Type of Lights under the Hood in Commercial Kitchens | Top 5 Types


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Commercial kitchens use a structure specially manufactured for mass food production. They also have safety features that residential kitchens do not have. Commercial kitchens incorporate safety screens and finger guards. It is crucial to have good essential lighting in the commercial cooking appliance. The commercial vent hood needs to have low power consumption. It would help if you also considered the safety aspect. This is the case of extractor hoods in restaurants where their use is more constant. It is necessary to find a way that its design allows it to be used commercially. In this article, I will be discussing the type of lights under the hood in commercial kitchens.

Any kitchen appliance is essential, and so are its elements. But let’s talk about lighting. In any commercial kitchen, proper lighting will provide greater peace of mind and safety to those who use it. You should take this care of regardless of the type of hood.

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Compared to incandescent lamps, LED lamps not only save almost half the energy but also last longer. Studies have shown that LED lamps reduce energy demand by a higher percentage. In turn, they have a longer service life. Also, they emit less heat. This is essential in a busy commercial kitchen.

For one thing, you’ll save a lot of money on electricity. LED lamps, unlike CFL lamps, do not contain mercury, which is difficult to dispose of. If you want to use LEDs to light your hood, make sure the LED lamps are listed.

Type of Lights under the Hood in Commercial Kitchens

Type of Lights under the Hood in Commercial Kitchens

Range hood lighting

Look for LED lighting. Commonly in a restaurant, as a manager or owner, you have many things to think about. This leads to the omission of others that should not be neglected. This is the case with kitchen lighting or the types of under hood lights in commercial kitchens.

However, such lighting can have a negative influence on kitchen conditions and the use of available energy. LED bulbs are therefore recommended, as they reduce energy consumption by up to about 75 %. At the same time, classic incandescent bulbs consume more energy. This means that you will save on utility bills by simply installing these LED bulbs in the kitchen. Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs have a longer life span. They are manufactured for 50 thousand hours of use, which is 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

This will save time in terms of changing bulbs, both for the owner and the employees. Besides, as time goes by, the savings on utility payments will accumulate. This means that in the long run, the savings will be tremendous. For high-temperature environments, your kitchen exhaust hood should use UL-rated LED bulbs. And these, in turn, should be rated at 185 degrees F.

Safety and Performance

If you have a commercial kitchen, you know that there are usually sources of broken glass, and you need to avoid accidents. That is why it is recommended that kitchen commercial kitchen canopy hood light fixture housings be made of tempered glass. In this way, when necessary, workers will enjoy more excellent safety.

It will also avoid the problem that if breakage occurs, the globe will remain intact. This way, glass fragments will not fly all over the kitchen. On the other hand, the silicone-covered light housings allow heat diffusion. This prevents brown heat spots from appearing on the globe over time as it is used.

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This is why waterproof and greaseproof fixtures are always recommended. By having comfort while working, there will be greater productivity. So if you have a fume hood, there are different lighting alternatives for your systems. There are LED bulbs specially made to work inside the housing. They are mercury-free. Their heat rating is 167 degrees F, with no ultraviolet emissions.

Commercial Canopy Hood

LED canopy hood light is also an option. Commercial canopy hoods must be appropriately illuminated. How can this be achieved? In this article we will give you some suggestions:

Fluorescent light

The life cycle of fluorescent bulbs is longer than that of incandescent bulbs. It is estimated that they last 35 times longer. However, despite their high purchase cost in economic terms, they are more economical in the long run. This is because these lamps will need to be changed very few times compared to incandescent bulbs. Thus the number of bulbs that will have to be purchased will be less.

By placing these fluorescent bulbs the kitchen space will be more excellent. The disadvantage of the incandescent bulb is that it can sometimes leak some light at the edges. Thus the kitchen space becomes uncomfortable and difficult to cool.

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That is to say, the fluorescent type of light under the canopy hood usually gives employees comfort. Additionally, it will reduce the monthly bills.

Incandescent light

Because its type of light allows you to provide more warmth in your kitchen lighting, it turns out that fluorescent lights can sometimes cause some discomfort to the kitchen staff. Whether it is headaches or tension due to the more robust type of light, it is necessary to change it. Therefore, the solution is to install incandescent bulbs and thus increase the productivity of employees. Incandescent canopy fixtures are easy to install in existing structures and are less expensive than others.

Recessed Canopy Lighting

Recessed canopy lighting increases the light in the kitchen. On the other hand, recessed light fixtures absorb less grease and particles. They will also be easier to wash after use. These lighting are usually LED, which in comparison with traditional fixtures, give less heat.

The LED light is a commercial kitchen canopy hood lighting fixture that you should not miss. We also recommend commercial kitchen canopy lights and kitchen hood light bulbs.

Reasons to Install LED Technology

Kitchen canopy hood light bulbs need LED technology because of:

  • Resistant nature: no matter if the environment is cold hot, these lights are more resistant to damage. They have exceptional temperature performance.
  • You can dim them: in special functions, LED lights adapt to the amount of light required because they moderate the light projection.
  • Economical to maintain: their quality usually lasts up to 20 times longer than traditional lights.
  • Low operating costs: making the switch to LED bulbs has a positive impact on electricity usage.
  • Time-saving: this type of bulb saves time because changing them will not be a constant due to their duration.
  • Versatile design: they can be placed according to the light produced because they are maneuverable. In this way, you will highlight specific areas of the kitchen.

Remember that having a commercial kitchen with good lighting will reduce your risks of working conditions.

Type of Lights under the Hood in Commercial Kitchens

Type of Lights under the Hood in Commercial Kitchens: FAQs

What type of bulb goes in the cooker hood?

Currently, the type of light bulb used in the cooker hood is LED. This is due to several benefits it provides, such as saving time and money. They also regulate light projection, are resistant, are manoeuvrable, and last much longer than traditional lights. However, these range hoods can use halogen lights, but they are not as expected.

Can LED lights are used in cooker hoods?

Of course, they can. But it turns out that to make the switch, you must lead the hood compatible. Also, the type of bulb selected must have high heat and vibration resistance characteristics. It must also be durable. LED lights commercial kitchen hood are highly recommended.

What light is best for the kitchen?

A cold light is commonly suggested for the kitchen. This type of light has the advantage of making what you are doing more visible. This is crucial when using care utensils such as knives. On the other hand, it enhances the electrical appliances and the kitchen space.


In summary, if you have in your building, hotel, restaurant, or commercial kitchen, do not forget how important the lighting is. And if you want to further improve the lighting in the kitchen space, do not forget to place LED lights in the ceiling. Buy them by the unit or in bulk, so you will have them available whenever you want.

It would help if you thought not only about the kitchen because that’s where you prepare food. It would be best if you also thought about your cooking equipment. Its protection is also an essential factor.

The productivity of the business depends on it. In that sense, you should place the light that best suits them in their work area, and you can even install an exhaust fan.

The kitchen design is subject to evaluate these and other elements. Extractor hoods are very useful but require constant maintenance. Including hood exhausts, grease filters, exhaust systems, among others. Do not forget that both the kitchen and space where it will be located must have good lighting. We recommend LED lights. Their advantages are apparent compared to traditional bulbs.

This is because of the type of activity it develops, on the other hand, the issue of safety of the people working in that area. This will increase productivity because of the comfort they enjoy. Now you have the necessary information about the type of lights under the hood in commercial kitchens.

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