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Nowadays, having an automatic garage door is a must in the home. A great supplier is Home Genie Products, specialists in automatic opening and closing systems, with great demand in the United States. Thus, a large number of users have this type of device in their homes. Because of their security, practicality, and versatility, they are one of the most popular in the market. However, they have common inconveniences in their systems, which can be solved with pertinent information. For such reason, we will offer a complete material to decipher; why the genie garage door sensor blinks red.

Why the Genie Garage Door Sensor Blinks Red

why the genie garage door sensor blinks red

Garage door systems specifically rely on sensor signals, which will transmit closing and opening commands to the motor. In this way, they become the masters of the system’s operation, indicating the positions it should have. Its operation is simple. Starting from the time you press a remote control button, the logic card translates that signal indicating the position to the sensors.

Then, it sends the parameter to the motor to combine with force and take the door to the desired location indicated by the sensor. Suppose it presents problems when carrying out some process. In that case, the sensors will indicate that it is happening with different lights, varying the colour and speed of appreciation depending on the models.

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If you have a sensor flashing red light or unusual colours, perform the following steps:

  • Check the Source and Sensor LEDs on the operator; both the red “Source” LED, and the green “Sensor” LED(s) is on and not flashing, the door opener is functioning properly. If one or both LEDs are not on, check the fuse, switch, and connector. If only the red LED sensor light illuminates, disconnect the operator, check for loose wires and reconnect.
  • Check that the “source” and “sensor” LEDs are flashing. If the red “source” LED flashes twice and the “sensor” LED is on. So, check that there are no blocks on the door sensor. Also, make sure nothing is blocking the lightning source. So, if the “Source” light flashes twice and it is the “Sensor” light, check the wiring or call customer service (see “Source” section). If the “Source” light flashes three or four times, check for interference from other electronics or call customer service.
  • Check the “Status” light. If it flashes, try turning the mechanism off for a few seconds. If the problem persists, check that the garage door is in good condition to be opened (i.e., not rusted). Check that the door is not idling and that the forces are set correctly. If the problem persists, check the mechanism or have it checked by an authorized dealer.

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Moreover, if you cannot access the garage, check the power supply to the keypad.

  • If you cannot access the garage through the keypad, check that you have entered the correct code and that the fuses, switches, and wiring are in order. Therefore, if the garage door does not behave properly, check that the sensors are not dirty or blocked.
  • If you cannot open the garage, check the keyless entry sensor eyes. Make sure it is within range of the garage and that the signal is not blocked. Ensure the keyless entry sensor antenna is in the correct position and that the car faces the garage when pressing the transmitter.
  • If you continue to experience problems with your garage door opener and sensor lens, contact Genie Garage Door Service, and an experienced garage door technician can come to your home to assess and resolve the problem. See the resources section on the Genie garage door company page for more information.

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The Genie pro garage door opener sensor has a red light flashing.

When the source infrared sensor is not working properly, the sensor lights are usually flashing, in this case, red light. The problem is a blocked path between the sensors, dirty terminals, a loose sensor cable or motor, or simply a faulty sensor. The transmitter (remote control) does not work when the garage door opener lights are off.

Establishing limits on a new line of Genie garage door openers

  • It would help if you defined the limits of the new Genie garage door remotes. A preliminary list of the openers includes, among others include TriloG, IntelliJ, ReliaG, GPower, PowerMax, ChainMax, intellicode, and PowerLift.
  • Under the hood of the Genie, the motorhead is a series of programmable buttons and LED indicators. This consists of one square button with two triangular buttons representing the lower (-) and upper (+) limits and two LEDs – long and short (shown in gray).
  • When the door is raised, press and hold the triangular button with the down arrow (-) until the long LED turns blue.
  • Release the down arrow button to make the LED flash.
  • When the long LED starts flashing blue, press the Down arrow button until the door reaches the floor and releases it. If necessary, you can adjust the closing point by pressing the up or down arrow buttons. 4.


  • Press the square button to store the limit value in memory. The long and short LEDs flash up and down. 5.
  • Depress and hold up the arrow button (+) until the hard LED lights are blue.
  • Release the up arrow button to start the LED flashing.
  • The short LED blinks blue, then press and hold the up arrow button until the door is fully open and release it. If necessary, the fine settings can be reset by pressing the up and down arrow keys in succession. 8.
  • Press the square button to set the upper limit in memory. The two LED lights flash up and down.

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Explanation of Genie Safety Beams

Genie garage door sensors and Safe-T-Beams are designed to provide maximum security in monitoring common garage door openings. The Genie Safe-T-Beams garage door sensor kit uses an invisible infrared light beam that passes through the door.

It senses any object which passes through the infrared transmission beam and automatically triggers the garage door to open. Genie’s Safe-T-Beam system has been required by law in the United States since 1993.

Genie screw drives trolley.

Genie’s magnet and the screw-driven trolley have teeth on the inside that connect to a screw on the inside of the garage door operator track. The trolley teeth hold the screw in place and allow the garage door to move smoothly up and down on the track. If the garage door opener motor is running and the drive shaft rotates, but the garage door does not operate, it is time to replace the driveshaft.

What features should I look for when purchasing a Genie Garage Door Opener?

  • Extremely quiet operation: the Genie QuietLift Connect is an extremely quiet garage door opener, ideal for garages connected to your living space.
  • Smart garage door system compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant: with the built-in Aladdin Connect technology, you can control, open, and close your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone. The new feature allows you to control the door by voice through your own Alexa or Google Assistant with Aladdin Connect Skill.
  • Easy installation: this smart garage features a durable 5-piece guide system that locks for easy installation. It is lightweight and requires no additional tools. Plus, the pre-programmed remote button control is ready to use, so there are no extra steps to take.
  • The ¾ HP DC motor power smoothly and quietly lifts sectional garage doors to 7 ft. high and weighing up to 500 lbs. (or up to 8 ft. with optional extension kit – sold separately). Plus, the steel-reinforced belt drive system makes it even more durable, robust and affordable.
  • This smart garage door opener has an integrated Aladdin docking system, two 3-finger programmable remotes, a wireless keypad, and a multi-function wall console.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which maintenance is advised for my Genie garage door opener?

Keeping your Genie garage door opener in perfect working order is essential to avoid mishaps and unpleasant surprises. Therefore, periodic maintenance is the right choice. Garage door experts must carry out this type of maintenance. For this reason, we recommend you to take your remote control at least once a year for its respective revision.

How do I know if a Genie remote control is compatible with my garage door?

You can program Genie remotes to work with all Genie garage door openers. If your garage door opener has the Genie system, the remote will work.

Why does my Genie garage door reverse/open when I try to close it?

This usually occurs when the infrared or sensor is blocked, obstructed, or dirty. Also, you have an open and close limit on the garage door opener. These set; the distance the door will open or close before it stops.

Where can I get help choosing a Genie garage door opener?

The primary thing to consider is to know what type of garage door opener you have, its name, and model. This way, you can locate it on online stores like Amazon or eBay, which will recommend the right one for you.

My garage entrance door sensor is flashing red?

If you notice red lights, check the bracket or tighten a screw on the blinking sensor. When dirt or spiderwebs obscure the sensor lenses’ view of the garage door opening, they may fail to function.

Can you bypass Genie garage door sensors?

Genie makes the safety beam system very failsafe; shorting the wires to the sensor will complete failure. The only way I can guess to get around them is to place both sensors facing each other and place them on the wall or near the opening itself. If you wish, you may also set the motor force to the maximum.

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Do both sensors on the garage door be green?

One will have a green light to indicate that the units are on. Moreover, the other will have a red light to indicate no blockage between the sensors and that they can see each other.

Should both my Genie garage door sensors be green?

On each of your sensors, you should notice a little coloured light a red and a green Genie opener. They must be both on and sturdy.

Is there a reset button on the Genie garage door opener?

For roughly 3 seconds, press and hold the SET/PRGM button. Locate the “Learn Code” button and the LED indication. By pushing and holding this button until the LED begins to flash, you can reset the opener.

Why is my Genie garage door not opening?

The issue is caused by a blocked passage between the sensors, filthy eyeballs, loose wires at the sensors or the motorhead, or simply faulty sensors. To close the garage door, the transmitters (remotes) will not operate.

Why is my genie remote not working?

If your remote’s buttons aren’t responding, try resetting the receiver and remote control.

For what reason is a red light from my Genie garage door opener flashing?

When the infrared sensors fail, one of the sensor lights will often flicker. The issue is caused by a blocked passage between the sensors, filthy eyeballs, loose wires at the sensors or the motorhead, or simply faulty sensors.

What colour should Genie garage door sensors be?

Press and hold the button on the Genie opener, and the green light** must be on and steady at all times. If you turn it off, the sensors do not get electricity. Check the wires connecting each sensor to ensure they are not frayed.

Why is the garage door light blinking and not closing?

The blinking opener lights indicate that the safety sensors are not working well. The safety sensors detect impediments in the garage door’s path by emitting an invisible beam of infrared light. If they have obstructions on the infrared beam, the sensors will not enable the door to close.

Why is my garage sensor blinking red?

Green lights show that the sensors are operational, but red lights indicate that the sensors are not aligned.

Bottom Line

Below, we provide all the background information we need to decode and why the Genie garage door sensor is flashing red. The correct use of this material; will allow you to solve any inconvenience with the Genie garage door opener sensors.

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