How to Program Garage Door Opener | A Step By Step Guide


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The garage door opener is a great facility that helps to schedule the opening and closing of the door with a little effort. This method of controlling the garage door is very convenient as it allows you to enter the garage easily without remembering and entering a certain code. However, you may get confused on the question, “how to program the garage door opener?”

In this article, you would encounter the best ways to program the garage door openers. Such awareness is crucial for you as there may be an alarm of breaking the remotes, wind up the loss, or wind up stealing. In any such case, you should know how to program the remote for getting in or out of the garage. So, let’s dive deep to explore all about the query, “how to schedule the garage door opener?”

What is Real Magic?

Before knowing anything about the programming of garage door opener, you should have a grip on the way of its working.

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The garage door opener and its remote have a deep connection, and we may say, ‘they talk to each other.’ Yes, they talk to each other through the radio frequencies. A signal is sent to the door opener whenever you press the remote’s ‘open’ button. The door receives the radio signals and operates to open the door. The same is in the case of the closure of the gate. This is ‘how the garage door opener works.’

Any damage to the remote controller, breaking, loss, or any other problem may leave you in a problematic situation. However, every problem has a certain remedy, and the same is in the case of the door opener. If you know how to overcome this situation, it is not a problem for you. 

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How to Program Garage Door Opener

how to program garage door opener

What is required?

Programming of the garage door opener does not require a long list of tools. You can do it with just a few things. 

  • You should have access to the door opener physically, as it is compulsory in the programming process. Mostly, it is installed in the garage ceiling, and you can access the opener with the help of a ladder. 
  • The second requirement of this task is the remote that you are going to program now. It should be identical to the lost one. 

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How to Proceed?

Once you have met the requirements of the programming process, the next step is to proceed with this process properly. Here is a step-by-step guide for this easy process. 

Verify the New Remote Brand

Check out the new remote that you are going to program, and make sure that it belongs to the same brand as was the previous one. Keep in mind that the remote meant for a ‘Lift Master’ opener will not work for the ‘Genie’ opener. Mostly, the openers and remote controllers operate on special frequencies, but they use different information. This fact demands the remote of the same brand. 

Climb Up on the Ladder

After verifying the remote model and brand, carefully climb up the Ladder to properly examine the garage door opener. 

Find out the ‘Learn’ Button

When you have reached the door opener, locate the “learn” button on it. You can find this button on the same as is the opener’s antenna. This button may be green, orange, red, purple, or yellow. No other color option would be there. 

All the latest models of garage openers have inserted this feature. So, inspect it properly. If you do not encounter it take off the light cover of the opener, you will surely find it there. 

Press the ‘Learn’ Button until Its Blinking

Once you have inspected and located the “learn” button, press and hold it until the small LED beside the learn button starts to blink. 

Press the ‘Open’ Button from Remote

When the opener starts flashing, press the open button from the remote controller of your garage. Ensure that the gap between pressing the ‘learn’ button from the opener and the ‘open’ button from the garage door remote is no more than 30 seconds. After this time, the remote would not be programmed properly. The LED indicator will turn off after pressing and releasing the ‘open’ button. 

Press the ‘Open’ Button Again After One Minute

Let the opener work for at least one minute, and it will process the programming in this one minute. Then press the ‘open’ button from the remote once more to test whether the programming is successful or not. If the door operator lights start blinking and the door opens, you have successfully programmed your new remote for your opener. If it does not work properly, you have to follow some more simple steps. 

Specific Instructions for Garage Opener

The above guidelines are valid for some general or minor processes, but if your opener does not work with this procedure, you must follow some specific instructions further. 

Contact the Manufacturer

If the procedure mentioned above fails to process the opener, find out your manufacturer manual. Proceed according to the manual’s directions; in case it also fails to work, contact the manufacturer for proper assistance. 

Contact the Professional Garage Door Master

Suppose you fail to program your door opener by following the learn-open procedure or proceeding as the manufacturer’s instructions. In that case, the option left is only to call the professional garage door opener master. Their service would surely be valid to program your new remote control for the garage opener. 


Mostly, the garage openers have the ‘learn’ button on them and the ‘open’ button on their respective remote. However, in some cases, there would be a ‘program’ button on the openers. Don’t get confused by this problem, as these buttons are identical to the ‘learn’ button. The same may be in the case of remote controllers. 

How to Program Garage Door Opener: FAQ’s 

How do you reprogram a garage door opener?

It is easy to program the garage door opener. If you lose your garage door’s remote control and want to program the door opener with another remote, follow these easy steps.

  • Make sure that the new remote of the opener is identical to the lost one. After confirming this, proceed further. 
  • Please find out the garage opener, mostly it’s held in the ceiling. 
  • Climb up the Ladder and get contact with the opener.
  • Lay bare it and try to find out the ‘learn’ button on it. 
  • Usually, this button comes in yellow, red, orange, green, or purple colors.
  • If you don’t find it on the opener, take off its light cover as the button may be located there. 
  • You will encounter an orange, red, yellow, or green colored button followed by a small LED light. 
  • Press and hold it for a few sec. 
  • Release the ‘Learn’ button when the LED starts blinking. 
  • Now, grab the remote and find the ‘Open’ button on it. 
  • Press that button and release it when the ‘Learn’ button’s LED stops blinking.
  • Keep in mind that you have to press the ‘Open’ button from the remote within 30 seconds after releasing the ‘Learn’ button. 
  • After the small LED stops blinking, the door’s operator lights would start blinking. 
  • Wait for one minute and press the ‘Open’ button again. 
  • It will surely open your garage door. 
  • If you fail to open the door with this procedure, call the manufacturer or any professional door programmer. 

How do I program a second garage door opener remote?

There is no option to identify how your previous door opener remote control has been configured. First, you will need to identify if your product has a ‘Program/Learn’ button. Once you have determined how your first garage door opener was configured, follow the programming instructions mentioned above. 

How do you program an Overhead garage door opener?

Here is how to program the Overhead Garage door opener.

  • Make sure that your overhead door garage opener is appropriately installed. 
  • Also, confirm that its limits and horse profile have been set.
  • You have to program one button on the remote to the ‘Overhead Garage Door Opener.’
  • Start by clicking over the main menu. Press and hold the square push-button until you see the blue LED lights turned on. 
  • Release the square button, and you will see only the short blue LED now. 
  • Then press and release the same button to enter the new program menu. You’ll see a short purple blinking LED.
  • From your remote, press the button you have already programmed to the Overhead.
  • Your remote will have been able to program the ‘overhead door garage opener.’
  • Here, you’ll see the short and long purple LED blinking, which means you have successfully set the remote control for the ‘Overhead Garage Door Opener.’ 

How do you program a LiftMaster garage door opener?

The LiftMaster Garage Door Opener follows the same method as discussed above. Locate the LiftMaster garage door opener and follow the same process. 

How do you program a garage door opener without a remote?

You cannot program the garage door opener without a remote. However, you can use the remote transmitter to reset the garage door opener buttons inside your car. Also, you can use the electronic keypad to control the door without a remote. Press the arrow and the program buttons simultaneously in the case of the electronic keypad. This would lead you to control the garage door opener without a remote controller. 


“To Err Is Human,” so one may lose his/her garage remote control or it may break, but it is not a matter of great wonder. Every problem has a remedy, and the remedy for the lost remote controller of the garage door opener is to program a new remote for it. You can accomplish this by following the above discussed simple, step-by-step, and easy method. Hopefully, this guide would be beneficial to solve your query, ‘how to program the garage door opener?’

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