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Home video surveillance systems represent fundamental protection for the home, as long as they are installed professionally. In addition to the physical mounting of the device on supports such as walls, fixtures, or furniture, it is essential to consider the alarm’s programming, i.e., the setting of the activation parameters, remote control, and more: hours, access passwords, authorized users, Smartphone alerts, fingerprint or face recognition. Home video surveillance systems involve numerous aspects, sometimes within reach of less experienced people and other times the prerogative of specialized professionals only. Without the ambition to exhaust the video system installation topic for each type of camera commercially, in this article, we will try to provide some guidelines on how to install home video surveillance system without making mistakes.

A mistake in this phase could compromise the device’s correct operation and put the home occupants in danger if a security breach arises. Let’s start with the basics. That is, from the distinction between cable cameras and wireless cameras.

Wired or Wireless Home Video Surveillance Systems: Which is better?

The first question to ask about installing a home video surveillance system is the following: is it better to focus on wired systems or wireless technologies? This is a question of fundamental importance because wired video surveillance cameras for the house – that is, devices connected by cable to the power socket and the other elements of the kit- often and willingly requires a qualified installer’s intervention. He also has to have the necessary skills to work on the domestic electrical system. On the contrary, when it comes to wireless home video surveillance systems, the cameras’ installation becomes an operation within everyone’s reach as no special precautions are required. Just connect the camera with the phone, tablet, or PC application, and that’s all! It is also much easier to install a security camera system for the home using the wireless option.

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How to Install Home Video Surveillance Systems: What you will need:

How to Install Home Video Surveillance Systems: Basic Instructions

To install home video surveillance systems, the following basic instructions ought to be adhered to:

Define the location of the surveillance cameras. These cameras’ installation location depends on these devices (external or internal), the viewing angle, the object area to be monitored, and other factors. 

How to Install Home Video Surveillance Systems

Next, mount the cameras and secure them in place. 

After deciding where you want to locate the cameras (give preference to ceilings and high parts of the walls), make a mark and then fix holes with the drill. You can screw the base of the cameras with the help of the dowels. Most bases have a thread that squeezes in place. 

installing security cameras outside home

Install a router or switch. Connect the surveillance cameras and a network cable to the power supply (one side is connected to the network – the router or switch and the other to the surveillance camera). Next, the objective will be to connect the cameras with the area from which the devices will be controlled, something simple to do with one or more channels. Inside them, the cables will be joined with the recorders. Keep in mind that each recorder has two lines that you can hide, one for the video input and the other for access to the current.

how to install wireless security camera system at home

Install the particular software on a PC

(a hard drive with this software is usually supplied with video surveillance cameras. If the software is not available, download it from the camera manufacturer’s official source). After the installation, start the program on your PC. This software is “intelligent.” Thus, it will automatically find the connected camera and give you the MAC and IP addresses assigned to it. Set up the camera with a program running.

how to install security camera wiring

Start the video surveillance system and test the performance of each component. If the monitor shows an image with poor image quality, reconfigure the security camera. An important point may have been overlooked during the initial setup.

Suppose multiple home video surveillance cameras are installed in the monitored area. In that case, all of them should be connected separately to the computer (to determine the MAC and IP address of each device). Once identified, complete the arrangement of multiple images displayed on the monitor in a single system.

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How to Install Home Video Surveillance Systems: Tips to keep in mind

Installing a home video surveillance system for a home is an excellent option for those who prioritize home security. More and more people, especially those who live in single-family homes with multiple accesses, convinces that spending some money on these systems is a profitable investment. Those who spend long hours away from home and want to be aware of how their loved ones are doing during their absence also find it enormously useful. Below, you can find some essential tips that you should consider if you have decided to install a video surveillance system in your home and do not want to resort to a professional company to do it.

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Evaluate, plan and compare before buying

It will be of little use to acquire a home video surveillance system if you have not previously thought about what spaces you want to cover with the cameras. It’s also best to consider how many you need, what type of cameras you need, and even how much budget you are willing to reach. Let experts advise you when you make all these decisions and compare the benefits that the different systems offer you. Also, compare prices before making a purchase decision on an installation that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Use professional materials for installation and operation

Although it may be tempting, using home computers or hard drives, among other devices, is not advisable when installing home video surveillance systems. It is advisable to use systems specifically intended for this purpose since they will have to be operational during all hours of the day without interruption. Remember that, also, acquiring professional equipment offers you a guarantee of operation and money back in the event of a malfunction.

Report the presence of home video surveillance cameras if need be

If the camera or cameras installs facing the exterior of the house. It is usually mandatory to report their presence to the appropriate authorities. It is also essential if, for example, the installation of cameras occurs in a Community of Owners. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install a wireless security camera in my home?

Whether you opt for installing security cameras outside the home or inside. You will soon realize that Wi-Fi technology offers enormous benefits. The ease of installing wireless security systems with cameras combines with the flexibility of use. And the convenience of having the situation under control 24 hours a day from your smartphone or any other mobile device. But there is one significant criterion: to work correctly. The Internet line must be stable to guarantee constant dialogue between the cameras, sensors, remote control devices. And other elements managed by the system.

In this regard, it is vital to check that the web app can communicate without slowing down. And without signal interruptions. For an empirical counter-proof of the Wi-Fi quality, download the application. And proceed with the installation of the online video surveillance system following the outlined instructions. A good tip is to try out the camera’s many features, from archiving images to activating the alarm. In correspondence with events such as the opening of a door or the passage of a solid object in the area under video surveillance.

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What is the easiest home security camera system to install?

As earlier highlighted, the easiest home security camera system to install is the wireless security camera.

Where do you put cameras around the house?

The most common entryways for criminals include the front door, first-floor windows, and back door. Thus, it’s best to put cameras around these areas for optimum results.

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Should I install security cameras in my home?

Yes. Installing a home video surveillance system is the best solution. It is for those who value personal safety and the safety of loved ones. The system enables you to monitor your home’s situation at a controlled pace and record all events as well.

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Do security cameras need Wi-Fi?

Yes. Some brands of security cameras do not need physical cables to work. Thus, they would need Wi-Fi for effective operation.

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Article Summary

In conclusion, a departure on vacation for a few weeks, a weekend outing with the family, or simply the working days of the week. And it is your home that remains unattended for hours or even more. Many people are not overly worried about it, as they are undoubtedly unaware that a burglary takes place in the world every two minutes. The others who have become aware of the reality and wish to protect their property have decided to equip themselves accordingly with home video surveillance systems. These come with great benefits and easily install upon making use of the guidelines highlighted above. You can also opt for the help of a professional home security camera installation service for more ease.

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