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Stain on cloth or anywhere else is always difficult to remove. Stain on fiberglass doors is likewise complicated. However, removing the stain from fiberglass doors is a requirement as a stain on doors ruins the attraction of the doors. There is a various method of how to remove stain from fiberglass door? But before explaining the hacks to remove the stain, you need to know how to sustain the door after cleaning it. Because you will somehow remove the stain but, to maintain it, you need to know the causes of stain on fiberglass of fiberglass doors they have become more in demand. That’s the reason many people are keen to know how to remove stains from fiberglass doors.

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Therefore today we will solve this complication and tell you some amazing hacks to move stain from fiberglass doors. But first, let’s focus on the causes that ruin the fiberglass doors.

Causes of Stain on Fiberglass Door

Stain can also be in the form of glass corrosion. Hence there can be many causes of stain. However, some special causes result in stain invasion.

  • The most common cause of stain on fiberglass door is water. After cleaning, the surface of the fiberglass door is not dried well. That results in a stain on the surface.
  • Regularly, keeping moisture on the surface increase the magnesium and calcium minerals. That ultimately enhances the stain.
  • Fiberglass doors in the shade of sunlight more frequently get stained. That is because sunlight contains minerals like calcium which promotes the stain.
  • Sometimes stain is the by-product of time. With time these doors get stained.
How to Remove Stain from Fiberglass Door

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How to Remove Stain from Fiberglass Door

There are some techniques for removing the stain from fiberglass. You need to read them all and implement them smartly.

How to remove wood stain from fiberglass

Homemade Stain Remover

Removing stain from homemade cleaner sounds impossible. But it’s possible to remove the stain from a homemade stain cleaner. You need to have the following ingredients;

  • The process of making this stain cleaner is pretty much straightforward. Just add baking soda in the vinegar with some warm water in the bowl or mix until a paste is formed. After that, apply it over the stained surface and leave it for 10-12 hours. Optimal drying conditions are between 50° to 90° F and between 30% to 70% humidity.
  • Then remove it by using a soft cloth; you will observe that the mixture absorbs the stain. Apply this hack on a routine basis, and you will have admiring results.


Acetone can also remove the stain. It is interesting to know the process of vanishing the stain using Acetone. But, removing the stain with Acetone, you need to learn the precaution before applying stain on fiberglass doors.

Process and Precautions

There is some prevention before using Acetone. Acetone can sometimes harm the fiberglass’s surface; therefore, apply a few drops to test whether it’s applicable or not.

After testing and making clear your consequence, you can apply few drops on the infected stain area and rub over it; as you continue the rubbing, the stain starts vanishing. If the stain isn’t removing, you can apply some more acetone.

Paint and Gel Stain

Paint and gel stain coating is essential for fiberglass doors. Both the coatings do not remove the stain but can act as a cover on the stain. For coats of paint, quality paint and other paint related problems you can as paint store employees. However, removing the paint or gel stain is a critical issue.

How to Remove Peeling Paint and Gel Stain?

  • Removing peeling paint and gel stain both are different scenarios. The best solution for removing paint from fiberglass doors is by a stripper. Methylene Chloride removes the paint but is currently banned for use as a paint remover. However, there are many other strippers in markets that can remove paint quite easily.
  • For gel stain removing you can use a stripper. However, for removing gel stain from wood, you need to put on your gloves and put some effort into removing the stain. This process requires some exercise.

How to Remove Paint from Glass?

  • Removing paint from anything is very difficult, and when it comes to Glass, the situation is almost the same complicated. Nevertheless, there are some tricks to remove paint from the Glass.
  • There are many paint-removing products in markets that can be helpful. However, this is not the permanent solution. The best possible solution to remove the paint is a homemade paint remover.
  • You will need a liquid dishwasher, a soft cloth, warm water, a bowl, and a safety razor. Mix the dishwasher detergent with warm water in a bowl. The detergent plays a vital role. Soak the soft cloth into the mixture are start rubbing on the Glass. After that, rinse it with a cloth. Again apply the solution and then use the razor safety to remove the paint. The paint will start to scratch.

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Mistakes you need to avoid:
  • There are some specific mistakes that you need to avoid before using any hack of removing the stain. The first mistake to avoid is to select the area where the stain is invading so that another surface of the door is not wasted.
  • Other than that, you can keep your fiberglass door away from the sunlight’s shade, enhancing the stain you can refrain from it. While using stripper, you need to keep in mind that the stain you are using is good for the fiberglass door. 
  • Other than that, methylene chloride stripper is banned all over the USA because it is illegal to use for paint removal purposes. So, you need to stay away from that kind of stripper to remove stains.

Key Suggestion

  • Fiberglass doors are durable, reliable, and use in every house. But, with a period, stain invades. Hence, stained doors are never accepted in houses as they ruin the beauty. Therefore to remove the stain you, need to implement hacks that suit you. But the main thing is that does implement the hack of removing the stain is enough? Or do you need something else for your fiberglass doors? Yes, you require something that is extra care. 
  • Clean the doors daily to increase their life span. Keep the fiberglass doors away from the water surface to avoid stains because water enhances the magnesium and calcium, which increases the glass corrosion.
  • Other than the vital suggestion to remove paint is through stripper. But, the stripper needs to be of good quality and highly pigmented. 
  • You can use oil-based saint for your fiberglass doors. Oil-based paints are best to use for hard paint surfaces. That’s why latex enamel being an oil-based paint, is best to coat on a fiberglass door.
  • For removing the stain from wood, use a knife to scratch. That needs some exercise of arms to remove the stain from the wood. 
  • Read the information carefully from causes to hacks and from hacks to precaution and use the required method for removing stains or paints.
  • Fiberglass doors are sustaining and reliable due to their durability. So, removing the stain from these doors was an issue that needs a proper solution. 
  • Therefore all the possible solutions are available in this article for your ease.

How to Remove Stain from Fiberglass Door: FAQs

What stain do you use on fiberglass doors?

You can use the stain on fiberglass doors. The stain must be of high quality. Oil-based stains are preferred. However, there are many types of stain that you can use on fiberglass doors. The kinds of stains are 

  • Gel Stain
  • Oil-based Stain
  • Exterior Stain

Gel and oil-based stains are best to use on fiberglass doors—however, exterior statin use exists outside in case of sunlight issues.

How do you refinish a faded fiberglass door?

Refinish the fading fiberglass door is a critical issue. You can use a tripper to refinish the faded fiberglass door. The painting also refinishes a faded fiberglass door. But, the best possible way to refinish a fiberglass door is a water-based stripper. 

Can I use wood stain on fiberglass?

No, you can’t apply wood stain on fiberglass. Wood saints are best for woods only. But, the best wood stain is a gel stain. The gel stain makes the door crystal clear.


The main topic of focus in the article was how to remove stain from fiberglass doors? But, many vital aspects of the related question are all covered. Removing the stain from the fiberglass doors is not a big deal. The hacks for removing the stain are easy to implement. You only need to choose a method that suits you and use it for removing the stain. Removing the paint and coating was a tricky issue. The stripper can remove the paint quite well. However, certain precautions explained above must be kept in mind while using stripper. For coating purposes, the best paint is latex enamel paint. Hope you have learned how to remove stain from fiberglass door.

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