage door opener
  • Select the button you want to use to open your garage door and the remote control for the garage door opener on your HomeLink.
  • Ensure there are no obstacles, people, or animals blocking the garage door as it will move during the programming process.
  • Press and hold the button on the remote control while pressing the button on your HomeLink that you want to open the garage door.
  • The HomeLink indicator starts flashing slowly and then flashes quickly. When it flashes quickly, release the HomeLink button and the garage door opener remote button.
  • Locate the Learn or Program button (PGRM) on the garage door opener remote control.
  • Press and hold the Learn or Program button until the smaller LED lights up.
  • Release the PGRM or Learn button and the larger LED begins to flash.
  • Press the HomeLink button you want to use to operate the garage door opener three times (hold each button for one second). On the fourth press, the door should open.
  • This means that your garage door opener’s HomeLink programming has been successful.

How do I program my garage door?

program my garage door

To properly program your garage door for your car, follow our previous steps.

Step 1

  • First, press the learn button on the back of the garage door opener.
  • (If you are using a Liftmaster machine, the learning button on the back of the machine is square. This also applies to the Craftsman, Liftmaster, and Chamberlain machines.
  • Their learning buttons are square and usually yellow, red-orange, or purple.
  • If you are using a Genie machine, the button will be labeled “Learn Button.” Press the button once briefly but firmly.
  • Do not keep the button pressed. This will clear all programming on the device, so you will have to reprogram all of your current remotes, which is not ideal.

Step 2

  • Quickly press and hold the button on the remote control for a few moments.
  • If your car has a button, you will need the help of someone else to press that button.

Step 3

  • It only takes a second to program the remote control with your device.
  • When the device receives the code, the light on the device will flash briefly, and you will hear a click.

How do I connect my garage door to my car?

connect my garage door to my car
  • First, locate the garage door opener control panel on your car.
  • It is located above the driver’s seat or near the cars other main controls on most models.
  • As mentioned above, your control panel may have several different buttons. One of them may be labeled “Program” or something similar.
  • If your control panel has a “program button” (or something similar), press and hold it for a few seconds until the light flashes, or as described in your owner’s manual.
  • Once you have entered your key, the control panel should be ready to accept a new key code or automatically connect to a nearby garage door opener.
  • Ensure your car is parked in the garage to ensure the opener is connected to the correct garage door control.
  • In some cases, while performing the above steps, you may also need to press the programming button on the garage door controller, perhaps simultaneously, to make the connection.
  • Again, we recommend that you consult the owner’s manual for your vehicle and garage door opener for more information on programming procedures.
  • After programming the new code or connecting the control panel to the garage door opener, let the key rest for a few seconds.
  • After a few seconds, you can test the program by pressing the button on the remote control and trying to open the garage door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reset my garage door keypad without a password?

If you don’t have a password yet, you can easily reset your garage door keypad’s password. Whenever you have the opportunity, you can replace the garage door opener’s motor.

The process is simple, and you can drive in and out of your garage without any problems afterwards.

Can I use my smartphone as a garage door opener?

The garage door opener and your smartphone communicate with each other through your router and home Wi-Fi settings.

When you use your phone to control your garage door, your phone sends a signal to the garage door opener through your router.

Does HomeLink work with older garage door openers?

HomeLink works with almost all garage door openers and gates.

Can’t I find the “Learn” button on my garage door opener?

The learn button on garage door openers is located on the antenna cable that drops down from the motorhead and possibly under the light cover. The learn button is green, red/orange, purple, or yellow.

Where is the learn button located on my garage door opener?

There is usually a “learn code” button on the back of the garage door opener in front of the garage door.

 The learn button may be located under the light glass.

Does HomeLink work with all garage door openers?

HomeLink will work with almost all garage door openers and garage door openers.

Can I use my iPhone as a garage door opener?

If you have an iPhone, you can say goodbye to carrying and using a classic garage door opener.

Use the Open Sesame iPhone garage door opener app to connect a small Bluetooth device to your garage door control panel and sync its frequency with your iPhone via the Open Sesame app.

Is there a universal remote control for garage door openers?

There are universal remotes for garage door openers that can be programmed for the most common brands of garage door openers.

The universal remote comes with a light switch to turn on the lights in your garage or house.

Can I use any garage door opener?

The Universal Garage Door Opener can be programmed to open one or two garage doors.

If the Universal Garage Door Opener is equipped with a light switch, it will also turn on the lights in the garage or house.

If you have a new garage door opener but don’t know the exact model, a universal opener may be sufficient.


We possess all the information necessary to decipher the riddle; how to program garage door opener in-car without a remote. If you know how to connect a garage remote to your car, you know that this can be a fairly quick and easy process.

However, each manufacturer may have instructions for programming their products, so you should first consult the owner’s manual.

Fortunately, most modern manufacturers facilitate standard programming of these components, so if your garage door opener ever fails to connect to your car, you can quickly reconnect it. We hope this article has clarified to you “How to Program Garage Door Opener in-car Without Remote.”

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